diy: vintage painting revamp

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY for you today. I stumble across lots of vintage paintings when I’m thrifting. Here’s a fun way to update an old painting and make it reflect your personality.

This DIY is super simple but can have a huge impact!

Remove the painting from the frame. I suggest using a piece that has a matte surface for the best results.

Next paint the frame! I choose a high gloss royal blue paint for a fun pop of color… I think it adds so much, don’t you?

While the frame is drying, tape off lines about an inch apart with painters tape on the piece of art. For larger paintings I suggest thicker tap with more space. You could also do a fun diagonal or chevron pattern. Also, make sure the tape is really on there… you don’t want the glossy finish to go underneath the tape.

Once everything dries, remove the tape and reassemble… just like that you have a revamped piece of art!

This would look great on a wall with some fun vintage plates, don’t you think?

While I’m out thrifting these days, I’m looking for great vintage dresses {always}, a large wall map, fun paintings–either floral or landscape and colorful afghans. What are you on the hunt for these days?


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