While thrifting recently I’ve been drawn to clip on earrings. While I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them–I couldn’t resist the 25 cent price tag and the bright colors. I’ve been dreaming up a few ideas to share with you–so here goes!

The first on is clip on earrings turned colorful magnets…


-pliers or snips


-strong craft glue

-clip on earrings

Remove the backs of the earrings with pliers or snips. If the earrings are plastic the entire back will most likely come off. If the earrings are metal, just cut off as much as you can to make the back a flat surface.

Apply a little bit of glue and attach the earring!

A word of warning… when you are glueing the magnets on, make sure to keep them far away from each other, otherwise, if the glue isn’t dry, they may be attracted to each other.

Next idea is so simple but it really adds a ton of fun to an outfit–turn clip on earrings into shoe clips!

The right clip on was rubbing just a tiny bit against my foot so I put some moleskin over it to make it more comfortable. So fun, right?

And lastly–clip on earrings turned collar detail. I think this is a fun alternative instead of a necklace.

Buttoning the shirt all the way to the top gave it a fun, vintage feel.

Now I’m on the hunt for more vintage clip on earrings. I can’t wait to think of more creative ways to use them, how about you?