hello monday {behind the scenes photo shoot}

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Hello Monday! I’m sharing pics from a photo shoot a couple weeks ago. We are revamping some pics on the site and preparing some awesome new things to share for summer! Here are some hellos for the new week…

Hello cute kelly moore camera bag. I kinda have my eye on this one.

Hello Alex who takes a lot of pics for us {you rock!!}

Hello cleaning and purging and getting things simplified–what a great feeling.

Hello lookbook. Check out this inspiring {and simple} idea from Laura at Hollywood Housewife.

Hello sunshine–I really can’t get enough.

Hello day off and hello taking the family on an adventure.

Hello legos. It has been a get-creative-and-dump-the-legos-everywhere kind of weekend. And of course, the legos are still everywhere.

Hello shine project. I have something fun planned for one of my kiddos this week–and I’ll be sharing it with you soon!
Hello open circle necklace, you are so sweet.

Hello father’s day–right around the corner! Must plan something for Steve!

Hello quinoa with roasted veggies and chili cheese dogs for dinners this week. We have a college bible study at our house every week and chili dogs with chips and soda should be an easy crowd pleaser this week!

Hello ideas to fix up our master bathroom on a budget.

Hello welcoming friends to stay with us for a few nights this week. Yay!

Hello haircuts. The boys need them and I do too!

Hello flower. I’ve been cutting some blooms from our yard to brighten up the inside of the house.

Hello open windows and doors. Hello warm breeze.

Hello 50mm lens that starting to use and hello learning about shutter speed. So fun!

Hello Monday! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fabulous week–don’t you think?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave a comment with some hellos or link up your own hello monday post here!


janae hardy and lisa leonard designs

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I love the work of Janae Hardy. She’s a fantastic photographer with an incredible eye for beauty. I asked her if she would be willing to capture some of our products with her magic–and I was over the moon when she said, ‘Yes!’

So sweet, our hand-cast pennant banner with the word “love’.

When you order, your hand-crafted piece will arrive in one of these little muslin bags.

I love how she captured something so simple and made it lovely.

Our true love cake topper makes dessert even sweeter!

And the connected necklace has been a favorite since we introduced it a couple months ago. Perfect for mom’s day!

Thank you, Janae for sharing your art with us and capturing my designs so beautifully! Make sure to hop over to Janae’s blog and get inspired!


No, we didn’t see titanic, but…

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It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share instagram pics from the week. My instagram name is lisaleonard.

I was just browsing through the fossil catalog and fell in love with this outfit. perfect for summer!

Apparently I can fit 18 pairs of boys jeans in our washer. How can we have so many pairs of jeans to wash?

I heart gussy sews.

Matthias got an eye exam last week–which he thoroughly enjoyed. Usually the dr. appointments are for David, so it was nice to be the center of attention for a change!

My new favorite dessert is sugar free cheesecake pudding made with two parts milk and one part heavy whipping cream. And fresh berries on top. Yum!

I was feeling discouraged the other night and Steve and I decided we needed cinnamon rolls and decaf and a good movie. It definitely helped!

The view out my window as we drove down to Southern California for Easter. The central coast is so beautiful.

And in the backseat, one crashed out little man.

Steve and i got an impromptu date night last week when my sisters took the boys and we went out to see The Hunger Games. Which we loved!

Cousins! We’ve had some seriously good cousin time lately. These three have so much fun together {when they aren’t fighting!}

Easter morning–candy eating and getting ready for church. Love their ties from The Pleated Poppy!

We’ve had four doctor appointments for David in the last couple weeks and everything is looking great! After an appointment at UCLA we wandered around Westwood. No, we didn’t see titanic. We can watch it on DVD at home for a lot cheaper. Do you plan to see it in 3d?

We’re surrounded by palm trees since we’re spending a couple days in Santa Barbara as a family. Spring Break is almost over–it’s been so wonderful! What’s your plan for the weekend?


friday love {instagram}

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It’s Friday {whaaat?} and I’m linking up my cell phone pics from this week with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. Join us!Waiting to see the cardiologist. His office isn’t fancy, but it’s been part of our lives since David was born. It’s so familiar.

We love Dr. Wittner {in Long Beach}. He has done so much for us and for David in particular. When I see him, I want to cry and throw my arms around his neck–but I try to restrain myself. Thank you for being amazing, Dr. Wittner.

This is my everyday, something small and simple, favorite necklace. The new pewter version is only $46. Love that.

Up close and very lovely!

We’ve had quite a few drizzly days recently–which is fine. We need the rain. And there is more in the forecast for this weekend. Sounds like this weekend will be cozy and mellow.

I’ve decided my favorite color combo right now is red and coral. I’ll show you more on Wednesday for WIWW.

Oh the Hunger Games. I’ve just started it and I’m halfway through–and loving it. Why did I wait so long? Have you read it?


Pretty much perfect friday with family

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It’s Friday and I’m linking up my cell phone pics from the week with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. Join us! We had rain last week and I snapped this little flower, heavy with droplets.

Last Saturday was gloomy with rain on and off. And it kind of fit the day just right–jammies and downtime.

Matthias organized his crayons by color. Inspiring.

After the rain we had chilly temps and wind. David bundled up and looked so cute on our way to CPK for lunch!

I see Matthias growing in his creativity every day.

A long lunch with my sister over bagels and diet coke. Pretty much perfect.

There’s a new Paper Source in Santa Barbara. Pretty paper=happiness!!

Chrissie and I at the end of our Santa Barbara day. I love every moment we get together.

This yellow bike is so inspiring. I have a lime green bike–maybe I should take it for a spin?!

Fresh berries and greek yogurt. Just need to whip up some of my homemade granola and it would be perfect!

Did you see the new ‘This is Love‘ necklace? I’ve been dying to share it with you!

Ahhh! Handmade ties from The Pleated Poppy. This is what the boys will be wearing for Easter. So excited.

This weekend looks like dinner with friends, a little rain, and a lot of relaxing. How about you?


instagram #mylisaleonard

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last weekend we had a competition on instagram (the photo sharing app for iPhones) for a $100 lisa leonard gift certificate.  so many people participated and people joined along on facebook as well!  congrats to our winner was @mrsmlb who’s husband got her this piece right after she had their second son!

here are just a few of my favorites, i had the hardest time picking some to share because i truly loved them all.

thank you to everyone who participated.  it was great to see your special piece and hear why you love it or what piece you want to get and why!  if you are on instagram check out all the beautiful photos with the hashtag #mylisaleonard

instagram photo credit goes to @mrsmlb, @emgottschalk, @nettie_scraps, @rachaelcm5, @rjfrances, @blozulfog, @jenni_roseland, @disneytrout, @ashleyeliza84, @colormejade, @kellediaddigo, @abbysueandchelseatoo, @taylsa, @lynnal216, @photohope, @caseykcu, @cuppakim, @leprakans, @jeana419, @letaylor, @simplemom, and @allegralove


friday love

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i’m linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged to share cell phone pics from this week!

We took the boys to LA to see a specialist at UCLA. The visit ended with a whole new respiratory regimen for David that I’m hoping will help him fight all these winter colds he’s getting one after the other! And since we were down south we spent a few lovely hours at Disneyland. So fun.

This weekend involves three Christmas gatherings and a Christmas concert at our church. Ready, set, celebrate!

What are you doing this weekend?


capturing love and happiness {taking pictures of the collins family}

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A couple weeks ago I spent some time with some close friends of ours shooting some pics for them. Since I am not a professional photographer, a lot of what I do it trial and error. They were very patient with me as I tried to get my settings right. I used my nikon D5000 and a 18-125ml lens. Here are a few of my favorite pics from our afternoon together…
Thank you Collins family for letting me capture the love and happiness in your family. I love you guys!

We took our family pics with Cameron and Anna Ingalls–and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Does your family try to take a picture together for the holidays?


friday love {instagram}

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it’s friday-whoohoo!! and i’m linking up over at life rearranged to share cell phone pics from the week.

1 blueberries. yum.

2 morning coffee and morning light.

3 pottery barn is all decked out for christmas.

4 cutting snowflakes.

5 pink shoes. happy.

6 the breaking dawn premiere–yep. it was great!

this weekend involved decorating the workshop for christmas, taking pictures and a little time with friends. what do you have planned?


friday love {instagram}

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this week was pretty crazy. david got sick–really sick. then i got sick. and just when i thought we were on the other side, matthias got it. then steve. crazy! so we spent a lot of time at home, curled up in blankets and watching all the narnia movies.

which is kinda nice in a way. now we are back on our feet and ready for a long weekend. here are some pics from my phone…

1 all my boys chilling on the couch–this is how we roll.

2 gorgeous flowers from our friend {and customer service supervisor} claire. they’ve made me happy all day for many days. so thoughtful.

3 i hung a vintage painting over the aqua cabinet in our living room–feels like fall.

4 a cinnamon latte making my morning perfect.

5 since we were sick, we’ve been washing everything–towels, blankets, and hands. and david loves to wash his hands.

6 matthias’ creativity at work–he named this monster inside out. it’s creepy and cool at the same time.

we have an old friend coming to town this weekend and no big plans–which sounds like the perfect weekend to me. what are your plans?