finding light



we’ve had some seeerious rain the last couple days.

but also nice breaks, with lots of blue skies and sunlight.

i wandered outside to shoot some pics between downpours.

i love how everything looks and smells fresh after the rain.




then i set my computer on the kitchen table

so i could enjoy every ounce of sunlight.





finding {love} in the ordinary #3.

#2 was yesterday.  i forgot to number it, oops!

i took this pic with a flashlight set in the middle of a book.

the beam of light casts a glow in the shape of a heart.

and the book is a hymnal.  opened to my favorite hymn…come thou fount.

this guy sang it at our wedding.  i love that hymn.

what’s your favorite hymn?



and david.  sigh. he is still having a lot of discomfort.

lots of cramping and gas.  you probably don’t want to know all the details.

but he is tired and so am i.

i called the dr. again today to see what we should do.

praying that he’ll call back with a simple solution.

i hate to see him uncomfortable.  i want my happy guy.

* * *

sending hugs your way!


  1. Wow – you are a gifted photographer as well! Gorgeous pictures.

    What a blessing that necklace is that was featured on Joy’s Hope. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Wow!!! I love that top right light photo. And the sun shining in on your laptop and the flashlight shining a heart on your hymn book. How cool is that?! Thanks for brightening my day! Oh, I also love “Come Thou Fount”.

  3. Aw, so sorry that David is not well yet. So hard. I’m praying for him.

    I thought yesterday’s heart photo was one! I love the thought of having 100 photos, all with different hearts. Great theme! I was wondering, is there a way that you could put an album of your photos on your side bar? It would be so great to have them all handy when people click over to see them. Please! add them to our flickr group too? (do you have a flickr?)

    Thanks for the photo of the succulent today! I miss all mine!

  4. I think my favorite hymn is, “Sheep May Safely Graze”, although the look on your little guy’s face in that second photo is a pretty joyful noise unto the Lord too. Hope he’s feeling better!

  5. praying for you to get some sound advice from the doc and that david feels better soon! I am sure you are frustrated and ready for some answers!
    on another note…i (accidentally) captured a photograph with the sun’s rays shining on my granddaughter yesterday. when i visited your blog today i was amazed that you had posted “finding light” with some absolutely amazing and wonderful photos. I am not near the skilled photographer you are but I do find it interesting that even we live on opposite sides of this country we both were “capturing light”. i pray that the light and beauty you share continues. you bless me!
    you can visit my blog to see the picture at

  6. lisa….
    i hate that david is still not feeling all that great! hope you have answers and quick healing….soon! my favorite hymn is “it is well (with my soul)”….love it …love it…love it!

  7. Sorry your little guy isn’t feeling well. I’ll pray for him. Favorite hymn- It is Well, With My Soul. Keep that in mind girl!

  8. Sorry he’s not feeling well. Praying he feels better asap! I love “Great is Thy Faithfulness” because, well, His faithfulness amazes me more everyday! It’s just an awesome song!

  9. Poor guy – it is so hard to see your kids in pain & not be able to do anything about it. Hopefully the doc helps find a solution soon!

  10. Be thou my vision…I had it played at my mothers funeral….

    Does anyone recommend enema’s anymore….I had a ob who felt it was better to stimulate the last part of the bowels than irritate all of it with a stool softener…

    I hope he feels better soon.

  11. I love hymns. Hayden( my daughter) and I belt them out at home.I love so many of them but my two favorites are: When I Surveyed the Wonderous Cross and How Great Thou Art. I cannot sing either one of them without falling apart. …Love so amazing, so divine, demand my soul, my heart, my all. Pass the kleenex please. Love, LOVE your little David and will be praying for you all!

  12. Such gorgeous photos! Makes me positively yearn for Springtime! (still a couple of months away here in the good ol’ Midwest *sigh*) I’ll be keeping David in my prayers, believe me, this family has had it’s share of different GI diseases and emergencies! Poor little guy, doesn’t sound like fun :(. You’ll have to give him some extra little hugs.

  13. Poor little guy – I sure hope he feels better soon!!! “Come Thou Fount” is a beautiful hymn. I miss the old-time hymns at church. My favorite hymn is “To God be the Glory” by Fanny Crosby.

  14. #3 did you know “Morning has Broken” yes, Cat Stevens circa the 70s, is a hymn?? So beautiful. Love that heart flashlight pic!!!

  15. That is my absolute most favorite hymn too!! We go to Ebenezer Reformed Church so I love that it says, “Here I raise my Ebenezer; Hither by Thy help I’m come…” I always quote this hymn when people ask what church i go to and then look at me like “What the heck does Ebenezer mean??” 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that I received the necklace that I ordered from you today…..and I love love love it!! Thank you!
    ♥ Cheri

  16. When I looked at the hymn on the picture I wondered what it was. Come thou fount was the song that my husband had playing when he proposed to me under a parachute afloat with white balloons asking me to take a leap of faith and marry him! We sang that song in church last Sunday and it has been taken out of our hymn book which makes me sad. Thank you for making my day and reminding me what a wonderful, spiritual husband I have!!

  17. I’m so sorry that David is still having GI issues. I’m not familiar with the physical aspects of what cdls does to his GI tract. I do know that a daily probiotic may be able to help. To what extent I don’t know. Have you ever considered it? I give it to my girls for health reasons and it helps them a lot. Please feel free to email me if you’d like. I will keep him in my thoughts.

  18. Come Thou Fount is my absolute favorite, as well! a beautiful photo!!!

    I just used that hymn in a birthday video for Charlie over on my blog.

    Saying a prayer for David. I HATE not feeling like there’s anything i can do to make it better with Emma and GI issues are the absolute WORST!!!

  19. I’m so sorry your little guy isn’t feeling better yet! It is so stressful when our ‘babies’ are not doing well. Have they ruled out gluten intolerance? One of my favorite hymns is Count Your Many Blessings. But yes, there are so many!

  20. I love that hymn too. So sorry for David’s pain. My son also has some GI issues and we found that allergy testing gave us some insight and a direction for relief. Praying for answers soon.

  21. i love that photo of the light and the hymnal. just lovely. and i’d have to pick Rock of Ages, only because it makes me think of my great Aunt Grace, an amazing woman, a pillar of faith and strength.

    so happy to have stumbled upon your blog – adding you to my reader pronto!

  22. Lisa, you inspire me! Your photos and your simple way with words on your blog is wonderful! Love the photos and I hope that your little guy feels better soon. I want to start a blog….that is my goal, but I am not that saavy with this kind of thing…but I can and will learn! Have a great day and stay safe in this weather!

  23. Happy Wednesday! Love your #3 photo! I will have to try that with a flashlight – I am so loving your photos for the 100 challenge because I LOVE hearts! Its making me want to change my theme – but I wont copy you!!

    My favorite hymn – oh that’s a tough one! Great is Thy Faithfulness is definately one of them! I love Amazing Grace and wish it wasn’t associated so much with funerals!

    Hoping David is feeling better really soon!!!

    Hugs back to you!

  24. “How deep the Father’s Love” and “Trust and Obey.” The first invokes a sense of the greatness of what God has done for us, and the second reminds me how I should live.

    Praying for your little guy too!

  25. “It Is Well.” My favorite hymn. Love that photo ( I may have to copy and do one of my own!) David is in my prayers today! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I’ll also be praying for you to have strength and comfort. I know it’s not easy seeing your babies suffer.

  26. Praying for you David that you will feel much better so that you can play. I love the hymn Amazing Grace sung by il divo. It’s on youtube. Beautiful!!!

  27. Hugs to you too! Hope David gets some relief soon.
    Loving your creative pictures…you have me looking all over my house for inpsiration.

  28. I’m a little jealous of your sunlight and rain.

    Dear Minnesota, no more snow!

    also… here is a hug for you! {HUG} hang in there, friend 🙂 praying for David!

  29. I hope David feels better. I have a little one that also sees a GI specialist in SB. We just returned from a big trip in the rain yesterday to see the Dr. with a new regimen. She finally slept last night but I think it is from exhaustion of not feeling well too. So much discomfort as well. We use the Happi Tummi pad when the pain is so intense. It helps a bit to calm her enough to rock her. My prayers to you that comfort will come to David.

  30. I hope David feels better…will say a prayer for you after I’m done here….your pictures are so creative and fresh-love them! It’s nice to see little pops of beauty in them…good for the heart.
    I don’t know that many hymns, not having grown up in church and now worship is all recent stuff @ my church…but the one that just came to mind was Great is Thy Faithfulness….so good to have those Truths running through my mind. Thanks for the reminder.

  31. Oh I am sorry David is still not feeling well, I will keep him in my prayers.
    My little one has been back and forth to the GI docter too and they have had her on everything. She still gets a bellyache every single day, Mostly at night time:) when I have to sit with her.
    Good luck finding out what the problem is. Its so hard to watch our babies not feeling well

  32. I love how you photograph. It’s so natural. I grew up singing hymns, my most favourite being “It Is Well With My Soul.” So calming. It’s almost as if the lyrics tell you no matter what you’re going through, peace will comfort you.

  33. oh my, beautiful photos, especially the heart and hymnal. love that song, too. very creative and lovely. hope david begins to feel better soon. praying for wisdom for the dr..hugs to you.

  34. I love sunlights through the windows, streaming up the kitchen or livingroom. 🙂 Beatuful photos.
    Also, my best wishes for your little guy. I hope he gets better soon.

  35. So sorry to hear your little boy is nolt feeling well…I’m home with my 3 yr old who has a fever today…my favorite hymn is actually a Christmas song “O Holy Night”.

  36. Praying for David to find some relief soon!

    Come Thou Fount is one of my two fav hymns, I love the Mark Schultz version. If Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) is a hymn, that would be my other favorite.

  37. “great is thy faithfulness” hands down. no competition . . . well, there are so many great ones, I guess there’s lots of competition, but that’s my fave without a doubt. had it at our wedding (along with be thou my vision — also a great one!)
    happy wednesday!

  38. Oh I’m sorry your little man is not feeling great…..saying prayers! I love that you mentioned Come Thou Fount! Even though I love all the new praise and worship songs these days, I sometimes really miss the good, old hyms….so much meaning behind those words!

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