hello monday {behind the scenes photo shoot}

Hello Monday! I’m sharing pics from a photo shoot a couple weeks ago. We are revamping some pics on the site and preparing some awesome new things to share for summer! Here are some hellos for the new week…

Hello cute kelly moore camera bag. I kinda have my eye on this one.

Hello Alex who takes a lot of pics for us {you rock!!}

Hello cleaning and purging and getting things simplified–what a great feeling.

Hello lookbook. Check out this inspiring {and simple} idea from Laura at Hollywood Housewife.

Hello sunshine–I really can’t get enough.

Hello day off and hello taking the family on an adventure.

Hello legos. It has been a get-creative-and-dump-the-legos-everywhere kind of weekend. And of course, the legos are still everywhere.

Hello shine project. I have something fun planned for one of my kiddos this week–and I’ll be sharing it with you soon!
Hello open circle necklace, you are so sweet.

Hello father’s day–right around the corner! Must plan something for Steve!

Hello quinoa with roasted veggies and chili cheese dogs for dinners this week. We have a college bible study at our house every week and chili dogs with chips and soda should be an easy crowd pleaser this week!

Hello ideas to fix up our master bathroom on a budget.

Hello welcoming friends to stay with us for a few nights this week. Yay!

Hello haircuts. The boys need them and I do too!

Hello flower. I’ve been cutting some blooms from our yard to brighten up the inside of the house.

Hello open windows and doors. Hello warm breeze.

Hello 50mm lens that starting to use and hello learning about shutter speed. So fun!

Hello Monday! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fabulous week–don’t you think?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave a comment with some hellos or link up your own hello monday post here!


  1. Okay, so totally happy to see someone else makes look books, too! I thought my cousin and I were the only ones with this funny habit. We love to get together for a weekend and do our “clippings” and chat. Our hubbies think we are weird, but, I tell you, we go to great restaurants, know all the inside tips for gardening, and always have new recipes to try thanks to our magazine habits!

    This week I am saying hello to a pedi, some baking, a meeting with one of my favorite author’s and my cousin’s 30th birthday party.

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