searching for the perfect blazer

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I’ve been looking for the perfect blazer–something that I could throw on and it fits great, feels put together {without being too dressy or business-y}. I wanted something I could use as an alternative to my denim jacket. So when I found this velvet blazer second-hand I was thrilled. And it fit just right!

Lately I’ve been wearing these jeans, booties and a white tee almost every day. It’s become kind of my uniform. Most days it’s too cold to wear dresses and these jeans feel easy and comfortable.

When I added in my new-to-me blazer it took my uniform up a notch! And can you see my necklace?

The older I get the less I can tolerate wearing something uncomfortable. I want to feel good and I want to look put together. We don’t need a ton of clothes, we just need the right clothes–the ones we want to wear over and over because they help us feel our best.

These jeans are Madewell and they are just so dang comfortable. I find I usually have to try jeans on in the store to make sure the fit is just right. On a recent trip to Nashville I was able to pop into a Madewell store. These jeans are true to size and have become an everyday favorite.

Louis wanted to be in the photo too. He’s my sidekick. He’s only in it for the treats but I’ll take it!

Have you guys seen the new My Monogram necklace? It is so easy, simple and full of meaning! After all, it’s my initial and represents me and the things I’m passionate about. I think everyone needs a My Monogram necklace.

The Brave Love spinner ring is another favorite. Layer on a gold spinner for each of your loves!

The next day, I layered the blazer with a black sundress and knee high boots for a completely different look! I think this blazer might live at the front of my closet so I can keep it in regular rotation.

For those of you who are new here, I make personalized jewelry! My heart is to create jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind and helps you tell your story. In this post I’m wearing My Monogram necklace, Full of Love necklace and the Brave Love spinner ring. See all my jewelry here.

Do you have a blazer you love? Are you on the hunt for the perfect blazer? Tell me all about your blazer journey.

Jeans, Madewell
Blazer, Second-hand from Ruby Rose {similar here}
Booties, Marc Jacobs
Knee-high boots, Rag and bone {similar here}
White tee, H&M
My Monogram necklace, here
Full of Love necklace, here
Brave Love Spinner ring, here


hello selfies

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Lately I’ve been taking selfies in the mirror. I started doing it to document the outfit or maybe share it Instagram, but something unexpected began to happen. I noticed I was getting a different perspective of myself. I want to embrace who I am–inside and out. These selfie pics were a way to see myself and speak kindly to myself. Selfies get a bad rap sometimes–maybe they’re used as a way to be better than others or get attention. But sometimes selfies are just a way to document a moment, have fun, and see yourself. Seeing myself and embracing myself is a good thing. It’s imperfect–up and down but I’m getting better at letting myself be me–no more, no less, just me.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Jeans, Pilco by Althropologie {similar}
T-shirt, Target
Leather Jacket, Madewell
Gray Felt Hat, Target {similar}
Booties, Jeffrey Campbell

Hello being kind to myself. 

Hello fighting an awful cold. The family has it and it seems to hang on, go away and then come back.

Hello using my new air fryer and loving it! I made these chicken tenders and they turned our perfectly. A couple quick notes: I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil and panko crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs. I served them with a chipotle ranch dressing.

Hello watching this series from BBC and cracking up. Who doesn’t love Matt LeBlanc?

Hello pups who needs baths.

Hello short week at school. David has Monday off and Matthias has Wed/Thurs/Friday off.

Hello thinking Easter was next weekend and realizing I still have another month. For once I am ahead of the calendar!

Hello craving cold cereal. I love it and lately I’ve been giving in. It’s my comfort food.

Hello haircut this week for ME! Yay!

Hello to you. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


blue boho dress and boots

what I'm wearing By October 4, 2017 1 Comment

I found this Ulla Johnson dress in Santa Barbara, on sale and then marked down again. She is one of my favorite designers but her stuff is crazy expensive. It feels so Little House on the Prairie to me–and reminds me of dresses I used to wear as a little girl. My mom used to shop the Gunny Sax outlet to find us awesome dresses. The sleeves on this dress are actually puffy–but I rolled them up to tone down the ‘prairie’ look just a little.

It’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I love a good dress–even if it’s just an ordinary day.

This is my fave wallet from the new collection. It doubles as a clutch too.

And the North Star necklace is a favorite too! The 24″ chain length was perfect with this neckline.

On one side each charm is an initial, the opposite side is the braille initial–set with a stone to represent your ‘North Star’.

Do you ever wear dresses on an average day? Or do you save them for special occasions?

Ulla Johnson dress–Barney’s. Similar dress here. Frye Booties–Amazon. Wallet–My shop. Thin sterling cuff–My shop. North Star necklace–My shop.


cut off jeans, cut off jacket

what I'm wearing By June 22, 2017 8 Comments

Last week I popped into one of my favorite thrift stores and everywhere I turned was something amazing. The thrifting gods were smiling. I sifted quickly through a rack of clothing and came across the MOST awesome 80’s leather jacket. It was totally radical {if you’re an 80s kid, you’ll get the joke–if not, you think I’m a nerd–which I am.}

So I fell in love with this jacket. it had huge shoulder pads and ridiculously puffy sleeves. It looked a lot like this…

image source

I bought it for $4, brought it home and immediately cut out the shoulder pads and cut off the sleeves. And I love it! I feel like Cindy in Can’t Buy Me Love. I love that movie.

I didn’t know I needed a short sleeve leather jacket. So glad it found me.

I cut the hem off these Levi’s too–most of my alterations are done with scissors.

These sandals took some breaking in–but now they are so comfortable!

Outfit details: Leather jacket, thrifted. Levi’s, {I cut these off too}, Amazon. Tank, Old Navy. Sandals, Frye. North Star Necklace, My Shop. Boho Wallet, My shop.

What’s your favorite 80’s movie?


linen, levi’s and leather

what I'm wearing By June 6, 2017 3 Comments

I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans–it’s like some insatiable thing. Right now this pair is my favorite. They’re Levi’s and they have a great vintage feel. I love the high waist. This linen top is a summer staple and these sandals are easy and comfortable. And of course the bag–love it. Details below.

Levi’s sizing can be all over the place. I bought my regular size in this style–size 29.

This easy linen top with be on regular rotation this summer. I also wore it in Paris last summer–it travels well.

These little sandals have a low heel which makes them wearable all day. The older I get, the less I’m willing to suffer with uncomfortable shoes. I thought the price was reasonable. too.

This bag feels so good. It’s nice medium size and the color is perfect. I am so happy with the way it came together!
The North Star Initial necklace has been around my neck every day. Hand carved initial on the front, Braille constellation on the back. Love the meaning! You read about it here.

Outfit details: Jeans, Anthropologie. Linen Top, Sundance. Leather bag, Leonard Lane {our new shop!}. Sandals, Sundance. North Star necklace, My shop.

Welcome summer!


hello easy sweater + booties {and pups!}

hello monday, what I'm wearing By February 6, 2017 4 Comments

We’re expecting rain and chilly temps this week–it makes us appreciate the sunshine when it pops through! I’m loving getting with lots of layers–a sweater over a long sleeved button up and a coat if it gets really cold.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?Hello warm sunshine and pups who want to linger outside.

Hello super cozy sweater–my favorite right now!

Hello keeping my boys close all day with this sweet cuff.

Hello to the most cuddly pups in the world, Love.

Hello colorful bag that holds everything!

Outfit details: Sweater, Anthropologie. Black skinny jeans, Madewell. Linen button down, CP Shades. Booties, Free people {on clearance here}. Bag, Nena & Co. Cuff, my shop.

Hello welcoming Matthias home from camp!

Hello quick visit from Auntie Susan.

Hello making time to write–sometimes the day seems to slip by!

Hello getting out for a walk when the rain takes a break.

Hello sticking close to my to-do list–there’s so much to get done!

Hello to you! It’s a brand new weeks with beauty to be found.

What are you saying hello to this week?


hello summer to fall to summer

hello monday, what I'm wearing By October 24, 2016 2 Comments

We’ve been teased with some cool fall weather only for the sun to come out in full force again with a heat wave. This is common for us this time of year, but it always catches me by surprise. Layering is the trick. As the sun warms we shed layers–and pretend it’s summer for a little while longer.

It’s Monday–a brand new week with beauty to be found. How about some hellos?

summer-dress-to-fall-dress-lisa-leonard-02 Hello dress from one of my favorite shops Ruby Rose. If you love vintage and good design make sure you stop in next time you visit the central coast.

summer-dress-to-fall-dress-lisa-leonard-03 Hello denim jacket. It’s a staple don’t you think?

summer-dress-to-fall-dress-lisa-leonard-04 And some really good booties.

summer-dress-to-fall-dress-lisa-leonard-05 And of course the perfect accessory. This ring represents Hope and Love.

summer-dress-to-fall-dress-lisa-leonard-08Hello warm sun on my shoulders and rain in the forecast. Fall can’t make up its mind.

Hello lovely visit with Nana.

Hello lots of doctor visits for David. He and I are at UCLA to see 5 different specialists. We have no big concerns, just mainly check-ups.

Hello looking forward to watching this in depth look at an awesome broadway play.

Hello reading this book and getting inspired.

Hello cutting back on carbs this week. It’s two steps forward one step back for us! I wish I didn’t like sugar so much.

Hello Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday season is here!

Hello busy busy but making time for quiet.

Hello you. It’s a new week, a new beginning and a fresh start. What are you saying hello to the week?


thrifted DIY jacket

what I'm wearing By September 28, 2016 3 Comments

I found this jacket at the thrift store last week. I loved the texture but the sleeves narrowed toward the wrist {an 80’s cut} and it made the sleeves look fuller and a little puffy. Since the jacket was only $4 I decided to risk and do a little altering. My alterations consisted of cutting off the sleeves to make them a 3/4 length. I didn’t even hem the end of the sleeves–I left them frayed. Pretty much the easiest alteration ever!

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-01 The jacket has so much texture. I love the nubby weave.

thirfted-jacket-lisa-leonard12-01Here’s the jacket laid out on my tile at home. I cut the sleeves then used the hand wash cycle on my washing machine and laid it out to dry. I ironed it to soften the fabric again and get the collar to lay nicely.

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-02 In general I prefer a 3/4 sleeve–so this was just right for me.

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-03 See how much texture the jacket has? Love!

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-04 The fringe bag is a TJ Maxx find. Sandals are Nine West.

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-05 These earrings are some of my favorites. They’re backordered in the shop right now. But these have a similar vibe.

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-06 The mother’s ring has each of our birthstones. I love it.

thrifted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-07 I’ve been seeing frayed edges everywhere in retails lately. Fun.

thirfted-diy-jacket-lisa-leonard-104-01This $4 risk paid off. I love my new jacket!

Outfit details: Jacket, thrifted. Camisole, Target. Black jeans, Madewell. Sandals, Nine West. Bag, TJ Maxx. Earrings, My shop. Mother’s Ring, My shop.


Growing Grounds

san luis obispo, shops i love, what I'm wearing By September 2, 2016 2 Comments

It’s been a strange week of highs and lows. Nothing big, just trying to get back into the school routine and feeling exhausted. I’ve had lots of meetings this week. Matthias has started to have homework {yuck!}. Seems like by 8pm we’re all ready for bed. In between the busyness there have been many moments of laughter and downtime for cuddling. I don’t want to overlook those sweet moments. I have much to be grateful for!

Just down the street from our office is one of the best plant shops in town. It’s just off the main street, so it’s easy to miss it. Growing Grounds has beautiful plants, reasonably priced and it benefits Transitions Mental Health Association. So important.

With rushed mornings now that the boys are back in school, I’m basically wearing the same thing everyday–whatever is closest and easiest. I’m obsessed with this camisole from WhoWhatWear at Target. It’s perfect for layering. And then jeans and easy boots or sandals. The polka dot scarf was a last minute addition and pulls the outfit together. I am so glad handkerchief scarves are making a comeback. I used to wear them all the time in college. I think they’re so sweet.












Outfit details: Jean, vintage Levis, thrifted. Camisole, Target. sleeveless vest, {similar} Anthropologie. Bag, TJ Maxx. Scarf, Target. Boots, Frye. Jewelry, My shop {love these earrings!}

The weekend is beginning! I’ve got a few fun projects to work on and lots of downtime to relax. What do you have planned?


borrowing from grandma and boyfriends

what I'm wearing By August 10, 2016 2 Comments

We’ve been having some glorious cooler weather. It’s been overcast until late morning and when the suns comes out it warms to about 75*. It feels more like fall or winter than summer! It’s nice to layer on a cardigan in the morning and evening.

I found this cardigan at our local Goodwill bins.It’s basically a first stop for donations–and if you’re willing to dig through boxes and bins before items go to local stores, you can find some amazing deals! I imagine my grandma had a sweater like this back in her younger days. The boyfriend jeans are from Banana Republic {not actually from a boyfriend ha!}. Worn-in, broken-in jeans are the best.

IMG_3348IMG_3357 IMG_3360
IMG_3364 IMG_3372 IMG_3378 IMG_3383

Outfit details: Vintage sweater, thrifted {similar here and here}. Boyfriend jeans, Banana Republic. Tank, Old Navy {similar here.} Lace-up sandals, Amazon. Bag, Local consignment boutique. Rings, cuff, My shop.