hello thrifted baskets

hello monday, thrifting By February 12, 2018 3 Comments

Last week I hit the basket jackpot at our local Goodwill. So fun! I’m planning to put a bunch of flatter ones together in a wall collage at our office. Thrift stores are so addictive–I never know what I’m going to find.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello treasure trove of woven baskets in all shapes and sizes.

Hello mouse in our house. We did not invite him in and now he won’t leave.

Hello Valentine’s Day! We are going on a date night 2/15, that way we won’t have to fight the crowds. Do you have plans?

Hello busy busy David with unending energy and silliness. It’s been so fun and also exhausting! By 7:30 I’m ready to put him to bed.

Hello using my Instant pot more. A good friend shared this recipe with me and it’s delicious! *Note* I didn’t marinate the chicken overnight and I used boneless thighs instead of whole chickens. I set the instant pot timer for 6 minutes. It was tender and flavorful!

Hello taking Matthias to practice for the musical he’s in. He’s loving it. So fun.

Hello reading this memoir. It’s beautifully written and a fascinating story.

Hello Monday off school {for David}. We’ll take it slow today.

Hello finishing a big project and exhaling. I can’t wait to share more with you!

Hello to you! What are you saying hello to this week?


hello inspiration {via ruby rose}

hello monday, thrifting, vintage love By May 19, 2014 13 Comments

Ruby Rose is SERIOUSLY my go-to spot for inspiration. So, of course, I want to share it with you! It’s Monday, how about some hellos?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello cute, metal building. They won’t be in this spot much longer! I can’t wait to share Ruby Roses’ new location with you!

Hello light that shines through glass. Love.

Hello paintbrushes. I’m not a painter, but I love the idea of painting.

Hello cute top that came home with me!

Hello cozy spot. I can see myself here!

Hello prints dressed with a bow tie and broach. So fun!

Hello back from Elevate Blog Conference. I can’t wait to share!

Hello catching up on cuddles with my boys.

Hello grocery shopping, laundry and emails. Always more to do!

Hello friends stopping through town for dinner. It’s good to catch up.

Hello thinking, dreaming, planning. Hello looking at things from a different angle. Hello fresh perspective.

Hello summer planning. We have a camping trip, zoo camp, lego camp and other fun things on our summer list!

Hello wishing summer started TOMORROW!

Hello sprucing up the backyard. I can’t wait to share!

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week. What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there.


Easy tutorial for Valentines collection photoshoot {lace teepee DIY}

decorating, DIY, thrifting By January 21, 2014 4 Comments

Today I have such a fun and adorable lace teepee DIY! We used this DIY for my most recent Valentines collection photo shoot and it turned out great! I am excited to share this with you and hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Supplies needed:

– (4) 6 foot dowels, with a hole drilled in 3-4″ from the top (you can get this at any hardware store)

– Twine

– Lace tablecloths/sheets

– Ribbon

The first step is to arrange the poles how you would like them to stand. Than take the twine and string it through one of the drilled holes in the dowel and tie it. Continue doing this so that you connect all the poles together. Wrapping the twine around multiple times will allow for the teepee to be stable.

Next wrap the lace tablecloths/sheets around the dowels, arranging them to hang nicely. (If the lace tablecloths/sheets are slipping off the pole you can use fishing line and tie them to the poles)

For some extra flare we tied a variety of ribbon to a string and placed it around the top of the teepee, to give it a more whimsical look.

This is an easy and cute way to spice up any outdoor seating area or kids room. The possibilities are endless! Kids and adults will love this! Where would you put your whimsical teepee?

Also, with any purchase today, get a free I love you tote!!



cinnamon and cream {what i wore}

thrifting, what i wore wednesday, what I'm wearing By December 4, 2013 5 Comments

I thrifted this coat for two dollars! Isn’t it fun? I couldn’t believe it when I found it, but then it’s so creamy and long, I hesitated to wear it. So finally last week I decided to make it work. It’s so cozy on a chilly day. I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

I styled the coat two ways. The first is with jeans and a cinnamon cashmere sweater.

The leopard print heels make it fun and tie it all together.

Gold jewelry pairs well with the cinnamon and cream.

For the second look, I switched out the jeans for a black pencil skirt and nude heels. The coat matches my legs–not sure if that’s good or bad, ha!

These heels are comfortable and almost invisible.

And this necklace?! Oh I love love love it! It’s very limited edition and only $44! Find the gold and light necklace here.

Outfit details: Cream coat, thrifted. Cashmere sweater, thrifted. Jeans, Paige Denim. Leopard print heels, Target. Black pencil skirt, Target. Nude heels, Payless. Gold and Light necklace, my shop.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I’m jumping in with both feet and trying to get it wrapped up this week!


thrift store love which means new treasures to be found! {fred & bettys}

san luis obispo, thrifting By October 11, 2013 16 Comments

We have a new thrift store in town which means new treasures to be found! I stopped by Fred & Betty’s last week to get a look at the revamped space. My friend, Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy was very involved in making the space beautiful. The store benefits The San Luis Obispo Classical Academy. A lot of our friends attend to the school {our kiddos are at the local public school}.

The colors and natural light add to the space. Wanna step inside for a peek?

Isn’t it a lovely space? Thrifting makes my heart go pitter patter! I love the hunt and stumbling on that perfect something, don’t you?

This weekend we are home and enjoying some downtime. We have a wedding on Sunday and Monday, Steve leaves for a trip to India. We’ll be soaking up as much time together as we can–which means snuggling on the couch, video games, pancakes and maybe a walk on the beach. What does your weekend hold?


the 90s called {thrifted favorites}

thrifting, what i wore wednesday, what I'm wearing By July 17, 2013 9 Comments

Hey friends! It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!

I’ve thrifted a few fun things lately–and I think they’re from the 90’s because they totally remind me of pieces I wore in high school Awesome, right?! And I’ve been joking that the 90’s called and they want their clothes back. Too bad, because I’m keeping them 🙂

I got these black flats at TJ Maxx last week too. I hardly ever wear flats except my flip flops but when I put these on they were so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them a lot. Love.

I thrifted this dress in Dallas. My dad asked me what kind of shoes a person wears with leopard print and I joked that zebra print shoes would be perfect. The more animal prints the better, right? Wrong.

I switched out the belt that came with the dress for a black sash from a different dress.

Outfit details: Dress, thrifted. Flats, TJ Maxx. Charmed bangles, my shop.

This black silk top is thrifted and oh my, it’s so comfortable! I want to wear it every day! And the jeans are thrifted too. Score!

Outfit details, Black top, thrifted. Denim capris, thrifted. Black flats, TJ Maxx. Leopard print belt, Target. Golden wind chime necklace, my shop. Bag, Jo Totes.

I’ve been scouring all the local thrift shops lately and working on a few projects to share. Woohoo! Have you thrifted any good finds lately?


diy: vintage painting revamp

decorating, DIY, inspiration, thrifting By July 12, 2013 4 Comments

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY for you today. I stumble across lots of vintage paintings when I’m thrifting. Here’s a fun way to update an old painting and make it reflect your personality.

This DIY is super simple but can have a huge impact!

Remove the painting from the frame. I suggest using a piece that has a matte surface for the best results.

Next paint the frame! I choose a high gloss royal blue paint for a fun pop of color… I think it adds so much, don’t you?

While the frame is drying, tape off lines about an inch apart with painters tape on the piece of art. For larger paintings I suggest thicker tap with more space. You could also do a fun diagonal or chevron pattern. Also, make sure the tape is really on there… you don’t want the glossy finish to go underneath the tape.

Once everything dries, remove the tape and reassemble… just like that you have a revamped piece of art!

This would look great on a wall with some fun vintage plates, don’t you think?

While I’m out thrifting these days, I’m looking for great vintage dresses {always}, a large wall map, fun paintings–either floral or landscape and colorful afghans. What are you on the hunt for these days?


3 fun ideas for using clip on earrings! {best tutorial ever}

DIY, inspiration, thrifting, what I'm wearing By June 6, 2013 20 Comments

While thrifting recently I’ve been drawn to clip on earrings. While I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them–I couldn’t resist the 25 cent price tag and the bright colors. I’ve been dreaming up a few ideas to share with you–so here goes!

The first on is clip on earrings turned colorful magnets…


-pliers or snips


-strong craft glue

-clip on earrings

Remove the backs of the earrings with pliers or snips. If the earrings are plastic the entire back will most likely come off. If the earrings are metal, just cut off as much as you can to make the back a flat surface.

Apply a little bit of glue and attach the earring!

A word of warning… when you are glueing the magnets on, make sure to keep them far away from each other, otherwise, if the glue isn’t dry, they may be attracted to each other.

Next idea is so simple but it really adds a ton of fun to an outfit–turn clip on earrings into shoe clips!

The right clip on was rubbing just a tiny bit against my foot so I put some moleskin over it to make it more comfortable. So fun, right?

And lastly–clip on earrings turned collar detail. I think this is a fun alternative instead of a necklace.

Buttoning the shirt all the way to the top gave it a fun, vintage feel.

Now I’m on the hunt for more vintage clip on earrings. I can’t wait to think of more creative ways to use them, how about you?


before and after: conference room

decorating, DIY, inspiration, thrifting By May 28, 2013 15 Comments

I am so excited to give you a little peak into my studio! For a while now we have been wanting to spruce up the conference room and I am thrilled to share the before and after with you! This is a small room set aside for meetings with clients, wholesale accounts, weekly manager meetings and that type of thing. The lights overhead are fluorescent and the room doesn’t get much natural light at all. Basically the space was just blah. It needed some warmth and personality brought in!

We switched out the office-y chairs with some fun thrifted dining chairs. They add so much to the space!

Since there is only fluorescent lighting in the room, we brought in these thrifted lamps and used wire frame shades and Edison bulbs for some softer lighting.Have you ever seen Edison bulbs? They are so charming–and add some vintage fun to the space.

We wanted to revamp this room and keep the cost down so we printed large scale  paintings on blue print paper. It is so inexpensive and has a huge impact. We just photographed old oil paintings found at a thrift store and had them printed larger and in black and white. Each print was around $7 and you can get this done at your local office supply store. Awesome, right?

We finished the room off with an airy curtain panel from Urban Outfitters and another lamp shade frame over the table.

The space feels clean, open and welcoming. It’s a much better space for meeting clients and planning for the business. If I have to be in a meeting, it should be in a pretty place, don’t you think?


mixing patterns with a vintage dress

thrifting, what I'm wearing By May 15, 2013 21 Comments

I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!

I discovered this little gem of a dress tucked away in a thrift store in Newton, Kansas. I think it may have been waiting just for me. The $2 price tag meant she had to be mine. 

I think happy girls are the prettiest, don’t you?

Photobomb by David! Nicely done.

Outfit details: Dress, thrifted, $2. Leopard print heels, Target. {I’m on my second pair–my first pair wore out! That’s how much I love them.} Belt, ever+mi crush. Gold connected hearts bracelet, my shop. Happy girls bag, Moxie Clothing. {swag from craft weekend}

This dress makes me want to sip tea in the sunshine while having a long chat over lunch with a dear friend. Doesn’t that sound perfect right now?