It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share instagram pics from the week. My instagram name is lisaleonard.

I was just browsing through the fossil catalog and fell in love with this outfit. perfect for summer!

Apparently I can fit 18 pairs of boys jeans in our washer. How can we have so many pairs of jeans to wash?

I heart gussy sews.

Matthias got an eye exam last week–which he thoroughly enjoyed. Usually the dr. appointments are for David, so it was nice to be the center of attention for a change!

My new favorite dessert is sugar free cheesecake pudding made with two parts milk and one part heavy whipping cream. And fresh berries on top. Yum!

I was feeling discouraged the other night and Steve and I decided we needed cinnamon rolls and decaf and a good movie. It definitely helped!

The view out my window as we drove down to Southern California for Easter. The central coast is so beautiful.

And in the backseat, one crashed out little man.

Steve and i got an impromptu date night last week when my sisters took the boys and we went out to see The Hunger Games. Which we loved!

Cousins! We’ve had some seriously good cousin time lately. These three have so much fun together {when they aren’t fighting!}

Easter morning–candy eating and getting ready for church. Love their ties from The Pleated Poppy!

We’ve had four doctor appointments for David in the last couple weeks and everything is looking great! After an appointment at UCLA we wandered around Westwood. No, we didn’t see titanic. We can watch it on DVD at home for a lot cheaper. Do you plan to see it in 3d?

We’re surrounded by palm trees since we’re spending a couple days in Santa Barbara as a family. Spring Break is almost over–it’s been so wonderful! What’s your plan for the weekend?