how to make bug stew.

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max and matthias showed me how to whip up some bug stew the other night.

here is what i learned…

if you were a bug, you might think

“wow, that looks like a delicious stew.”

but you would soon find out “it’s deadly poison‘.




the ingredients might seem simple

[grass, dirt, water]

but mixed in the right proportions and using special tools

it becomes “a lethal drink for flys, ants and spiders”.




make sure to find an airtight container to store the “deadly poison”

and keep it away from curious little sisters.

* * *

i’m pretty sure it’s organic, safe for humans and never tested on animals.

it should be available at your local hardware store soon, so keep an eye out!


going to the dentist rocks!

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matthias had his first visit to the dentist today.

we were overdue.

since david has more pressing medical needs, sometimes matthias has to wait.

thankfully, he’s a really healthy kiddo.



he was a little nervous.



but the staff quickly put him at ease.

{the dentist is a friend of ours.}




say ahhhhh.



he was such a trooper during x-rays and cleaning.

he asked all kinds of questions

and reminded the hygienist not to cut his gums.

that kid cracks me up.




and he got a new toothbrush, floss, sticker and a trip to the treasure box.

yep, going to the dentist pretty much rocks.

{i just can’t wait for my appointment in a couple weeks :)}


making a heart sing.

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matthias started swim lessons last week.

the smile didn’t leave his face for the entire half hour.

he got to wear googles. googles!

he used a noodle, a kickboard, and

swam down to get swim toys from the bottom of the pool.

a half hour of pure joy.

these are the little things that make a mama’s heart sing.

summer is getting close, i can feel it.

* * *

what’s making your heart sing today?


the sun is shining

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we flew kites with david’s class earlier this week.

that’s david’s 1:1 aide and she is an angel. and david loves her {obviously}.

the weather has been amazing.

78* and lovely.

it’s making me long for summer!



we had about 15 college students over monday night for dinner during finals week.

can i just say, i do not miss finals!!

i made taco stack-up. i put 4 lbs of (already cooked) seasoned ground turkey in the crock-pot and

set out bowls of lettuce, beans, chesse, etc.

we served buffet style. easy, peasy.

what’s your go-to dinner for guests?



this little cutie belongs to my real life friend, lindsey.

love that he is sooo well hidden under the table. we had absolutely no idea where he was! 😉



just a couple of pretty pics for your thursday.

i’m working on some big projects this week and making progress.


let’s end today with a ‘would you rather?’

would you rather wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining

OR waves crashing on the beach and cloudy skies??


{recently} from the phone

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just a few iphone pics taken with shakeitphoto app.

lots of blue skies and coffee around here.

we aren’t complaining.




we went out for thrifty’s ice cream on saturday.

matthias got blue bubble gum. and he also got a little messy.

that other pic is a drawing of me. love it.




we visited some horses down the road.

they were very friendly.

and so big.

i am always impressed by horses, especially up close.




and some doodles during a meeting.

and david’s silly smile at the grocery store.

* * *

thank you all so much for your comments about the new

marked by love {audrey’s necklace}

i read a few, cry, read some more, take a break.

it’s amazing to experience community online.

thank you for sharing your hearts and your journey with all of us.


the tooth fairy {and a 1 day sale}

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matthias lost his first tooth yesterday.

further proof that he is growing up (despite our instructions that he stay small forever).

he was so, so excited.

and the tooth fairy brought him 1 dollar bill, 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 2 nickels and a penny.

so he feels totally rich and proceeded to inform every stranger that he had

‘money his pocket’.

that $1.91 is definitely burning a hole.  how soon can we get to a target??




i took the picture on the left through my rainy windshield with my heart filter.

and the books on the right were thrift store find.  love the titles and the darling illustrations.




until wednesday at midnight our forever heart is on sale.

for one day only, instead of $75, it’s only $59!!

and this piece was pictured in in-style magazine this month. so exciting!

you’ll find the forever heart here.

* * *

have a great day!  i’m on my way to blissdom.

follow me through blissdom while i tweet about blogging tips and fun moments!


celebrating 6.

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matthias turned six last week, but because we had a wedding out of town, we celebrated this weekend.

He definitely wanted a power rangers party.  no question about it!

since the party was at two, i just set out some munchies–cheese, crackers, salami, hummus and crackers,

spinach dip and of course cupcakes!




chrissie made this adorable (or should i say AWESOME) banner that read ‘mighty morphin matty’.

she recently started an online shop called handmade play.  it’s perfect for everyday play and party planning.

you can find the banner here.




not sure why, but lightsabers became the hot thing.

last year we had a star wars party, so we have at least 10 lightsabers around the house.

poor steve, he wasn’t expecting to be the ‘bad guy’.

everyone ATTACK matthias’ daddy!!!




it was so fun to have my sister and her girls here.  she way so helpful.

especially when i had my it’s-one-hour-until-the-party-and-the-house-is-a-mess-and-i-have-no-makeup-on freak out.

guess the party wasn’t exciting enough for david–he sacked out.




lots of balloons and paper lanterns.  so cute.





steve taught the kids some power ranger moves.

they all practiced jumping off the wall like power rangers.  it was awesome.

those kids have some moves!




and matthias got so many wonderful gifts.

including a snuggie which he really, really wanted.

and uh, even though they’re a little dorky, i kinda want one too!

cuddling up with a snuggie sounds pretty good right now.

* * *

the weekend was full of party prep and clean up, time with family

and friends, cupcakes and happy kids.

tell me about your weekend.


rainy day, rainy week

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we had a very rainy morning here in california today.

it’s supposed to thunder and lightening tonight

and continue to rain all week.

it’s a nice change of pace, i just think 5 days might be tiring.

but i know i can’t complain. we get a lot of nice weather here.

what’s the weather where you are?




the rain stopped around 1pm and the sun broke through.

perfect timing because matthias and i had really important errands to run.




like getting ice cream at thriftys.

matthias wants to order and pay all by himself (sniff.)

he likes rainbow sherbert.  i like malted chocolate.

what’s your fave?

it’s really cute.

when the ice cream lady asked, will there be anything else?

matthias responded, ‘just a spoon, please’.




and matthias is bringing brownies to his class tomorrow to celebrate his bday.

i wanted to put some frosting and sprinkles on top

but he wouldn’t let me.  just. plain. brownies.


* * *

i’ve got some serious catching up to do today with emails, faxing, ordering, blah blah blah!

and the boys need haircuts.  bad.

plus all your comments yesterday make me want to get my hair done.

and get a pedicure and go out for dinner with my girlfriends

and eat cupcakes.

girlie treats are the best!!

happy tuesday to you!