Why this DIY is a GOOD idea {personalized planters}

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I’m suuuper excited to share this DIY with you! It’s so fun and totally do-able! With a few tools and a little time, you can create a word or spell out a name. Around here we love making things personal and heartfelt!


-large wooden letters (found at your local craft store)

-metal roofing mesh (very inexpensive… found at your local home improvement store)


-heavy duty stapler and staples

-moss or flowers of your choice

Using the snips, cut the mesh in 3-4 inch strips, depending on how deep you want your planters. Staple the mesh around the letters. Because the mesh holds its shape, only a handful of staples are necessary to keep it in place. It is a bit tricky to secure the mesh in the smaller crevasses, but a few anchor staples will do the trick. I highly recommend using safety gloves as the cut mesh is very sharp.

Fill your planters with moss, ground cover, succulents or flowers. You could also fill it with soil and plant seeds!

I love the look of the alternating light green and dark green moss. So fun!

I can’t wait for the moss to keep growing and fill in the planters!

Home is where the heart is–don’t you think? How fun is this?! What would you spell out?


diy: cake toppers {love birds}

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It’s wedding season! Today I’m sharing an easy DIY cake topper–that adds so much personality to your special day.

There are infinite possibilities to making your own cake toppers! Here we have made a simple moss arch with some love birds nestled together.




-gold paint

-wooden base

-little birds

(all of these items can be purchased at your local craft store)

Paint the base and let dry. While you are waiting, wrap the moss around the wire. You can wrap as much or as little you want depending on how far down you want the moss to go.

After you wrap the arch and the base is dry, create two little holes on either side of the base (don’t go all the way through). You can use a drill, or if the wood is soft enough you can create the whole with a large nail or awl (what we did). Attach a dab of glue to each hole and attach the arch. When you are done, glue the birds to the base and you are finished!

Here are a few different versions we did for The Wedding Standard Magazine. For the first one, we painted plastic deer and added some bells to the moss wrapping at the top. The cake on the right just has some birds that we attached wire to and some fresh fruit. So fun!

And I shared this and a few other cake topper ideas on D The Broadcast morning show yesterday. They have been so gracious to invite me back. You can see the clip here!


diy: customized jars

DIY, inspiration By June 11, 2013 4 Comments

Ready for a super cute DIY? I love that this project reuses items I already have around the house. And it takes something ordinary and makes it lovely. Perfect!


-empty glass jars

-decorative paper

-modge podge glue

-paint brush



Soak the jars in warm soapy water to remove the labels. If some of the bottles have the dates stamped on them, you can easily remove them with nail polish remover.

Next cut out a circle roughly an inch larger than the lid.

Glue the lid to the center and cut little slits around the perimeter of the paper. Make sure the back side of the paper is covered in glue and then fold the tabs over.

Seal the outside of the paper with a thin layer of glue… let it dry… and then fill your jars with pretty things!

I think these would make adorable spice jars. And they’re perfect for holding Q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom, too! What other uses can you think of?


3 fun ideas for using clip on earrings! {best tutorial ever}

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While thrifting recently I’ve been drawn to clip on earrings. While I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them–I couldn’t resist the 25 cent price tag and the bright colors. I’ve been dreaming up a few ideas to share with you–so here goes!

The first on is clip on earrings turned colorful magnets…


-pliers or snips


-strong craft glue

-clip on earrings

Remove the backs of the earrings with pliers or snips. If the earrings are plastic the entire back will most likely come off. If the earrings are metal, just cut off as much as you can to make the back a flat surface.

Apply a little bit of glue and attach the earring!

A word of warning… when you are glueing the magnets on, make sure to keep them far away from each other, otherwise, if the glue isn’t dry, they may be attracted to each other.

Next idea is so simple but it really adds a ton of fun to an outfit–turn clip on earrings into shoe clips!

The right clip on was rubbing just a tiny bit against my foot so I put some moleskin over it to make it more comfortable. So fun, right?

And lastly–clip on earrings turned collar detail. I think this is a fun alternative instead of a necklace.

Buttoning the shirt all the way to the top gave it a fun, vintage feel.

Now I’m on the hunt for more vintage clip on earrings. I can’t wait to think of more creative ways to use them, how about you?


before and after: conference room

decorating, DIY, inspiration, thrifting By May 28, 2013 15 Comments

I am so excited to give you a little peak into my studio! For a while now we have been wanting to spruce up the conference room and I am thrilled to share the before and after with you! This is a small room set aside for meetings with clients, wholesale accounts, weekly manager meetings and that type of thing. The lights overhead are fluorescent and the room doesn’t get much natural light at all. Basically the space was just blah. It needed some warmth and personality brought in!

We switched out the office-y chairs with some fun thrifted dining chairs. They add so much to the space!

Since there is only fluorescent lighting in the room, we brought in these thrifted lamps and used wire frame shades and Edison bulbs for some softer lighting.Have you ever seen Edison bulbs? They are so charming–and add some vintage fun to the space.

We wanted to revamp this room and keep the cost down so we printed large scale  paintings on blue print paper. It is so inexpensive and has a huge impact. We just photographed old oil paintings found at a thrift store and had them printed larger and in black and white. Each print was around $7 and you can get this done at your local office supply store. Awesome, right?

We finished the room off with an airy curtain panel from Urban Outfitters and another lamp shade frame over the table.

The space feels clean, open and welcoming. It’s a much better space for meeting clients and planning for the business. If I have to be in a meeting, it should be in a pretty place, don’t you think?


Are you ready for jewelry stand? {fun diy by Lisa Leonard}

DIY, inspiration, jewelry By May 23, 2013 13 Comments

I am VERY excited to share this diy with you! And it is really simple to make! Are you ready??

Supplies used:

– tree slice (purchased at Michael’s)

– old spindles from the back of a thrifted chair (so fun and inexpensive!)

– flat copper wire

-finishing nails

– wood glue

All you have to do is mark where you want the spindles (you could also use wooden dowels from the craft store) and glue in place. Once the glue set, hammer a finishing nail through the bottom of the base into each spindle. Then you just wrap the tops with wire! It’s that simple! I loved using wire instead of string because it remains taught and it is easy to take on and off for easy access to the jewelry. You can make it however big or small you would like!

I’m ready to make another and get all my jewelry organized–how about you?!


DIY: Painted Rocks

DIY, inspiration By May 10, 2013 7 Comments

Are you ready for another DIY? Oh this one is so sweet–and very simple! We picked up some dark, smooth stones and gold paint at Michael’s to create the personal, handmade favors for a wedding or party.

This copper paint is oil based–so a little goes a long way. It goes on super smooth and it dries beautifully. I also picked up a bottle of gold paint.

A fine paintbrush makes getting detailed designs easy. The freeform flowers might be my favorite. Or the chevrons. And wouldn’t a cursive initial be fun–one at each place setting?

Grouped together they make a stunning, artistic display.

Place one at each table setting and let the guests take them home. They make a perfect paperweight or place on top of napkins at an outdoor dinner to keep the breeze at bay.

The gold adds a bit of ‘fancy’ don’t you think?

 Have you painted anything lately? I can’t believe what a little paint can do–I’m pretty sure paint can change the world 😉


better TV, Kansas city {DIY segment}

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While I was in Kansas last week, I did a DIY segment for Better TV, Kansas City. It was so fun! The host {also named Lisa} was such a sweetheart. Chrissie joined me and after the segment we stumbled on some awesome thrift stores. But more on that later!

For the segment we talked about DIY nail and string art, hand-stamped towels and hand-stamped silverware.

I’m being stretched and growing doing these morning segments on local TV stations. It’s been great for me personally and a fun, new opportunity for my brand. You can watch the Kansas City segment here {scroll down to ‘Lisa hows you how to make DIY gifts’}. And the good news? I hardly felt nervous at all this time–that’s progress!


DIY: dishtowels

DIY By April 30, 2013 23 Comments

I found these plain white dishtowels at Target and got totally inspired! The simplicity and price makes these towels perfect for adding a little detail–and then giving them as a gift.

For the first towels, I just cut a little flag from a linoleum block. I didn’t use a carver–I just used regular scissors. So fun!

Easy bunting adds so much fun to these little towels. It almost makes me want to do the dishes. Almost.

I thought these animal stencils were adorable. I used a sponge brush and coordinating colors to create a set of burp cloths. Aren’t they inspiring?

And how about a towel that has clean on one end, dirty on the other–that way you can tell if the dishwasher has been run or not? I found basic alphabet stencils at Michaels for this. I’m ready to create some more dishtowels and burp cloths! Any creative ideas? Please share!