before and after: conference room

I am so excited to give you a little peak into my studio! For a while now we have been wanting to spruce up the conference room and I am thrilled to share the before and after with you! This is a small room set aside for meetings with clients, wholesale accounts, weekly manager meetings and that type of thing. The lights overhead are fluorescent and the room doesn’t get much natural light at all. Basically the space was just blah. It needed some warmth and personality brought in!

We switched out the office-y chairs with some fun thrifted dining chairs. They add so much to the space!

Since there is only fluorescent lighting in the room, we brought in these thrifted lamps and used wire frame shades and Edison bulbs for some softer lighting.Have you ever seen Edison bulbs? They are so charming–and add some vintage fun to the space.

We wanted to revamp this room and keep the cost down so we printed large scale  paintings on blue print paper. It is so inexpensive and has a huge impact. We just photographed old oil paintings found at a thrift store and had them printed larger and in black and white. Each print was around $7 and you can get this done at your local office supply store. Awesome, right?

We finished the room off with an airy curtain panel from Urban Outfitters and another lamp shade frame over the table.

The space feels clean, open and welcoming. It’s a much better space for meeting clients and planning for the business. If I have to be in a meeting, it should be in a pretty place, don’t you think?


  1. So funny that I read this today. I just spent some time ripping off yucky, silky fabric off of two shades I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. I think they are going to look so good as chandeliers too! I bought them for my girls’ room, but now I’m thinking it might look great in our hallway.

  2. I love those lamps! I think this work space would look good as a dining room, too. Minus the fluorescent lighting, of course.

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