friday love {instagram}

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it’s friday and i’m linking up with life rearranged to share phone pics from the week! join us!

1 she’s not real, but isn’t this little butterfly sweet?

2 taken during our big photo shoot this week, our lovebird wall hanging–so fun

3 matthias dressed up as army-war-hero-captain-america for character day at school

4 so cute {and so yummy!} our friend mary brought this cake over on wednesday evening for bible study

5 i seriously love this vintage chair from ruby rose

6 pink lipstick and polka dots

7 someone brought donuts to the office. yikes.

8 big big news! david climbed the stairs all by himself. we are thrilled–and maybe a little tired. because now he has access to the entire downstairs AND the entire upstairs. crazy!!

this weekend is super duper mellow–which sounds perfect. what are your weekend plans?


all-day photo shoot

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yesterday, part of our team spent the day at flying caballos–a beautiful property near our workshop. we took lots and lots of pictures.

we’re about to launch a new, improved website. it’s going to be so beautiful!

the place is so beautiful, it feels like you’re miles from anywhere.

we refueled by chowing down on chipotle. i love their barbacoa tacos. and that handsome guy there {my husband} did you know he’s the business brain behind lisa leonard designs? yeah, he’s amazing.

actually our whole team–managers, production team, customer service are incredible. and fun.

i can’t wait to tell you more! soon, i promise!!

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friday love {instagram}

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hello friends and friday! here are some phone pics from this week–i’m linking up with life rearranged. join us!
here are my top six from the week…

1 there is a darling shop called ‘salvage’ in morro bay. so many sweet treasures!

2 matthias wrapped a birthday gift for his best buddy all on his own. love.

3 milk glass chandelier–i wish it was mine.

4 david has been out of school all week. and he’s been napping whenever he darn well pleases.

5 is there anything better than a fresh box of crayons?

6 some pretty flowers at twilight.

this weekend, nana is in town. we have a gathering on saturday and lots of time to just hang out. what are your plans this weekend?


friday love {instagram}

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it’s friday and i’m sharing my instagram photos from the week. link up with us over at life rearranged!

1 new shoes shouldn’t make me this happy, but they do!

2 the sweetest little pumpkin. we have them on the porch, mantel and table top.

3 globes! i want more and they are hard to find around here.

4 i found a vintage school book with the sweetest illustrations.

5 flowers on my kitchen sink–happy.

6 local apples are the best.

this weekend we have a birthday party, friends visiting and hopefully a little down time. what are your weekend plans?


friday love

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it’s friday and i’m linking up with jeannett from life rearranged to share photos from the week!

1 david chillin with auntie chrissie. good times.

2 matthias and daddy reading side by side. love.

3 we ate lunch at CPK sunday and david was so tired, he laid his head on the table and went to sleep.

4 falling leaves and boots-proof that autumn is here.

5 an amazing sunset on our drive to LA

6 david has a super duper visit to the cardiologist. he is doing fab!!

7 coffee coffee and a little more coffee {please}

8 a trip to disneyland, since we are in LA anyway!

what are your weekend plans?


max & gracie {capturing the everyday}

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the other day my sweet friend, jen, asked me to shoot some pics of her kiddos. our kids play together a lot and so we just kept it simple and met right near our house.

the kids were just out of school, a little tired and probably a little grumpy. so we just relaxed, told some knock knock jokes and started to play a bit.

they cheered up and i was able to capture their sweet faces {and their sweet smiles}

right now these pics are just simple, every day moments. but some day they’ll look back at these pictures and remember being little, being together and being silly.

i brought that pretty necklace for gracie to wear–and she loved it. her face lit up.

there are no pics of it–but i had max showing me some lightsaber tricks with a big stick we found. it really helped him to relax.

have you used your camera to capture some everyday moments lately?


friday love.

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it’s friday and i’m linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged to share pics from the week!
1. target opened up across the street and the amount of joy i feel in my heart is probably ridiculous–but i am so incredibly happy!

2. a pretty bloom near the beach in carpinteria

3. the view outside our room on our anniversary getaway. i haven’t relaxed that much in a long, long time.

4. we are total mac fans and alongside our new target is a brand new mac superstore. love love love.

5. bottled water for the car as we were driving to see our boys after our anniversary getaway.

6. cousins! we are hanging with cousins camping and playing this weeked. so fun!

what are you plans for the weekend?


fall in love workshop

blog friends, events, photography, san luis obispo By July 13, 2011 2 Comments

i’m thrilled to share this workshop with you. cameron ingalls is putting together a gathering for professional photographers or photographers looking to build a business. it will be a small group with lots of focus on inspiration and developing your own style and brand. it’s going to be amazing! if you are a photographer looking to be inspired and grow, consider investing in this workshop. spaces are very, very limited so sign up soon!  the event will be held in san luis obispo and the beautiful flying caballos ranch {so magical!} november 15-17. check out cameron’s site for more details. i hope you can join us!!


friday love

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i’m linking up over at life rearranged! join us to share your phone pics from the week.

1. mosiac table top. 2. sunflowers around our house. 3. lanterns outside my fave coffee shop. 4. a pair of thrifted chairs. 5. wearing my blessed and lucky necklace and feeling thankful. metal birds hung on a window in our living room. 5. a yellow flower that caught my eye. 6. potato sack races on the 4th of july.

we are going camping! {wish us luck!} what was the highlight of your week this week?