loving all the flags in the urban outfitters window.

their clothes don’t fit me, but i love some of their housewares.

and any time the sun manages to peek it’s head out of the clouds, i’m happy.



freshly potted flowers on our porch

and a quick trip to the zoo on sunday to visit the meerkats (matty’s fave).



i’ve been complaining about the rain,

but i can’t say i mind the beautiful green hills, puffy clouds,

and even a little rainblow behind that windmill.



two boys who are almost done with antibotics and feeling much much better.




ferris bueller at the fremont. maybe a date night?

my fave movie from high school-he was just so cool.

other faves-uncle buck, and breakfast club.

what were some of your favorite movies from high school?



a couple more pretty pics just for you.


please share, what’s making you happy right now?