cream + brown

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aren’t cream and brown soothing? creamy coffee, smooth pottery, hazy sunsets, grainy sand. much of nature is cream and brown and textured from weather and time. cream and brown feels quiet. i love it.

what cream and brown things are soothing your soul today?


rainy days

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it’s been a rainy week around here. which means raincoats and umbrellas and boots and running through through the drops trying not to get too wet!

i know i shouldn’t complain, we’ve had so much sunshine this winter. i might be a little spoiled–but i’ll complain just a little bit. i love the hear the rain at night. i love the hear it fall on the rooftop while i’m cozy under a blanket. it’s such a soothing sound. but i dislike running through the rain to get the boys to school. if it could only rain at night, that would be fine with me!

i love how the rain glistens in the sunlight. and i love that rain makes things grow. but i’m longing for some sunshine and warmth on my shoulders. how about you?


seagulls {+silliness}

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we played in morro bay yesterday. that’s a lot of rhyming.

it was coooold! someone was feeding the seagulls and they were going crazy!

and the cousins were crazy too! so silly.

they were chasing seagulls, climbing rocks and having a blast.

my dad got a sigma 18-200 lens for christmas.

and he’s having a great time figuring it out.

so many birds, so close!

i love seeing the cousins together. such sweet memories being made!

and last a heart-shaped puddle that my sis-in-law showed me.

i love almost anything heart shaped! so fun!


it’s almost time to take down the tree and decorations. when the decorations come down the house feels more open. i always like to have a few fresh new things to put out in the new year. any ideas for refreshing your home after christmas? i’d love to hear!


things to remember {yay for family pictures!}

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we did a half hour photo shoot with cameron and anna ingalls a few weeks ago. they are so incredibl talented and seriously fun.

matthias was such a ham! i love it. they totally captured his cute six-year-old personality.

and david was so happy and fun and silly. perfect!

i feel like photos are a keepsake we will treasure forever. they are so important to me.

thank you cameron and anna for these treasures!

you can check out cameron’s blog HERE and anna’s blog HERE.

aren’t they amazing?

does your family take an annual family photo?


inspiring me today.

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this is my favorite picture i’ve taken lately.

love the simplicity and that cupcake was sooo yummy.

{taken at urban standard in birmingham)




i’m not sure how many ‘birds on a wire’ pictures one girl needs,

but i love them. i stop often to take a pic of all those little birdies

perched up there.




do you see the little heart-shaped hole in the petal of that flower above.

i didn’t even see it until after i took the picture.

{ i love hearts}

and we took our family tree necklace and turned into a keychain.

what a great gift. love this one.




i know spiders are spooky, but it’s almost halloween

and i love the way the sunlight is hitting the web.

so beautiful!



porch is one of my absolute favorite stores

it’s located just outside santa barbara in one of my fave towns


* * *

what’s inspiring you today? please share!


photo walk.

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when steve was away for two weeks (mission trip to scotland)

my parents came and stayed for a few days to help out

and keep me company.

and my dad recently got a nikon d5000

so one afternoon we took a photo walk up the trails near our home.

it was so fun to chat about lighting, and aperture

and angle and bokeh.

the above are some of the pics i took on our walk.

* * *

my parents have turned into awesome grandparents.

i also love thrifting with my mom, talking photography with my dad,

and of course just being together.


how do you connect with your parents as an adult?


capture something beautiful.

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hello friends, and hello monday!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

i have lots of pics to share this week.

and, since i’ve received so many questions about my photography lately,

i thought i would take a post to share some of my tools and techniques.

* * *

{just a disclaimer, these are my opinions and i’m an amateur photographer!}


i started out with a nikon d40 {which i loved}

and my husband surprised me with a nikon d5000 for valentines day.

{and i love it even more!}

if you’re starting out, the nikon d40 takes excellent pictures

and it’s so easy to use.

i highly recommend it.


i have an 18-55 lens–it comes with most nikon d40 and it’s a great basic lens.

i also have a 55-200 which is great for long distance shots. excellent clarity.

the 55-200 is terrible if you are trying to shoot at close range. sometimes i get annoyed with it.

i also have a 50mmf/1.8 that takes great pics, but has no auto-focus. it’s definitely tricky, but fun to use.

my favorite lens is the 55-105.

it’s a great everyday lens. it’s great for close up and allows quite a bit of zoom.

love it.

…speedlight flash…

great investment. allows you to direct the flash away from your subject and diffuse the light.

…other stuff…

tripod. i bought a cheapy at our local camera store and i love it!

remote. again, it was about $20 and totally worth it.


**i take a lot of pictures and i carry my camera everywhere.

practice has helped me improve.

**have fun. play with settings.

i think photography is about figuring out what shots YOU like.

discover your own style, even if it isn’t ‘technically’ correct.

**learn how to use your camera.

i set ISO and white balance with each new shoot.

sometimes i play with f-stop (thank you, kami bigler!)

**i edit my pics with iphoto (for macs) and

* * *

share with us!

do you take pics for fun or professionally?

what kind of camera do you use?

what are YOUR favorite tools + techniques?


from the phone

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i love the ‘shake it photo’ app for iphones.

here are a few pics from around town.

we are back from the lake and seriously lazy

with mounds of laundry to do!

* * *

here’s a thought provoking question for your friday…

if you could have dinner with one celebrity (past or present)

who would it be??


on my mind…

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this tree trunk reminded my of our sweetheart tree necklace.

i wonder if our neighbors would mind if i carved initials into it??

the morning light in that pic is so lovely.




i’ve been craving some ocean time.

a getaway, really.

days to linger at the ocean with no where to be.

i can feel summer coming!




our spring break has been filled up with slow days,

organizing the house and focusing on creativity rather than tv.

matthias made me this treasure map a couple days ago.

he did it all on his own-i was so excited.

and i had to actually follow the map to complete the course.

at the end i found a box with some coins. so fun.




i got a 50mm lens for my nikon and it’s really different than my other lens.

this girl turned me onto the idea.

it doesn’t auto focus, so it’s really making me work for it.

i got frustrated and needed a break-but the two pics above are taken with the new lens.

it’s a good practice and it’s stretching me.



but really on my mind is God’s grace and goodness.

I want to reflect on these things this easter weekend.

wishing you lots of rest and some good reflection!