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It’s Friday {whaaat?} and I’m linking up my cell phone pics from this week with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. Join us!Waiting to see the cardiologist. His office isn’t fancy, but it’s been part of our lives since David was born. It’s so familiar.

We love Dr. Wittner {in Long Beach}. He has done so much for us and for David in particular. When I see him, I want to cry and throw my arms around his neck–but I try to restrain myself. Thank you for being amazing, Dr. Wittner.

This is my everyday, something small and simple, favorite necklace. The new pewter version is only $46. Love that.

Up close and very lovely!

We’ve had quite a few drizzly days recently–which is fine. We need the rain. And there is more in the forecast for this weekend. Sounds like this weekend will be cozy and mellow.

I’ve decided my favorite color combo right now is red and coral. I’ll show you more on Wednesday for WIWW.

Oh the Hunger Games. I’ve just started it and I’m halfway through–and loving it. Why did I wait so long? Have you read it?


  1. I was the same way. I had never read it and picked it up at target this week. i put my kids to bed and read 6 1/2 hours straight until it was finished! So good! Can’t wait to read the next two.

  2. I love the Hunger Games! Really obsessed. I also love that last photo you took with your pretty shoes and the book. Just got my “this is love”necklace in the mail today. My first LL piece and love it! Ok realized I used the word love way too many times in this post!

  3. I read the Hunger Games and just saw the movie the other night with my 9th grade son. I would echo the above comments in that it is NOT a book for anyone under the age of 12. I am a school librarian, and do not believe in censorship, but would caution any parent to have their children wait to read it. It’s an awesome series, but has many adult themes. As for the movie, I would feel the same way as Lorena if I saw kids that young going into the theater.

  4. Brought here from Insta-Friday! Glad to know that I am not the only one that just started The Hungar Games. Have you seen the movie yet?

  5. I have not read the Hunger Games but hearing all the talk intrigues me.
    I enjoy your beautiful photos and your captions.
    The one of David and his Doctor is a special one indeed.
    Enjoy your Friday.

  6. Read them all last summer and loved them. I borrowed them from my 13-year-old-niece. It’s so fun to have something to chat about with her!

    I love that you have a new fave color combo! You keep me current and fashion-forward!

    Happy Cozy weekend!

  7. I made the mistake of reading the last one first…..and finally figured out why I had no idea who anyone was or what they were doing and why. Started over with book one and suddenly it all made sense…haha.( Initially I read it because it’s a hit with the YA crowd…and at work sometimes kids ask if I can recommend anything)…have to say I liked the 1st one best. I think the movie looks good…I’ll go after the crowds get smaller…and have to agree with several commenst above…it really is not for young kids.
    I am “afraid” that many will end up going to see it just because it’s so popular…when if they would just wait they might actually enjoy it more later.

  8. I am on the second book already and got the 3rd waiting for me. The movie was good too. My husband watched the movie and now wants my second book. The theme is very adult and thought provoking. PG -13 it is for a reason. I cringed when I saw a father with kids that looked about 5 and 7 walking in the theater to watch the movie. But to each his own. My oldest son is only 6 and we will wait for sure.

  9. Love your photos Lisa! I LOVE The Hunger Games–my favorite books, love the whole trilogy. I read them a while back and I’ve been suggesting them to people for a long time! Seems like with the movie out people are finally starting to love the books as much as I do (: Make sure you have the other two books ready because once you finish you will NEED to know what happens next!

  10. I bought all three books for my daughter for Christmas and she loved them. The forecast this weekend looks pretty bleak so perhaps I’ll pick up book number one and get started

  11. The Hunger Games are about Hope and fighting for what you love, and not about “kids killing each other” I hate how they get a weird first impression!

  12. Oh, I read them. I finished the first one around 9 o’clock in the evening, then drove like a madwoman to Target (in my jammies)in order to buy the second one so I could keep reading, thinking the whole time “Can I make it to Hasting’s before they close if Target happens to be sold out?”. They are just that good.

  13. you’d better have the 2nd book onhand, because as soon as you’re done with HG, you’ll want to start the second one. i don’t know how the readers who read it when it first came out waited until the 2nd one was published.

    headed to dinner and the movie with the hubby tonight–excited!

  14. Hi Lisa,

    Grateful for wonderful doctors – I had a few in my life recently!

    Haven’t read hunger games but my son has – loved them – he even went to the movie with a group of friends – a late show – he was so excited (he’s almost 14) one of his friends parents went too.

    Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!!


  15. i totally ‘devoured’ ‘The Hunger Games’ series once i received it as a gift this past Christmas – i think i read all three in under a week. just saw the movie with some of my favorite gals last weekend and enjoyed that as well.

    cheers from one ‘Mrs. Leonard’ to another! 🙂


  16. Love the books, fun read! I read all 3 over a weekend a few months ago. I was hesitant about reading them too because they sounded brutal but tell Gussy they are amazing.

  17. half of my son’s 4th grade class read the Hunger Games. I just don’t think kids that age are ready for the book. But, I can only speak for us and my son won’t be reading it until 6th grade. My shock is how many of my son’s friends also saw the movie. I think 9 and 10 is too young.

    happy weekend, lisa

  18. Yes, I read the whole series last year! Loved them and the movie too! Just purchased your jumble of charms necklace. I can’t wait to wear it for Easter! Hope your visit with the cardiologist was positive. I have a secret crush on ours. My husband things it is funny.

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