Today I want to recommend two affordable cameras to get you started with the wonderful world of photography! I have such a blast taking pictures and love showing them on my blog and I want you to get in on the fun too! I will also explain a couple basic hints/tips to get you started on your photo journey.

The first step to photography is picking out your camera. If you do not already have a camera, you can go many different routes. I prefer “diligent” and “inexpensive”, and the brands that I recommend most for that are Nikon and Canon. I personally use a Nikon D5000 and I definitely recommend this camera. If you are looking into getting a Canon I would recommend the Rebel t2i. Both these cameras come with a basic lens and it is great for a beginner!

ย This is the Canon Rebel t2i. It takes fabulous pictures without breaking the bank!

Here is the camera I use, Nikon D5000!

This lens right here is a “must have”. For just $100 you can be shooting amazing portraits. The 50mm 1.8 will make your subject crystal clear and blur out everything behind it. It’s perfect for photos of your kids, the family dog, and specific subjects that you want to get a clear photo of. I love it!

Now that you know which camera to get, I want to share with you some of the very basics of taking a photograph! We are just going to stick with “auto” settings right now, maybe in another blog post I will go more in depth with “manual” settings.

When taking a photograph, you want to make sure that you have a subject and that this subject is in focus. When you look into your viewfinder a little red box will light up. This will show you the point where the camera will be focusing. Move around the subject and get creative!

When taking photos of people ‘snap’ away! You can never take too many pictures. I love capturing emotion in my photographs. It makes every photo worth a thousand words and tells a story. If you take a lot of photos you will be able to capture every emotion and you will have many pictures to choose from in the end. Sometimes I can take 30 pictures of the same scenario and I’ll be so glad I did because the thirtieth picture will be the one I choose.

Go for it! Take pictures and mess around with your camera, capture timeless emotion and most of all…have fun! Photography is a great hobby and with the basics you can be well on your way to creating amazing memories to put around your house!