I was shocked

Matthias asked me to send him a list of romantic comedies we watched over quarantine. You guys! I am so glad we made a list. It brought back so many sweet memories. Some of the movies he loved, some he hated. I was shocked at how different my perspective was at this stage of life (as opposed to being young and idealistic ha!). I love this kid (man!) and I love the time we have shared watching movies and being together. What are your favorite romantic comedies?

Lisa and Matthias

Here’s our list–(X by the ones we watched)

Lost in Translation


Station agent

Big Fish

X Moneyball

Rock of ages

Taxi driver


Pursuit of Happiness

X 100 Foot Journey

X Silver linings playbook

X Salmon fishing in the yemen

X Memento

X Juno

X 500 days of summer

You can count on me

X Music and lyrics

X Breakfast club

X Bend it like Beckham

X Stranger than fiction

X Dead poets society

X Rocket man

X The usual suspects

X Sliding doors

X Pretty woman

X The Bodyguard

X Reality bites

Before sunrise

X Good will hunting

X Shakespeare in Love

X Dirty Dancing

X You’ve got mail

X The devil wears Prada

X Man up

X Across the universe

X Moulin rouge

X Some kind of wonderful

Girls just wanna have fun ❤️

Better off dead

X Mystic pizza

X Summer school

X Little miss sunshine

X Begin again

X Once

X Pretty in pink

X Garden state

X Minority report

X Bond

X Eternal sunshine

X 7 Years in Tibet

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