diy box wood wreath

Hello friends! I’ve got another project today. This DIY wreath is too easy and too cute!

Supplies needed:

– wooden embroidery hoop

– faux boxwood garland (purchased at Michael’s)

– glitter branches

– wire

– strips of fabric or ribbon

– scissors

Use the wire to tie one end of the garland onto the hoop, then just start wrapping. You want to keep it a bit on the loose side so you can adjust later. Once you wrap the garland all the way around, secure the other end with wire as well.

Tuck the golden branches into the weaved garland. If you wrapped it tight enough they will just say, otherwise you can use the wire to make sure it is extra secure. Tie a strip of fabric around the top of the hoop and you are done!

How cute does it look over a mirror or in a wall collage?




  1. I made one similar to this (with a different base instead of the embroidery hoop) and added a cute little bird to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would love to have the time to make my own wreath, Thinking about it I could but I would probably have to start in the Summer! I just bought one from my local shop but I have added a couple of bits to it so I guess that counts as making my own?

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