sunrise at laguna lake

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Yesterday morning, my twin sister, Chrissie and I threw on heavy coats and snuck out of the house before the sun was up. I live about a mile from Laguna Lake and every time I drive by I think I should go over and snap some pics at sunrise. And we finally did it!

It was cold and lovely and best of all, I got a few minutes alone with my sister.

I wanted to capture the texture of the trees and water against the pink of the fading twilight as the golden sun made it’s way into the sky. This year I want to keep practicing photography and learn more about my camera. I’d also love to take a lightroom class. I use lightroom for editing, but I’m barely scratching the surface of what it can do!

What’s one thing you’d like to practice or learn this year?


How about doing a family shoot ? {cameron ingalls}

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We recently did a family shoot with Cameron Ingalls. Oh my goodness, he is so talented. And we are not easy to shoot! He captured some very sweet moments. I’ll treasure these pics forever. Thank you Cameron!

I am so thankful for my three men. These boys make my heart full. I’m counting my blessings today and feeling overwhelmed.

We are sleeping in, drinking lots of coffee, getting quality time with family and enjoying some much needed downtime. I wish you everything cozy and warm. Merry Christmas, sweet friends.

{hello monday will return next week!}


photo booth {our christmas party}

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Hey friends! Last week our Lisa Leonard Designs team got together to celebrate Christmas. We gathered at Buona Tavola in downtown San Luis Obispo and ate all kinds of wonderful italian food. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!

Our team has been working insanely hard. They are a fabulous group of people. We are so blessed!

We had a photo boot set up in one corner with a few props. Everyone was silly and memories were made. Take a look…

So fun, right?! These are the faces behind LLD. We have such an amazing team–I can’t begin to say how grateful I am!

These pics make me think it would be so fun to set up a little photo booth for our family Christmas–complete with props and everything. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?! We are counting down to Christmas around here. Soon we’ll be packed up and driving to Orange County to see family. Yay!


selecting the perfect camera {photography 101}

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Today I want to recommend two affordable cameras to get you started with the wonderful world of photography! I have such a blast taking pictures and love showing them on my blog and I want you to get in on the fun too! I will also explain a couple basic hints/tips to get you started on your photo journey.

The first step to photography is picking out your camera. If you do not already have a camera, you can go many different routes. I prefer “diligent” and “inexpensive”, and the brands that I recommend most for that are Nikon and Canon. I personally use a Nikon D5000 and I definitely recommend this camera. If you are looking into getting a Canon I would recommend the Rebel t2i. Both these cameras come with a basic lens and it is great for a beginner!

 This is the Canon Rebel t2i. It takes fabulous pictures without breaking the bank!

Here is the camera I use, Nikon D5000!

This lens right here is a “must have”. For just $100 you can be shooting amazing portraits. The 50mm 1.8 will make your subject crystal clear and blur out everything behind it. It’s perfect for photos of your kids, the family dog, and specific subjects that you want to get a clear photo of. I love it!

Now that you know which camera to get, I want to share with you some of the very basics of taking a photograph! We are just going to stick with “auto” settings right now, maybe in another blog post I will go more in depth with “manual” settings.

When taking a photograph, you want to make sure that you have a subject and that this subject is in focus. When you look into your viewfinder a little red box will light up. This will show you the point where the camera will be focusing. Move around the subject and get creative!

When taking photos of people ‘snap’ away! You can never take too many pictures. I love capturing emotion in my photographs. It makes every photo worth a thousand words and tells a story. If you take a lot of photos you will be able to capture every emotion and you will have many pictures to choose from in the end. Sometimes I can take 30 pictures of the same scenario and I’ll be so glad I did because the thirtieth picture will be the one I choose.

Go for it! Take pictures and mess around with your camera, capture timeless emotion and most of all…have fun! Photography is a great hobby and with the basics you can be well on your way to creating amazing memories to put around your house!


pretty doors {inspiration!}

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If you’ve ever been to the UK then you’ve probably noticed all the pretty doors. I’ve been spying so many inspiring doorways, I decided to start snapping pics of my favorites.

Blue with a white number 5. Perfect.

Wood slates with iron trim. Love.

A green door with red geraniums makes a lovely combination.

Bright yellow might be my favorite.

Orange and white trim. Happy.

All white is nice and tidy.

Chippy and worn. I love texture.

Blue on blue. Calming.

Hot pink makes a statement.

Traditional red.

Old wood. Historical.

Mint green on a sloped street.

And this shell mosaic is a few hundred years old. The yellow door finishes it off perfectly.

If you were going to paint your door, what color would you choose?

* * *

Have you seen all of our fun NEW ORNAMENTS for 2012? Last year they were so popular–we couldn’t keep them in stock. So hurry over and pick up a gift for that special teacher, customize one for a special kiddo or keep family traditions going with a new ornament. So fun!

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friday love {instagram}

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I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. You can find me under lisaleonard on Instagram.

Wow–just glancing through these photos quickly, it really captures my life lately. It’s full of little boys, and teenage mutant turtles, target and leopard print. Fresh flowers and travel and grilled cheese. Not pictured is me falling in to bed exhausted every night–but no one wants to see that!

an orange mum–fall defined.

these two boys are my everything.

boy stuff.

car drives made better with coffee.

grilled cheese and tomato soup in savannah. yes, please.


praying over the homeowner after we helped habitat for humanity landscape her yard. very, very moving.

back in Cali. I grabbed a chocolate, oreo shake before I hopped on the freeway to get home.

did you take our style quiz? sarah helped me write it and it’s tons of fun!!

birds of a feather flock together.

i love this pic. love.

our japanese maple is turning red.

shoe love.

$5 grocery store blooms.

polka dots and leopard print. and why not throw a little turquoise in too.

he walked all the way to park, played hard, and walked all the way back. awesome.

It’s Friiiiiday. Yay! This weekend we are resting, playing a bit and heading to LA for a doctor visit for Mr. David. What are your weekend plans?


exploring savannah {so good}

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I’ve got more pics to share from Savannah. Sarah and I had so much fun exploring the city. I could have used a few more days! I think I love Savannah.

Crepe Myrtles everywhere. So pretty.

We stayed at The Gastonian–which was perfect. Breakfast was included. We ate in the kitchen and I watched them make my cinnamon apple pancakes. Love.

How cute are Sarah’s yellow pants and turquoise shoes? She inspires me.

South Soho for lunch–totally recommend! We met up with Annie and Jessica. Sigh. I love my girls.

Savannah, you stole my heart. Soon I’ll share more pics from Hilton Head. Such a sweet time. But I am so happy to be home. So thankful for a weekend here to catch up and rest and just be. What are you weekend plans?


Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah

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While back on the East Coast, Sarah and I spent time exploring Savannah. It was definitely a highlight of my time away. Time to soak up an old friend and explore an awesome city? Yes, please! We walked through the Colonial Park Cemetery in historic Savannah–and it was so cool {And maybe a little creepy}.

The cemetery was closed to burials before the start of the civil war–so all the head stones are old and fascinating.

Moss hanging from the trees complete the cemetery feel. It was kind of surreal and somewhere I wouldn’t want to end up at night!

It makes you stop to think about all these lives and who lived them. Were they well loved? What hurt their hearts? What made them smile? And then it makes me think about the life I’m living–and what I want it to mean. Am I loving others well? Am I making time for the things that matter most?


There is a Friday love to be found on my cell!

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Hello friends! It’s Friday and a long weekend–so that’s a good thing. No, that’s a great thing! I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. These pics were taken with my iphone and edited in picture show. Join us!

Last week we did a photo shoot for some new products at Alex’s home. Alex handles all of our photography, and helps with branding and marketing. And basically, she rocks! Her home is so warm and beautiful, I wanted to curl up with a blanket and stay all night.

So now you have a little behind the scenes look at our photo shoot. And that sweet pea necklace–isn’t is adorable?! We had one years and years ago and i am so excited to reintroduce it! It’s coming soon. Happy Friday, sweet friends.


Brett & Christa’s Wedding

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 Today I wanted to share a beautiful wedding with you! Brett & Christa got married in June up in the Presidio of San Francisco.  Their photographer Witney Runyon captured the lovely day wonderfully! Everything about their wedding was completely personal & beautiful as you will see…

The tables were so lovely and thoughtful: Christa with her friends & family made the centerpieces together the day before, they hung the pennant banner in front of the head table, and Brett & Christa wrote a personal note to each guest on the back of their name cards!

They really included their parents in their wedding day. As well as Christa’s dad walking her down the aisle, they gifted both of their moms with matching open circle bracelets to commemorate the occasion, and Brett’s dad was his best man.

Don’t these photos look magical with the fog floating through the trees? Absolutely enchanting.

Towards the end of the evening they surprised their guests with a food truck of yummy pastries & cupcakes – then they got in and served their guests personally! How fun is that?! Above you see the l-o-v-e & mr & mrs cake toppers used so sweetly!

You can see more photos from their beautiful wedding here! Thank you, Brett & Christa and Whitney Runyon, for sharing these pictures with us!

Congratulations Brett & Christa! May your marriage be filled with every happiness.