i made a really fancy filter for my nikon 18-105 lens

with blue construction paper and scotch tape.

i found a tutorial here on how to create heart shaped ‘bokeh’ (out of focus light).

my first attempts didn’t work at all, but i had lots of fun

and i like the results.

picture me…

on my front lawn, 9 o’clock at night, my camera set to 200 ISO

spinning in circles to create streams of light.



then i used duo tones in picnik to play with the image.

i’ll keep practicing.  the process is fun.

* * *

david is scheduled for a sedated ct scan at 11am monday morning.

we are staying in a hotel near the hospital munching on pizza and trying to get the boys to sleep.

i got a really good nights sleep last night and david’s been in great spirits.

i’ll update the blog as soon as we have info

and you can follow me on twitter, too.

thank you for your sweet words and prayers!