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art projects and letting it be imperfect

July 18th | DIY, matthias

If you have been following along for a while, you know Matthias loves art. He is constantly drawing, sketching, planning and making lists. I love his creativity and I want to nurture it.

Meg did this awesome continuous line tutorial and I was so inspired! Watch her video too! I jumped into this project with Matthias and half way through ended up screaming at him. Ugh–what was supposed to fun went all wrong. I can’t even remember what made me so mad. I quickly apologized to him and was was forgiving. It took me a little longer to forgive myself. Being a mother is a process of growing, grieving, grace and forgiveness!

Isn’t his owl awesome?

I decided to try the same concept with a heart theme. You know I love hearts.

Next time we do an art project together I’m determined to stay patient. Sigh. Life is so imperfect–but there is beauty.

first day of school

August 24th | david, matthias

These pictures were an attempt to document the boys’ first day of school. Um, yeah getting the three of us to look good in a photo was an impossible task–but these pics made me laugh out loud. And I figure, this is us and pretty much captures our crazy. And I love that.

David is offically an ‘upper grader’ now. He’s hanging with the big kids. I’m a nervous wreck! But it’s going to be great. Matthias loves his third grade teacher. It’s a new year. A fresh start.

We are so excited, how about you?

Eric Carle inspired Lorax project

March 15th | DIY, matthias

After seeing The Lorax movie last weekend, Matthias and I decided to do an art project together. Well, he needed a little coaxing {he’s got strong opinions about what he wants to create} but after a few minutes he got on board.I had an idea to do something inspired by Eric Carle, I love his artwork, don’t you?

We started by painting a piece of paper completely orange. This would be used to cut out the shape of the Lorax.

We used watercolors for this project.

He was determined not to have any bits of white show through on his painted orange paper.

I also painted a piece of thick, white paper completely yellow–for the mustache and eyebrows.

While the painted papers dried, we worked on creating the background on a canvas. First Matthias sketched some truffula tree trunks.

To make the trunks look stripe-y we used water down black paint and then dabbed a napkin here and there on the trunk to soak up paint in certain spots. The truffula tufts were fun to paint in a swirly motion.

We drew a little dot above the top of the tree trunk and then painted swirly lines coming out from there until we had a nice fluffy tuft. The Lorax is cut out of the papers we covered with paint. I drew a pattern for us, but you could use a coloring sheet like the one found here for a pattern, too!

We each did our own project, but Matthias’ turned out way cuter than mine!

We are huge Dr. Seuss fans over here. For David’s 5th birthday party we had a Sneetches celebration.

Have you seen The Lorax?

a conversation with an artist

March 8th | family, inspiration, matthias

Matthias is very passionate about art. He’s 8 years old and spends at least a couple hours a day drawing, planning, researching and thinking about art. Of course, I love that my son is creative. I try to nurture that as much as possible by keeping supplies around and signing him up for art classes when possible. Today I’m sharing an interview with Matthias and getting his perspective on art and being a creative person.

LL: How long have you been an artist?

Matthias: I’d say ever since I was one year old.

LL: What are your favorite things to draw and paint?

Matthias: Oh, um, that depends. It depends on what I’m interested in–it could be power rangers or made up superheros. It really depends on what I’m interested in. Last Sunday I did an absolutely good job on a power ranger painting.

LL: Do you ever feel like you might run out of ideas? And if so, how do you get inspired?

Matthias: I don’t know but I think I still have a lot of good ideas. I get inspired from TV shows or a really cool toy or whatever. It comes from something else or my brain.

LL: What kind of art would you like to do when you grow up?

Matthias: I’d draw pictures and sell them for a few bucks. I can draw animals or superheros. I could paint paintings or illustrate books but I still need to learn a little about both of those things.

LL: What is the hardest part of being an artist?

Matthias: It might be that sometimes I have an idea and I have to think about if it’s appropriate. Once you make a decision, you just have to go for it. When you get older, you have to learn how to draw all parts of the body. The hardest part of the body to draw is the neck.

LL: Is there anything you really want to learn?

Matthias: Hmm, I want to learn how to make books. I would sell them for $5, $10 or $15 dollars.

LL: Any ideas on how art can make the world a better place?

Matthias: I could teach kids art and get more people interested in art.

LL: What else do you want people to know about you?

Matthias: I want people to know that I am really active and that sometimes I take my time on drawing a knight or king. When I read I get more ideas.

Matthias, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us about your art. You rock!

we are the champions {of the world}

April 29th | family, matthias, videos

just a few notes about this video…

1. i cracked up the entire time i was editing the footage
2. i am so glad matthias didn’t run into that poor guy on the corner
3. queen is awesome
4. my husband is seriously an awesome daddy.

celebrating {7}

January 16th | matthias

yesterday we celebrated matthias’ 7th birthday with a ‘king & queens’ party! right now he’s really into royalty and gold treasure {think narnia}.

there were crowns and goblets and jewels for everyone. the kids totally got into it. so fun!

the royal attendants feasted on pizza and grapes and of course cupcakes! i used free clipart for the invitations and cupcake toppers. and added little jewels to give them some sparkle.

david wore a crown for about 1 minute, but he wore the jewels all day.

each kiddo painted a treasure box, we had a treasure hunt and a pinata. i like to keep the kids busy. and i think they all had a great time!

happy birthday matthias! we can’t believe you are 7! you bring so much joy to our little family and we love you!!


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pirate attack!

January 7th | matthias

our backyard was recently overcome by pirates. matthias and max were playing outside and all of the sudden they where gone-kidnapped, i guess! and some fierce pirates took their place. i’m sure they were after treasure and who knows what else?! when i saw the skull and crossbones on their caps i was seriously frightened. but i tried to calm down and catch my breath. once i got to know the pirates, they were actually really sweet. so we decided to let them stick around.

{happy friday friends!!}

new glasses

December 10th | matthias

matthias didn’t pass the vision test at school.

so we took him to our favorite eye doctor and yep, he needed glasses.

he picked out a gold pair {just like a king!}

and he’s so excited to wear them. i hope that lasts!

this morning he said, “when i grow up i’m still gonna wear glasses and be just like my dad and my grandpa.

and i thought, “if you grow up to be an amazing man like your daddy and your grandpa tim, i will be one happy mama!”

matthias, you look so handsome in your new GOLD glasses.

happy halloween!

October 31st | david, matthias



it was a very happy halloween because david was released from the hospital!

but don’t worry we ate plenty of candy, too.

david dressed up as yoda and matty dressed up as annikin.

the pictures above are from the hospital–david showed off his costume. too funny!




matthias joined his cousins for a fall festival at a grace church in long beach.

lots of bounce houses, candy, and games.

so much fun!

* * *

we are healing and resting so happy to be home!

how was your halloween?

matthias {age 6}

October 18th | matthias


right now

you love to draw. for hours sometimes

you have an awesome imagination

you dress up as a jedi or pirate as soon as you get home from school

you have a kind heart

when you are hungry, you get sooo unreasonable

you want to have your own office

when you grow up, you want to be a jedi AND an animal rescuer

you think your auntie chrissie hung the moon

you know i’m worried about david’s surgery and that makes you worry

you still snuggle with us every morning

you ask insightful questions

you melt my heart pretty much every day

you make our lives 1,000x more fun.

{matthias, i love you}


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