What I Look for When I Go Thrifting

Thrifting can be overwhelming. You walk into a store and are immediately shocked by the amount of stuff. So many treasures are waiting to be found, but you have to sift through some “no’s” to find your “yes’s”. So what should you be looking for? I find that having a list of general go-to’s helps keep me focused.


Don’t be too specific with your list of wants, or you may get frustrated. If you have broader categories, this will help bring focus to your thrifting while giving you room to play. Baskets, wood, pottery, vintage paintings, and linen are some of my favorite things to thrift. I always keep them in mind whenever I go into a store.

Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of cute pottery and ceramics. I keep an eye out for them specifically because they are so easy to incorporate around the house.

Like these little vases! Most of them were thrifted for a couple dollars each. Grouped together they make an easy, unique centerpiece for my patio table.



And these mugs! They were a dollar each {unreal!!} But, it took me sooo long to find them. You have to remember, what you save in money, you pay for in time. Thrifting is about the hours you put in to find the ideal pieces. Whether you’re thrifting your wardrobe, or looking to decorate your house, keep in mind that it won’t all happen in one afternoon. It takes a lot of patience and traveling from store to store to find something you’ll fall in love with.

And keep in mind, you can also refurbish your finds to fit your unique style! I love making something in my house uniquely mine with a little bit of paint or styling. {Keep checking back at my blog, I’ll be posting some of my favorite, simple DIYs for you!}

What are you looking for when you go thrifting??



  1. I knew a girl that quit her day job to go junking full time, she would buy art and resale it on online auctions, she also had a great job that paid very well, but she made more junking for Art!

  2. Gently used receptacles that I can fill with items to create themed raffle prizes for fundraising events I support/attend. I also look for gently used clothing of great fabric (mostly cotton/denim/canvas) to upcycle into new items. Mostly I’ve made aprons and handbags, but sometimes I’ve found great patches on team (college and pro) athletic wear that I apply to gently used plaid (cotton/poplin/flannel) button-down shirts to create OOAK team spirit looks!

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