foggy morning over the lake

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there is a lake near the boys’ school so i dropped by snapped some pics yesterday.

it was so lovely/spooky/magical with the fog hugging the water.

* * *

we are gearing up for spring break.

only two more days of school-yipppee!

i am looking forward to slow mornings, organizing the house and

a quick trip to so cal.

david is having a sedated echo at ucla to prepare for

heart surgery this summer-more on this later.

(but we plan to swing by disneyland as well).

enjoy your thursday!


{recently} from the phone

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just a few iphone pics taken with shakeitphoto app.

lots of blue skies and coffee around here.

we aren’t complaining.




we went out for thrifty’s ice cream on saturday.

matthias got blue bubble gum. and he also got a little messy.

that other pic is a drawing of me. love it.




we visited some horses down the road.

they were very friendly.

and so big.

i am always impressed by horses, especially up close.




and some doodles during a meeting.

and david’s silly smile at the grocery store.

* * *

thank you all so much for your comments about the new

marked by love {audrey’s necklace}

i read a few, cry, read some more, take a break.

it’s amazing to experience community online.

thank you for sharing your hearts and your journey with all of us.



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i’d like to take some classes.

the thing i most want to learn about is photography.

i need to understand my camera better and improve technically.

also, cooking, knitting, and sewing.




we signed matthias up for an art class that starts today. he loves to draw.

if he’s not fighting imaginary bad guys then he’s drawing.

the class is printmaking-i’ll be sure to take pics.

i also want him to learn piano, soccer and maybe karate.

just not enough hours in a day, ya know?

* * *

what kinds of activities are your kids in?

what would YOU like to learn more about?


making me happy.

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loving all the flags in the urban outfitters window.

their clothes don’t fit me, but i love some of their housewares.

and any time the sun manages to peek it’s head out of the clouds, i’m happy.



freshly potted flowers on our porch

and a quick trip to the zoo on sunday to visit the meerkats (matty’s fave).



i’ve been complaining about the rain,

but i can’t say i mind the beautiful green hills, puffy clouds,

and even a little rainblow behind that windmill.



two boys who are almost done with antibotics and feeling much much better.




ferris bueller at the fremont. maybe a date night?

my fave movie from high school-he was just so cool.

other faves-uncle buck, and breakfast club.

what were some of your favorite movies from high school?



a couple more pretty pics just for you.


please share, what’s making you happy right now?


photo play

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playing with picnik and various images

to create a collage around the idea of

‘i held the moment in my hand’




i love layering the images

and using pictured with text to tell a story




it really takes the pictures to a new level

when you add a few graphics, a little text and a little layering.




i’ve never been much of a scrapbooker

but i can see how this would be addicting!



our saturday is very mellow, rainy and quiet.

we ate clam chowder and ritz crackers for lunch.

perfect comfort food.

enjoy your saturday!


back home and a little crazy

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backhomeiphone pics {with shakeitphoto app} taken today


i’m finally back home. and it’s sooo good to be here.

last week, steve and the boys left me in LA and headed back to San Luis Obispo (four hours north).

so yesterday, i flew into LA but didn’t have a ride home.

luckily, my friend Jim flies a private plane back and forth between San Luis and LA once in a while,

so i hopped on board.  how fun is that??

now i’m finally home and all my boys are sick.

david is on amoxicillin to try and get him healthy (he has a bad cold)

he is scheduled for an echocardiogram on thursday and surgery to remove the nose bump next monday.

i’m 95% sure matthias has strep throat again.

so i’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

steve has strep or tonsillitis or something.

and in the meantime,

i’ve got some email to catch up on and some super fun new things to share!

and of course, a blissdom recap!  {it was wonderful!}


and i love your comments on managing stress.

it’s something i’m really working on. i tend to distract myself with busyness

and then end up in a pile of tears.

life is stressful, it’s a real unavoidable part of life,

but i’m learning to manage the stress and find joy.


heart filter/special effects

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i made a really fancy filter for my nikon 18-105 lens

with blue construction paper and scotch tape.

i found a tutorial here on how to create heart shaped ‘bokeh’ (out of focus light).

my first attempts didn’t work at all, but i had lots of fun

and i like the results.

picture me…

on my front lawn, 9 o’clock at night, my camera set to 200 ISO

spinning in circles to create streams of light.



then i used duo tones in picnik to play with the image.

i’ll keep practicing.  the process is fun.

* * *

david is scheduled for a sedated ct scan at 11am monday morning.

we are staying in a hotel near the hospital munching on pizza and trying to get the boys to sleep.

i got a really good nights sleep last night and david’s been in great spirits.

i’ll update the blog as soon as we have info

and you can follow me on twitter, too.

thank you for your sweet words and prayers!


capturing unique into the backyard {inspiration tricks}

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we are hanging out in long beach at my sister’s comfy home waiting for the hospital

to call with a ct scan appointment.

it’s looking like it may not happen until monday.

so in the meantime we’ve been watching tv, browsing target

{i just founded the cutest pale pink flats},

playing with power rangers figures and munching on el pollo loco,

i took my camera into the backyard and really tried to think outside the box to capture something unique.



not sure why, but i think power lines can be quite lovely.  and i like the branches coming into the pic as well.

dandelions.  a flower that is usually overlooked but filled with tons of detail.

and the prettiest shade of yellow.




love the teapot sitting on the stove.  plus, it’s used to make hot cocoa.  yum.

i thought it would be fun to make the shadowed hand the center of the pic.




an airplane getting all tangled up in power lines

and a heart drawn on a dewy deck.




***CT scan today at 2pm!


a new way to frame pictures {you would love it!}

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i bought the most amazing vintage painting today at the thrift store.

i fell in love!




it came with the frame i’m holding in the first pic.

but i really prefer oil paintings unframed with an exposed, wrapped edge.

casual decorating would be a really good way to describe my home.




so we took the unneeded frame outside to give it new purpose!




chrissie and the girls helped fill the empty frame with a lot of beauty!




then matty hopped in.  such a goofball.

he’s so used to me with a camera–but he’s usually up for trying something new.




kinda fun, right?

i thought this would be so fun for a christmas picture or engagement photos…


shake it like a polariod picture {updated}

david, photography By January 21, 2010 34 Comments



i found an awesome app for my iphone called shakeitphoto on shutter sisters via ali edwards.

it takes your iphone pic and turns it into a digital polariod.

totally addictive.

so yesterday i documented parts of our day in polaroids.

a very rainy day. very, very!

you can see my keyboard.  we spend a lot of time together!

i packed up markers, a notebook and snack for matthias so he could hang out at daddy’s office

while david and i headed over to radiology for more tummy xrays.

(still waiting for results, but i’ll update if i hear).

thank you for your kind comments yesterday.

i ‘ve been feeling frustrated and worried about david.

today’s a new, fresh start.  praying we get some answers today!

* * *


the GI office called and said david’s tummy xrays look great-no build up in the intestines, no excess gas on xrays.  so we are taking him off miralax to see if that helps with the cramping and pain.  hoping, hoping!!

* * *

and i’m over at (in)courage today.  so hop on over!