diy: painted candy bowls

DIY By February 6, 2014 1 Comment

Remember puffy paints? I was the puffy paint QUEEN back in junior high. Good memories!

I have a fun DIY for you today!

This project is so simple and is perfect to do with kiddos!

Supplies Needed:

– Plain bowls ($1 at dollar tree)

– Variety of colored enamel paint (we used Americana 3D Gloss Enamels)

Than let the fun begin! We free handed the bowls and came up with some fun designs. Having a tip on the end of the paint will make it easier to decorate the bowl but, a paintbrush can work as well.

Fill the bowls with valentine’s candy–yum!

So fun, so easy!

I’m helping the boys get all their valentines ready to exchange at school. Did you see these adorable printables from last year?

I think I may plan a fun valentine’s breakfast for my family. Do you celebrate valentine’s day with your family or friends?


Easy tutorial for Valentines collection photoshoot {lace teepee DIY}

decorating, DIY, thrifting By January 21, 2014 4 Comments

Today I have such a fun and adorable lace teepee DIY! We used this DIY for my most recent Valentines collection photo shoot and it turned out great! I am excited to share this with you and hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Supplies needed:

– (4) 6 foot dowels, with a hole drilled in 3-4″ from the top (you can get this at any hardware store)

– Twine

– Lace tablecloths/sheets

– Ribbon

The first step is to arrange the poles how you would like them to stand. Than take the twine and string it through one of the drilled holes in the dowel and tie it. Continue doing this so that you connect all the poles together. Wrapping the twine around multiple times will allow for the teepee to be stable.

Next wrap the lace tablecloths/sheets around the dowels, arranging them to hang nicely. (If the lace tablecloths/sheets are slipping off the pole you can use fishing line and tie them to the poles)

For some extra flare we tied a variety of ribbon to a string and placed it around the top of the teepee, to give it a more whimsical look.

This is an easy and cute way to spice up any outdoor seating area or kids room. The possibilities are endless! Kids and adults will love this! Where would you put your whimsical teepee?

Also, with any purchase today, get a free I love you tote!!



hello being together

DIY, hello monday By December 23, 2013 2 Comments

The cousins are here from England and we’ve been having a blast. We still have a week and a half together. We are soaking up the time and loving it! Last week the we spent a couple days in San Francisco, a day in Avila Beach and two days at Disneyland.

A couple days ago the kids painted air dry clay with gold paint and decoupage covered in glitter. How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello glitter! {And hello finding glitter even after days of trying to clean it up.}

Hello air dry clay and cookie cutters. I love getting creative with the kiddos.

Hello sunset at the beach. We’re having unseasonably warm weather and taking advantage of it.

Hello lazy mornings and coffee. My favorite kind of morning.

Hello cousins laughing. And laughing some more!

Hello video games and DVDs. Hello cozy blankets and long evenings.

Hello ornaments that will bring back memories in years to come. Such sweet memories!

Hello Christmas! It’s only a few days away.

Hello presents to wrap.

Hello meal to finish planning and stockings to hang.

Hello Monday! This is a BIG week! Are you ready?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there.


diy hostess gift

christmas, decorating, DIY By December 20, 2013 1 Comment

Hi friends! I have another super fun and cute DIY today! Do you remember my post about hand stamped dishtowels? Well here is another fun and functional holiday version!

There are so so many fun holiday gatherings and dinner parties around this time of year and I love the idea of bringing a thoughtful hostess gift. Bring a bottle of wine  wrapped in these adorable hand printed tea towels to your next gathering! Such a simple, fun, and thoughtful gift!

We used holiday stencils and painted organic polka dots with gold paint. So fun!

After the towels dried, we just wrapped them around the bottles with some ribbon and topped it off with a custom ‘my holly’ ornament.

What is your favorite thing to bring to a holiday party?


diy golden feather garland

christmas, decorating, DIY By December 12, 2013 5 Comments

I have another super fun, super easy DIY for you today! Paint dipped feathers are such a fun accessory for a holiday table setting or the perfect addition to your holiday wrapping. We created a fun garland with them that can be used all year around!

Supplies needed:

– feathers

– gold paint

– gold glitter

– gold string or wire

– sparkly garland

With a foam brush pain the top half of the feathers (pretty simple right?!).

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle them with glitter to your heart’s content. Once they are dry, you can flip them over and do the same on the backs, or just leave them as is! We tied them on to a garland and hung it on a cute outdoor table. How would you use dipped feathers in your holiday decorating?


diy box wood wreath

christmas, decorating, DIY By December 6, 2013 9 Comments

Hello friends! I’ve got another project today. This DIY wreath is too easy and too cute!

Supplies needed:

– wooden embroidery hoop

– faux boxwood garland (purchased at Michael’s)

– glitter branches

– wire

– strips of fabric or ribbon

– scissors

Use the wire to tie one end of the garland onto the hoop, then just start wrapping. You want to keep it a bit on the loose side so you can adjust later. Once you wrap the garland all the way around, secure the other end with wire as well.

Tuck the golden branches into the weaved garland. If you wrapped it tight enough they will just say, otherwise you can use the wire to make sure it is extra secure. Tie a strip of fabric around the top of the hoop and you are done!

How cute does it look over a mirror or in a wall collage?




You’re going to love this DIY!{woodland chalkboards by Lisa Leonard}

christmas, decorating, DIY By December 5, 2013 7 Comments

You’re going to love this DIY!

It’s a really fun holiday project that you can keep up all year!

Supplies needed:

– wood tree rounds

– chalkboard paint (liquid, not spay paint)

– paint brushes

– paper mache deer (available at most craft stores)

– exacto knife / scissors

– glue gun

– ribbon or fabric strips / tacks or small nails

Paint an even layer of chalkboard paint on the wood rounds. We didn’t paint to the edge and left an organic line for a whimsical handmade feel.

While the paint is drying, it’s time to make the ‘taxidermy’ deer! These are available at most craft stores during the holidays. It would be fun to make your own and use different animals too! We just removed the head (sounds so awful!) with an exacto knife and cleaned up the edge with scissors. It is important that the entire perimeter is flush with the chalkboard.

Once the paint is dried, use a hot glue gun to attach the deer.

Cut a strip of fabric to create a loop at the top to hang.

We are almost done! Break out your best typography skills (or find a talented friend) and decorate your chalkboards to fit the season!

They look great on their own or in a grouping of other fun decor!

Do you like the faux taxidermy look? I love it. And even better, no animals were harmed in the making of this craft!


why we love snowflake (and you should, too!)

DIY, get creative By November 26, 2013 8 Comments

Matthias and I were cutting snowflakes on Saturday and I accidentally made one with hearts–then of course I was totally excited and proceeded to make a bunch more with hearts! It’s not hard to do–here’s a quick tutorial.

I just used computer paper we already had–it’s easy to fold and cut!

You need a square shape, so just fold up on corner until it meets the edge and crease.

Fold the square in half.

Fold in half again.

And fold in half one more time.

You can see, above the half heart shape is drawn on the folded edges, the triangle shape is on the outer part of the snowflake.

Cut away on the pencil lines {this can be especially helpful for kiddos}

Unfold and you have a gorgeous snowflake with hearts! How sweet is that?!

We’re gearing up for Thanksgiving but my heart is ready for Christmas!

Have you ever made paper snowflakes to decorate for Christmas?


4 DIY placecard ideas

celebrate the every day, DIY By November 19, 2013 4 Comments

I’ve got four FUN diy ideas for your Thanksgiving table this year. Each one is super easy and will make your guests feel welcome. These are all projects that kids can help with too!

Do you have mini pumpkins leftover from Halloween? We do! I dressed them up with a gold sharpie. Aren’t they fun?! Then tie a tag around the stem.

So sweet and simple.

So sweet and simple. Some friends of ours got married last year and they had a gold dipped feather at each place. I love gold and feathers so this DIY makes me super happy.

Just brush some glitter paint on the tip of the feather and let it dry on wax paper.

These smooth, dark stones are available at Michaels craft store. I used a gold sharpie to write the name on the stone.

 You can see a full diy post on painting rocks here.

And last but not least {because it might be my favorite!} a diy word search at each place. I created this one on excel and wrote the guest’s name at the top. Whoever finds the most words gets out of doing dishes! A few of you asked for a downloadable word search–so here you go! 

I did a live segment in Dallas on these same ideas for your thanksgiving table. You can watch it below!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? We are having a very small thanksgiving with Nana and maybe a few friends. I can’t wait!


DIY chalkboard frames

decorating, DIY, paper & cloth By October 18, 2013 2 Comments

So you saw yesterday’s post and our big announcement, right? Can I tell you–your response knocked my socks off. Any time I launch a new product, especially a new collection, it’s vulnerable and scary. But I fell like you celebrate with me and speak kind words. I am grateful!

I wanted to share a bit more about our entryway and how I did the chalkboard frames.

These frames were asking for a coat of paint and since I didn’t have regular black paint, I decided to use chalkboard paint, because why not?! But by the end things got a little more creative and I ended up loving the results.

If I see a frame at a thrift store with good detail, I usually pick it up. You never know when you’re going to need a good frame, right?

I already had this paint from previous projects. I picked it up at Home Depot.

David was a great helper. Well, I take that back, David was great company. He was smiley and encouraging. But he never picked up a paintbrush!


I love that kiddo!

It took a couple coats to get the frames covered, but it was a warm day so the paint dried quickly. I waited about an hour in between coats.

I let the paint dry overnight and then I rubbed white chalk along the frames and used my finger to make it look subtle and get it into the grooves. I love the way it brings out the details of the frames. Chalkboard paint with chalk is awesome–even if it’s not a writing surface. it gives so much more texture than just flat black paint.

And here’s another shot of our entryway complete with some posters from our new paper & cloth collection. Today is the last day to get a free fantastic tote with any purchase of at least $25. Awesome!!

Are you ready to break out the chalkboard paint and chalk and give some old frames texture?