hello sand dollar beach

hello monday, san luis obispo By April 25, 2016 2 Comments

I took a walk at Morro Strand also called Sand Dollar Beach. I probably could have collected 1,000 sand dollars–I’m not exaggerating! The weather was rainy and I was the only one on the beach. The tide was low and there were sand dollars everywhere. So magical.

It’s a new week. How about some hellos?hello sand dollar beach lisa leonard-01 Hello sand dollar nestled in the sand, waiting for the next wave to come along.

hello sand dollar beach lisa leonard-02 Hello sandpiper strolling along.

hello sand dollar beach lisa leonard-03 Hello low tide and rocks to climb.

hello sand dollar beach lisa leonard-04 Hello shiny and vibrant shells on a gray, cloudy day.

hello sand dollar beach lisa leonard-05Hello Morro Rock in the distance and treasures waiting to be found.

Hello travel this week. It’s hard to be away from the boys.

Hotel living. It’s nice having someone else make the bed.

Hello walking and hiking. I’ve been doing both of these almost every day lately. It feels so good.

Hello busy busy in the shop filling Mother’s Day orders. {Thank you, I’m grateful!}

Hello reading this book. Life-changing. Have you read it?

Hello new pair of flare jeans. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello kitchen redo

hello monday By April 18, 2016 3 Comments

For the last few weeks we’ve been under construction–painting cabinets, getting new countertops and some appliances. We’re still waiting on our oven and a hood–but it’s coming together and I’m thrilled with how fresh and bright it looks. We’ve been wanting to freshen the cabinets since we moved into this house 7 years ago–and it’s finally happening. Hooray!
You can see a peek of our old cabinets in this post.

How about some hellos for a brand new Monday?

hello kitchen redo lisa leonard-03 Hello bright and sunny. I can’t get over how much light is reflected off the cabinets now that they’re lighter. I think light is good for the soul.

hello kitchen redo lisa leonard-04 Hello massive sink. I’m actually enjoying doing dishes these days. I love Mrs. Meyer’s–especially the lavender scent. So good.

hello kitchen redo lisa leonard-05 Hello fruit–real and porcelain. We’re trying to snack on fruit, nuts and string cheese when possible.

hello kitchen redo lisa leonard-06 Hello unkillable plant. I love snake plant–they hardly need any water and don’t need a lot of light either.
hello kitchen redo lisa leonard-07

Hello fun chairs we found at a local wholesale furniture place we love. They are so comfortable.

Hello making pancakes on our new stove. So much easier than the hot plate we’ve been using the last month or so.

Hello journaling, reading and taking time to nurture my soul.

Hello longer days. The sun is staying up longer and we’ve been getting some evening walks in. I love it!

Hello splitting the boys into two rooms. They’ve shared all their lives. I’m busy organizing and planning. I think it’s going to be great for them–and maybe a little bit of a transition too. pics of the boys room before the split here.

Hello slowing down. I’m trying to rush less and breathe deeper. It feels important.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?



hello wildflowers

hello monday By April 11, 2016 1 Comment

Hello friends. I’m taking some time to rest and reflect for a few days. It’s been good to look at my soul, look at what I need and nurture my heart. I took a long walk the other day and snapped pics of the wildflowers and cacti. How about some hellos for a new week?

wildflowers lisa leonard-01Hello new growth sprouting from what looked dry and dead.

wildflowers lisa leonard-02 Hello thorny thistle bursting with color.

wildflowers lisa leonard-04Hello heart-shaped crack in the dirt. Can you see it?

wildflowers lisa leonard-05 Hello yellow flower standing tall and brave.

wildflowers lisa leonard-07Hello journaling and putting thoughts down on paper.

Hello alone time–my soul needs this.

Hello long walks and deep breaths.

Hello reading this book and this book. So good.

Hello finding beauty in the journey. It’s imperfect but it’s worth it.

Hello to you! It’s Monday–and brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello coffee, hello spring

hello monday By March 21, 2016 3 Comments

Every morning as I open my eyes, I start to think about coffee. How much I love it, how comforting it is. It’s one of my favorite rituals. We’re getting new kitchen counters {hooray!} and our kitchen is ripped apart right now. Making coffee in the living room is slightly inconvenient but totally worth it!

It’s the very first Monday of Spring! How about some hellos?

hello coffee, hello spring-01

Hello favorite mug with heavy cream {no sugar} and freshly brewed coffee. A little taste of heaven!

Hello sunshiny week and grass that’s green from all the rain we’ve been getting. It feels like Spring.

Hello sore foot. David tripped over one of the dogs yesterday and he’s been limping. I think he twisted his ankle a bit. Poor guy! He’s still walking well–so I’m very thankful.

Hello reading this book and absolutely loving it. So inspiring!

Hello stealing a little time with my brother and sister in law while they pass through town. So good!

Hello ordering in or microwaving meals since our kitchen is unusable.

Hello dog hair everywhere. I vacuum and dust and clean the couches but it’s still there. It’s kind of driving me crazy and I’m trying to let it be.

Hello last day of a BIG sale in the shop! Take 25% off everything with code spring25. Click here to shop.

Hello to you! What are you saying hello to this week?


hello greenhouse {achievement house}

hello monday, san luis obispo By March 14, 2016 4 Comments

One of my favorite thrift stores in town is Achievement House on Cuesta College campus. They also have an amazing greenhouse with rows and rows of succulents. The store and nursery are run by adults with disabilities. Awesome, right?

It’s Monday–the start of a brand new week. How about some hellos?

hello greenhouse acheivement house -01

Hello sunlight and rain. Everything is green and lush right now. And our lake is full after being empty for a year!

hello greenhouse acheivement house -02

Hello moving around furniture and clearing out the kitchen. We’re getting new countertops and I am so giddy I can hardly stand it! Goodbye tile, hello quartz!!

hello greenhouse acheivement house -03

Hello writing. I’ve been trying to spend some time every day writing. It’s good and scary and therapeutic. It’s stretching but I’m enjoying it.

hello greenhouse acheivement house -04

Hello Bourne Identity. Matthias and I are working our way through the series. So good!

hello greenhouse acheivement house -05

Hello clean clothes waiting to be put away. They’ve been sitting there for a week now. I don’t know why I have such a hard time with this chore!

hello greenhouse acheivement house -06

Hello heart a flutter. When I walked into the greenhouse {below} I had to catch my breath. So many beautiful succulents. How does one choose?

hello greenhouse acheivement house -07

Hello sleepless nights. David’s been having a hard time lately. He wakes up in the middle of the night and he’s energetic. Matthias has been moving into the spare room so he can sleep. I’m beginning to wonder if the boys will need their own rooms soon.

hello greenhouse acheivement house -08

Hello meetings this week. Lots of good planning and dreaming happening this week!

Hello making meals without a kitchen. Time to get creative!

Hello time change. I love the longer light in the evenings.

Hello brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello happy wire basket

hello monday By March 7, 2016 2 Comments

I was strolling through Home Goods last week and found this rose gold wire basket in the clearance section. I hung it on the wall next to my thrifted baskets and it’s making me so happy!

Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

It’s Monday–how about some hellos?

hello wire basket lisa leonard Hello hungry. David’s had a BIG appetite lately. Maybe he’s headed for a growth spurt? He can’t seem to get enough food.

Hello rain. Hooray! We’re getting lots of rain this week and we are so grateful.

hello wire basket, hello monday-01
Hello to do list that seems to get longer instead of shorter. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Hello watching the Divergent and Insurgent movies with Matthias. We can’t wait for the new one to come out.

hello wire basket2 lisa leonard

Hello sweet pups that have been snuggling with Matthias in bed. I go in to check on him and they’re all so cozy and crashed out. It’s a very sweet thing.

Hello feeling addicted to plants. They add beauty and life to our home and I love it.

Hello trying new recipes through Blue Apron. It’s been fun and we’ve loved almost all the meals.

Hello working on a few projects around the house this week. I’m hoping to spruce up our front porch.

Hello carving out some alone time for me this week. My soul needs it.

Hello caught up on laundry. Tomorrow I’ll be behind a day–but today let’s celebrate.

Hello Monday. It’s a new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


Hello leap year day!

hello monday By February 29, 2016 1 Comment

It’s February 29–a day that only comes around every four years. Each day is a gift, and today we get an extra day–which is pretty amazing, right? I feel like we should do something special or crazy.

Around here we’ve been cleaning {especially never ending pet hair}, enjoying the sunshine and listening to lots of music–including some live guitar from my men. I love to hear them play.

How about some hellos for a Monday?

hello leap year day1Hello sunlight flooding into the front room. This room gets so much light and I love it! I just added couple plants and somehow it makes the room seem even brighter. I love the sunlight through the leaves.

hello leap year day-03 Hello Louis and Beasley {or Lou and Beez}. These are two of the sweetest dogs E V E R and I can’t believe they’re part of our family. They are such snuggle bug cuties. Every day we brush them and put aquaphor on their noses. They love to go for walks almost as much as they love to get super snuggly. Such good boys.

hello leap year day2Hello music. Steve has been showing Matthias some chords. He’s just beginning but he’s doing great! And he’s playing Steve’s old guitar which holds so much meaning. And he looks so grown up with that guitar!

Hello forging ahead necklace. How many stones do you need?

Hello looking at paint colors to repaint our kitchen cabinet. I love this color.

Hello coffee with friends.

Hello hoping for rain. We’re supposed to get some later this week!

Hello leap year day! Do you have anything special planned?

Hello March {tomorrow}. How is that possible?

Hello to you! It’s a brand new day with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello color, texture and light

hello monday, inspiration By February 22, 2016 3 Comments

Three things that whisper beauty to my soul are color, texture and light. And when they’re combined just right, it can be magical. Some things are just so lovely it makes my heart skip a beat. Does that happen to you? And it can be the most simple of things.

It’s Monday, how about some hellos?

hello sunlight-01 Hello heartshake studios. You inspire me.

Hello cleaning and simplifying and then cleaning some more. The cleaning is never ever done.

Hello sunlight pouring in the windows. It’s good for my heart.

Hello sipping coffee and craving more.

hello sunlight-02 Hello thrifted baskets. I love the thrill of finding an unexpected treasure.

Hello trying Blue Apron. We just received our first two meals and I think I like it. It was a little stressful trying a new recipe {David was hanging on me while I cooked} but the directions were super simple and easy to follow. And the meals have been delicious!

Hello going to bed early. I have been so tired at night lately!

hello sunlight-01-2Hello pretty pots and rugs. Love the color and texture.

Hello keeping in touch with friends by text. I have friends I text throughout the day with random bits of information and silly photos. It’s such a great way to stay connected.

Hello snoring dogs. They wake up, go potty, eat breakfast and within 5 minutes, they are snoring again. It’s awesome.

Hello haircuts, meetings and finding time for quiet.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello valentine

hello monday By February 15, 2016 4 Comments

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we spent the day relaxing and being together–all three of us. We walked around Santa Barbara all day and in the evening we got cozy at home with some BBQ and The Martian on DVD. David has been having some pretty uncomfortable tummy pain and he is back and forth between smiles and tears. It’s heartbreaking.

How about some hellos for a new week?

hello valentine -01 Hello being stupid together–love means doing all kinds of things together–the exciting, boring, silly and stupid.

hello valentine -02 Hello green eyes magnified. I love those eyes.

hello valentine -03 Hello feeling very thankful for these three sweethearts.

hello valentine -04 Hello silliness and dancing to some mountain music.

hello valentine -05 Hello surprise valentine from Steve! So much better than chocolate {although I love chocolate–don’t get me wrong!!}

Hello day of school and work. Woohoo!

Hello grocery shopping and gathering some low carb smoothie ingredients. If you have any great smoothie recipes, let me know!

Hello sniffles. They’re going through our home again. I am so over it!!

Hello date night this week. Yay!

Hello creating new earrings. I’ve been wanting to make some for a while.

Hello getting some photos printed. I want them to exist outside of my computer, you know?

Hello getting my phone fixed. I broke my screen, got a loaner phone–and dropped that one too and broke it. Ugh! The MacSuperstore rocks.

Hello big sale in the shop today! Take 20% off with code ‘hopeful’. 

Hello to you! This week holds beauty waiting to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


hello little bits of home

an everyday moment, hello monday By February 8, 2016 3 Comments

Lately we’ve been sprucing room by room. First, I purged and gave away lots of stuff. Then I’ve been slowly adding to each space some plants, throws and vintage finds. Home is feeling fresh and welcoming right now–and that’s something to be thankful for!

It’s Monday–how about some hellos for a new week?little bits of home1little bits of home-01little bits of home2little bits of home-09 little bits of home3

Hello no school. We are staying home today and having a slow morning.

Hello cuddling with Louis and Beasley. Matthias and these dogs are a match made in heaven. Seriously.

Hello laundry to do and hoping I can muster up some motivation.

Hello energetic David. Lately he’s been spunky and trying new things–some good, some not so good. His rhythms are changing as they do every once in a while. He’s asserting his independence. He’s growing up–and I’m trying to let him.

Hello clean eating. We just finished a two week cleanse {phew! it was awesome and challenging!} and now we want to keep eating whole, fresh, delicious foods and stay away from refined sugar {my downfall!}

Hello sunshine and heatwave. It’s 80* here this week!

Hello craving goat cheese. I know some people hate it, but I love it. Lately I can’t get enough.

Hello reading this autobiography. What are you reading right now?

Hello listening to this podcast. What are your favorite podcasts?

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?