friday love {instagram}

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Hey friends! It’s Friday. I almost forgot about Friday because I’ve completely lost track of what day it is! I’m in the midst of Blissdom craziness and having so much fun seeing friends and making new friends. Here are some cell phone pics from the last week. I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share pics–join us!

Steve and I have started going on weekly dates. Every Wednesday night we have a sitter and we go out to eat. And we linger. And talk about whatever. And hold hands. It’s been awesome.

Vintage dress, leopard print shoes and a sunny day made for a very happy Lisa.

Daffodils in my kitchen window. They were $1 at Trader Joe’s so I splurged.

This book is rocking my world. It’s so so good. Brene Brown is so insightful when it comes to vulnerability and living well. Highly recommend!

Just taking a few pics when David photobombed me. And some silly cuddles are fine with me!

On St. Patricks Day, a group of bagpipers walked around downtown playing music. David loved it! Matthias hated it {too loud for him}.

Bowtie by Dressed to Thrill. This kid is so grown up, it’s crazy.

A silly David at lunch on Sunday. He eats his lunch and then he’s done sitting–but the rest of us are still waiting for our food! I try to keep him entertained. He cracks me up.

My boys looked so lost in thought coming up the escalator at Barnes and Noble. Love.

I got some sweet time in Dallas with nieces, Megan and Clara before Blissdom began.

My brother Dan and his awesome wife {and my nieces above} live in Plano–so I stayed with them for a couple nights. It ended up being so relaxing and fun. I didn’t know I needed it–but I’m so glad I had that time.

My SIL {who’s really just a sister} and I did some serious thrift store shopping with our friend Janet. And I snagged this awesome vintage, beaded gown for $7. Now Steve has to take me somewhere really fancy. I’m thinking a great black heel or maybe silver?

I spent the day at the Blissdom handmade market and met so many amazing people. The weekend is just beginning! Today I’m speaking here at Blissdom and I’ll be flying home Sunday.

What does your weekend hold?


Everyday starts with gifts! Take a look my treasure moments

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I’m sharing cell phone pics from the last couple weeks and I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. Have you read her blog–because I love it! Join us and link up your own cell phone pics.

Baby Couture Magazine featured our ‘Remove Your Shoes” wall hanging in their current issue. I love that mag.

Little treasures I picked up on the beach in Mexico. So pretty.

Hanging out with friends in Cozumel. We had so much fun.

Auntie Ellen and grandma came to visit. I love David’s smile! Kisses from auntie are the best.

I was driving down the street when big puffy clouds and the green hillside caught my eye.

Every day starts with a cup of coffee. As I’m dragging myself out of bed I’m thinking about coffee!

Sunshine has been flooding into our living room in the mornings. Love.

Matthias wanted to wear a tie to church on Sunday–so Steve helped him. This is his great grandfather’s tie. He is getting so grown up!

And since Matthias was wearing a tie, I put a bowtie on David. He looked so dapper! The bowtie is from the etsy shop Dressed to Thrill. It’s adorable!

Steve took the boys to a comic book shop so I walked around downtown by myself. I noticed lots of pretty textures on the sidewalks–so I snapped a few pics.

Dressed comfortably from head to toe. The shoes are by gentle souls–so incredibly easy to wear. Stir my soul necklace from my shop.  Bag by Jo Totes.

Matthias received the superstar award in his school assembly on Monday. So proud of him.

The colors in the flower are so vibrant!

Alex, Jess and I spent Wednesday planning and list making and getting inspired. We took more pics that I’ll share soon!

It’s Friday. Woohoo! We have a mellow weekend ahead of us–and that sounds perfect. What are your weekend plans?


friday love {instagram}

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Hey friends! I’m sharing cell phone pics today and linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged. If you’re on instagram, you can find me under lisaleonard.

Blue skies and birdies make for a perfect backdrop. Now, if only I could lay around and do nothing!

{Above} on my wrist lately, our gold connected bracelet. LOVE.



Lots and lots of creating happening around here. Feels good!

David has been laughing himself to sleep and waking up smiling. I love a happy kiddo!

I’ve picked a few thermoses recently at thrift stores and my MIL brought me sunflowers. This little arrangement by my kitchen sink was so fun.

Target run!! {yay!}

David got lots of good snuggles with Nana. In this pic they’re both asleep and there’s also two little doggies crashed out too!

Some backseat silliness with Matthias. {Nana was sitting up front}

Stop, collaborate and listen.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately, and also some gray days. I think the trees are confused about what season it is!

Madonna Inn is decked out for Valentine’s day and it. is. awesome.

It’s Friday. Woohoooo! This weekend Steve and I are flying to Mexico for a getaway. Color me very very happy. This mama needs a break! What are your weekend plans?


exhausting routine timeout and “a bestselling novel”

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Oh my goodness! Is it finally Friday? I’ve been trying all week to get back into the routine and it’s been exhausting. I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics from the week.

I haven’t stopped loving my new rug from Ikea. Inspired by Miss Rachel. Have you seen her lovely home tour? Sigh, so inspiring.

I stumbled across this pic the other day. Oh my gosh, my boys were so little! David was three and Matthias was one! So tiny. My heart melted.

 We drove out to Morro Bay to get some yummy mexican food {Taco Bell} and then we munched on it by the ocean. Oh my gosh, the view was spectacular. I can’t believe I live here.

Matthias got a new, vintage typewriter for his birthday. The first words he typed were, “It was a dark and stormy night…” I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a best selling novel.

There was a ring around the sun on Saturday. So pretty.

David’s smile is contagious!

Raindrops on roses {and whiskers on kittens}

I went grocery shopping and snapped a pic at sunset. Love.

I love these silly boys.

I found a heart shaped leaf.

I can’t get enough kisses from this kiddo.

Rockin some posies from The Pleated Poppy and Allora Handmade.

I’m looking for inspiration or at least a good deal. How about you?

It’s Friday. Woohooo! We had a garage sale planned this weekend but it’s not happening because I’m a slacker. Well, really I’ve just been crazy busy with other things. So it’s pancakes, downtime and snuggles. Maybe we’ll catch a movie. What are your weekend plans?


friday love {instagram}

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It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. Join us!

Matthias and I built a killer gingerbread house. We’re already planning next years!

Our house was clean for like, 5 minutes, and I thought I should document it.

I am totally into ponchos. I should do a whole post about it. So cozy–like carrying your blankie with you all day.

Nana, or I mean Santa, got David a new keyboard for Christmas. He has been playing it with passion. So fun!

Evening light and birdies on a wire. There are bits of beauty to be found.

Raindrops on a succulent in our front yard. We’ve been loving all the rain.

David received the superstar award at school. That kid is a heart melter.

Every year these friends and I have a special Christmas breakfast at Madonna Inn. So special, so dear to my heart.

Matthias and I ran into the gas station to grab some snacks and he said, “let’s play checkers!”. Love that kid.

Now to sip more coffee, take in the twinkly lights and do a lot of nothing. Perfect! Happy Friday to you! Are you off to see family and friends?


friday love {instagram}

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It’s Friday! Wohoo! I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics from the week.

Bubble gum alley in downtown San Luis Obispo is disgusting but so intriguing. The smell makes me want to gag, but I love to see what new, creative designs people are coming up with. Hilarious.

Last week we spent about six hours at Disneyland. Short but sweet!

I’ve been knitting. In about three years I’ll have a scarf. Haha! I’m so slow!

I found this stop sign last week at a thrift shop. I thought it would help me to remember to  ‘Stop and enjoy the moment’.

My mom collected all sorts of wheels, faucets and reels and created this display on her dining room wall. How cool is that?!

I scored this vintage dress for $2.50 from a garage sale. I love the color. I’ll have more pics on Wednesday!

On Saturday, Matthias and I went out on an afternoon date. We saw ‘Rise of the Guardians’ {loved it!} and did a little Christmas shopping. So fun.

Our church meets in an old building with the coolest windows. David loves to explore {and play the piano, of course!}

I found my boys all snuggled up on the couch enjoying Spiderman. I love lazy weekends.

A couple of new, old floral paintings have made their way into our living room. Yay!

David just can’t get enough splashing and playing. And I love a freshly scrubbed kid!

Have you seen the new Wedding Standard Magazine? It’s breathtaking. Check it out here.

This weekend we are celebrating Christmas with Nana and seeing some of Steve’s life-long friends {who have become my life-long friends, too!}. I’ve got a few more gifts to put together and some wrapping to do. And maybe I’ll sneak a nap in there? What are your weekend plans?

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friday love {instagram}

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It’s Friday–and that’s a good thing! I’m linking up my cell phone pics with Jeannett from Life Rearranged. If you’re on instagram, you can find me under lisaleonard. Are you using the new afterglow app? It’s so wonderful!

Our church meets in an old 7th day adventist building with gorgeous windows. Love.

We have a very happy, energetic and silly David on our hands!

The porch is decked out for Christmas. I love coming home to this.

Thanksgiving weekend we went on a twilight walk in Morro Bay. It was magical. More pics soon!

Morro Rock after sunset. Sigh.

These feathers are from our friends’ Greg and Kimberly’s wedding a couple weeks ago. So inspiring.

This picture makes me smile. I love these two!

David isn’t supposed to be on the computer after 5pm but he’s constantly breaking the rules 😉

This little television set with a winter vignette is so adorable. Spotted at Hand Gallery, downtown.

I picked up this furry vest at TJ Maxx and I’ve been layering it on every day. So cozy!

Winter flowers–so much color.

We had our holiday open house this week and it was a huge success!

Silly, silly, silly.

This kiddo is growing up so fast. He has the sweetest heart, the shortest attention span and big, big dreams. I just love him.

My mom is coming this weekend and we are so excited for some time with her. I see some thrifting and eating out in our future! What are your weekend plans?


Life’s been pretty imperfect or a picture of hope

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It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. Join us! I’m LisaLeonard on Instagram if you want to follow.

A Morro Bay sunset. Seriously breathtaking.

I got my hair done–I love getting a haircut! I go to Hepkat Beauty Parlor on Higuera.

A shy sunflower.

We had dark and rainy skies last week with breaks of sunshine. Life’s been pretty imperfect around here–I felt like this was such a picture of hope.

Keeping David entertained at the GI doctor. It’s an iphone app called minipiano. Awesome.

Shoes and a fallen leaf–the colors of autumn.

Chad put on a private concert for us. He is so talented. And David loved every minute of it!

Love this girl.

A plush kitty and in the background that’s a very sweet and spunky Naomi.

Sarah and I trying out a photoboot app for iphone called pocketbooth.

And just a {completely awesome} sketch by Matthias. I love to see him create!

It’s Friday! We are in England and we are so happy to be here {and we’re still adjusting to the time change!}. This weekend we’re taking a train to Scotland to visit some dear friends. What do you have planned?


friday love {instagram}

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I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. You can find me under lisaleonard on Instagram.

Wow–just glancing through these photos quickly, it really captures my life lately. It’s full of little boys, and teenage mutant turtles, target and leopard print. Fresh flowers and travel and grilled cheese. Not pictured is me falling in to bed exhausted every night–but no one wants to see that!

an orange mum–fall defined.

these two boys are my everything.

boy stuff.

car drives made better with coffee.

grilled cheese and tomato soup in savannah. yes, please.


praying over the homeowner after we helped habitat for humanity landscape her yard. very, very moving.

back in Cali. I grabbed a chocolate, oreo shake before I hopped on the freeway to get home.

did you take our style quiz? sarah helped me write it and it’s tons of fun!!

birds of a feather flock together.

i love this pic. love.

our japanese maple is turning red.

shoe love.

$5 grocery store blooms.

polka dots and leopard print. and why not throw a little turquoise in too.

he walked all the way to park, played hard, and walked all the way back. awesome.

It’s Friiiiiday. Yay! This weekend we are resting, playing a bit and heading to LA for a doctor visit for Mr. David. What are your weekend plans?