a magical moment

Last night Matthias sat down beside me on the couch and told me, “Something amazing just happened.”

I set aside what I was doing so I could give him my full attention.

“Tell me.” I said.

“David was relaxing on the gray couch so I went over and sat down. I said ‘Hi David.’ and he looked at me, I mean really looked into my eyes. We sat there for a moment just looking at each other. I saw him in a new way and I felt something deep inside.”

“That sounds like a soul connection.” I told Matthias.

“Yeah” he said with tears in his eyes, “A strange feeling came over me. I felt an overwhelming love for David.”

I felt goosebumps on my arms. Matthias and David shared a moment beyond the physical, beyond the ordinary. Despite David’s disability and his inability to communicate with words, their souls met, their souls connected.

“Yes,” I replied, “I’ve had those experiences with David, too. Every once in a while, we have a moment where our souls connect in a deep and meaningful way. There are no words spoken, we’re just caught in a quiet moment and souls see each other. It’s a beautiful and miraculous thing.”

Matthias’ experience reminded me how important it is to slow down, be quiet and listen. He reminded me when I take time to simply be present, with an open heart, amazing things happen. We are drawn to each other with a kind of magnetic power. We walk together on this beautiful winding road, and sometimes we have a magical moment where our souls connect in a way that’s impossible to explain. Love is powerful force that draws us near. This is the meaning behind the Draw Near necklace.

Have you experienced a deep soul connection with your child, spouse or friend? Tell me about it!


  1. I work as an education assistant, helping kids with autism. I was helping transition a non-verbal student with autism to the regular ed classroom. Kids with autism aren’t known for making eye contact, but the first day we met, our eyes locked and I felt him searching my soul to see if I could be trusted. It really moved me and must he must have found what he needed because we bonded right away. Love that boy. So many kids so many moments.

  2. When our son Daniel was born, he had less than a ten percent chance of surviving. Each day in NICU his chances improved but they still said he would be profoundly brain damaged, unable to see, speak, smile, walk or have “any significant mentality.” I fought for the right to breast feed him and when they finally let me hold him for the first time, I looked down at him, with all of his tubes and wires and monitors and a piece of tape with an x on his chest marking where his heart was on the wrong side in case they had to resuscitate him, he looked up at me, and stilled. He gazed deeply into my eyes and we had that intense, otherworldly soul connection. And I KNEW he was in there, and he was going to be fine. It was the most incredible moment of my life.
    Today, he is 33 years old, married, with a master’s degree, an incredible, amazing human being. A miracle. A blessing. But I have never forgotten that white light moment where I connected and knew not to give up on him.

  3. This was just beautiful! I sit here on a train on a Monday morning rushing.. & this just brought tears to my eyes.. life is amazing.. we just have to stop & look around & be present.
    Ty for sharing?

  4. This is so beautiful. It brought me to the day when my father was in the final days of his life. You see, my dad was a giving man, a man who provided for his family, a gentle man, a loving man, and a man who would go out of his way to friend a stranger. That day was beautiful to me and it was soul connecting to me with my dad. Although he had lived a life that I believe was of great character and godly he was without God. And that day he asked my husband if his father was a spiritual man. As my husband had answered him “yes he was”, looking at me with crocodile tears in his eyes I felt that soul connection telling me “I wish I would’ve been that for you”. At that time I knew without words he was asking me to forgive him for not bringing me up in the admonition of the Lord. It was then that I was able to release my father through prayer to go and be with Jesus. I had a peace in my heart that only God can bring that he would make it into the courts of heaven.

    Thank you for sharing this story about Mathias and David. It only confirms what I felt that day with my father was a true soul connection

  5. Yes, so many this past year… From my beautiful daughter Christina. April 27, 2016 our precious 19 year old daughter went to pray before studying for finals off campus at The Iron Horse. On their return back to the University of Georgia campus Christina “Tini” and her 3 best friends went hand in hand together to their eternal home with Jesus that night. They think a deer went in front of the car. The driver lived. Ever since the accident Tini’s presence and the Holy Spirit is so very near, literally I can feel her soul connection. Tini had an intimacy with the Lord that is extraordinary. She is a worship leader, singer, songwriter, blog writer, she taught herself how to play the guitar, a piano player, dancer, FCA president at her high school, started a student led Ministry at 15 her sophomore year of high school with two other girls and be the end of business their senior year over 200+ students came weekly every Tuesday night as Tini led worship and so much more. Tini’s passion and heartbeat was to reach the least, the lost and the hopeless and to show them they are seen and loved. The gifts and treasures she left this world and continues to pour over us is absolutely amazing. Tini covers us with her presence in her songs, her voice, her artwork, scripture, license plates with her initials on them all the time and Hawks and birds daily. I would love to bless you with her song that she wrote and is singing and playing her guitar, “Be Still” – this song is literally giving thousands and thousands across the world that soul connection to Tini and the world. Be blessed listening to Tini sing and play her guitar. You can also read her blog from this link as well – Yes, Be Still and know that HE is God!!! –

  6. Lisa. Thank you for posting your beautiful moments ! I have had these experiences with many children, as I taught in the Special Needs, Designed Instruction programs in the elementary grades for 25 yrs. I just had the pleasure of celebrating one of my students high school graduation, and we held each other in a bond of love that no one can separate. God moments for sure. May you continue to be blessed here on Earth, I think that we experience a bit of Heaven that others no nothing of. Keep loving them. Prayers from a fan, Linda ?

  7. Lisa, when my son was born 18 years ago, the minute I gave birth to him and saw him, it hit me ” I KNOW you!” It was so powerful.
    Then, later when they said he had Down Syndrome, I loved him more- and I wouldn’t have believed that was possible.
    Now I’m going to go get your starburst ring and put it on. I left it here at home when I left for what ended up a month of figuring out what about my cancer and starting a treatment. The past year has been a continuum of worse and worse news and I am having a hard time keeping my head up. The ring will remind me that my kids need to see me shine

  8. I started reading your stories about David and your family this past Christmas on FB when I came across an add for your stack rings. ( I ordered 3 for my mom with my children’s names on them..❤️ ) I find myself so incredibly moved by what you write. Your sincerity is very present in every word. I don’t often smile and tear up at the same time, I definitely do not comment on posts of this nature ever….Thank you for sharing your personal, wonderful life with me.

  9. Yes!!! My son was nonverbal until he was 10…. I had those moments when we were rocking , laying down for a nap and after a seizure. When he has a seizure and he starts coming back to me the only thing he can move are his eyes !!! He’s 21 now and those are the most special blessing I can have here on earth!! He’s my angel!!

  10. Twice when working in a court ordered program. I was young stupid and ended up serving community service. They sent me to a place called Mary Free Bed. I worked as the Blue Burd leader. Organizing a Halloween party one little girl had lost both her legs and one arm. I made a papier-mâché pumpkin and voila she was the great pumpkin. They day of the party they wanted her to go for treatment and miss the party. Her words to me still echo “They know I’m going to die just once can’t I enjoy this day instead of hurt? ” I went to the director told her and they cancelled treatment. The look in a child’s eyes when they know they are dying I will never forget. The other time I still can’t talk about?

  11. Lisa, my grandson,Felix, has CdLS. He is 10 years old and lives in Birmingham. There are only about 32 cases of this syndrome in Alabama. He is very happy. He does not talk or walk. He goes to a fantastic school for special needs children. your jewelry is beautiful. Today is the first day I read about your family. It was interesting to read about families with the same problems as my daughter.

  12. Some of the most beautiful and soul inspiring conversations have taken place with no verbal words spoken. It’s not something you can recreate on will, and all the more amazing for it.
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece of your story. *Tears*

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