Life Update

Hello friends! How are YOU? Things get so busy and in the rush of things I want to let you know how we’re doing as a family. It felt like it was time for a life update. So here goes…

  • David has had a rough winter and we’re so thankful to be moving into spring. He’s had cold after cold and since his respiratory system is fragile we’ve done multiple rounds of antibiotics and one trip to the ER. The amazing thing is he hasn’t been hospitalized and we are beyond grateful! Right now he’s healthy (praise God!) We’re hoping his immune system will be strong going into warmer weather.
  • Matthias is finishing up his freshman year of college. He has loved it! It’s incredible to see him growing and thriving and asking questions and becoming who he was made to be. He is so unique and insightful. We are thrilled to have him home for the summer!

Lisa+David   Matthias leaning against door

  • We have a few amazing caregivers working with David and it has revolutionized our family life. David loves the independence and I have more bandwidth. I’ve been cooking, reading, posting on social media, napping, and generally enjoying life. For so long I felt guilty for having help—now I’m leaning into it and feeling grateful.
  • We are planning a family trip to Scotland. Traveling with David requires having diapers shipped ahead of time, organizing meds for two weeks, and finding airbnbs with washers/dryers. It can feel like moving mountains! I don’t know how many more times we’ll be able to travel internationally with David. So we’re going to soak up this adventure and make some family memories. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook for updates from Scotland!

Lisa + Steve  Lisa + Louis  Leonard Family

  • Steve and I are intentionally making space to connect and spend time together. A few afternoons every week we sit outside and have wine, cheese and crackers and just talk. We try to have at least one date a month. I don’t know if we’ll ever really be ‘empty nesters’ (because of David’s disability) but we are in a new life stage with adult children and I’m yearning to find a new rhythm. I’m leaning into the slowdown and realizing how rest is just as important as productivity.

Lisa + Steve

I’m grateful for you, friend! This community continually knocks my socks off with the way you love and pray and care for our family. Thank you!

With love,


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