backhomeiphone pics {with shakeitphoto app} taken today


i’m finally back home. and it’s sooo good to be here.

last week, steve and the boys left me in LA and headed back to San Luis Obispo (four hours north).

so yesterday, i flew into LA but didn’t have a ride home.

luckily, my friend Jim flies a private plane back and forth between San Luis and LA once in a while,

so i hopped on board.  how fun is that??

now i’m finally home and all my boys are sick.

david is on amoxicillin to try and get him healthy (he has a bad cold)

he is scheduled for an echocardiogram on thursday and surgery to remove the nose bump next monday.

i’m 95% sure matthias has strep throat again.

so i’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

steve has strep or tonsillitis or something.

and in the meantime,

i’ve got some email to catch up on and some super fun new things to share!

and of course, a blissdom recap!  {it was wonderful!}


and i love your comments on managing stress.

it’s something i’m really working on. i tend to distract myself with busyness

and then end up in a pile of tears.

life is stressful, it’s a real unavoidable part of life,

but i’m learning to manage the stress and find joy.