Make it Vintage: Antiquing Paintings

Have you seen this idea? Using brown paint to antique a painting and make it look older? I’m obsessed! It’s such an easy way to make any painting look more vintage.

I’ve always been into antiques. I love how an aged look gives an item so much character. I always wonder about the stories behind them— Who loved them before? Where have they been? What have they witnessed?

But sometimes certain antique items can be a bit above my budget… so I love finding ways to antique newer items to give them a vintage look!

I found a cheap landscape painting at the thrift store then got to work. After removing it from the frame, I used a rag and carefully rubbed brown acrylic paint all over the canvas. I used FolkArt’s 940 Coffee Bean paint, it’s a cheap paint you can get at most craft stores or online. It worked wonders for this DIY!

Let it dry, reframe, and that’s it! How easy is that?! Now you’re on to the fun part: finding a place to put your new {old} painting 😉

What do you think?

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