we are hanging out in long beach at my sister’s comfy home waiting for the hospital

to call with a ct scan appointment.

it’s looking like it may not happen until monday.

so in the meantime we’ve been watching tv, browsing target

{i just founded the cutest pale pink flats},

playing with power rangers figures and munching on el pollo loco,

i took my camera into the backyard and really tried to think outside the box to capture something unique.



not sure why, but i think power lines can be quite lovely.  and i like the branches coming into the pic as well.

dandelions.  a flower that is usually overlooked but filled with tons of detail.

and the prettiest shade of yellow.




love the teapot sitting on the stove.  plus, it’s used to make hot cocoa.  yum.

i thought it would be fun to make the shadowed hand the center of the pic.




an airplane getting all tangled up in power lines

and a heart drawn on a dewy deck.




***CT scan today at 2pm!