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Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah

September 13th | finding love, photography

While back on the East Coast, Sarah and I spent time exploring Savannah. It was definitely a highlight of my time away. Time to soak up an old friend and explore an awesome city? Yes, please! We walked through the Colonial Park Cemetery in historic Savannah–and it was so cool {And maybe a little creepy}.

The cemetery was closed to burials before the start of the civil war–so all the head stones are old and fascinating.

Moss hanging from the trees complete the cemetery feel. It was kind of surreal and somewhere I wouldn’t want to end up at night!

It makes you stop to think about all these lives and who lived them. Were they well loved? What hurt their hearts? What made them smile? And then it makes me think about the life I’m living–and what I want it to mean. Am I loving others well? Am I making time for the things that matter most?

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  1. Southern Gal says:

    Spanish moss + crepe myrtles = the South.

    Love your photographs. Cemeteries always make me pause and think deep about life.

  2. Life really starts to take on new meaning, when you reflect on how short life really is, and examine your own life and how you’re living it. To add/subtract the “things” in life that will matter for eternity, is one of the secrets to a life that is filled with a beautiful love that passes through generations to come ….

    Beautiful pictures Lisa…. and thank you for sharing a post of reflection…..

  3. Bonnie says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my hometown :) My favorite past time is hanging out in all of our beautiful cemeteries.

  4. it’s beautiful! even if it’s a cemetery.

    the husband & I will be stopping in Savannah as part of our first anniversary trip! any suggestions? places to see/eat, things to do?

  5. I have written about this cemetery. My ancestor ‘s tombstone is one on the wall. Sophia Selleck Gildon Her husband was Charles Gildon. Thanks for the pictures. I hope to go there one day. :)

  6. Jacqui Szymanski says:

    I loved Savannah, the walking tours, the wonderful houses, and the cemeteries. I loved this one – it was so different than many others with the stones moved to the walls. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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