exclusive styled lampshade in ‘old means new’ makeover project

My sister and mom were in town last week–which means we needed to make time for some serious thrifting. It’s so fun that we all share the passion of sifting through junk to find hidden treasures. And each of us is drawn to different things. I love to see their perspective.

Chrissie and I each picked up a lamp and shade and worked on making them over with scissors and spray paint. This is a super easy project and the results were surprising. I loved my lamp even more than I thought I would!

Above you can see my finished project. The yellow lamp and wire shade add whimsy and sweetness to our living room.

My lamp base and shade were mismatched–meaning they didn’t come as a set. I paid $13 for the two pieces.That old brown lamp base has a great shape but is begging for love, don’t you think?

I started out using a blade and ended up using scissors because they worked better. I stripped away all the fabric and I was left with the wire base.

I love the scalloped shape of this shade.

I thought I’d like white spray paint but then did a coat of yellow because I wanted the lamp to pop!

Here it is among some of my other thrifted treasures in our living room.

That summer bunting painting is by Barn Owl Primitives. Love!

Lots of color and texture happening here–which is what I want. So fun!

Chrissie spray painted her lamp and wire shade a bright red–and it turned out adorable. Although she was taking it home with her, I decided to style it in the same space so you could see hers as well.

Chrissie loves bold color and decorating with humor. She has great style!

Which lamp do you like better–the mellow yellow or the bold red?


  1. I think I like the red….it just kind of jumps out at you. The yellow is a softer look…but I think I vote for red.

  2. Don’t make me choose! I love red AND yellow! two of my favs! The lamps are adorable.

    your blog and your jewelry are inspiring to me in so many ways. I love reading about your kids and finding inspiration through David as I have a son 11 almost 12 who has Down Syndrome and like David is a gift from God (as are all our children). Love your decorating style and what I’m wearing posts. Does Chrissy have a blog?

  3. They both look incredibly cute and I LOVE the shadows cast by the wire frame of the shade. I’ve had one just like it taking up space in the corner of my living room. I think I’ll use a swag kit to hang that baby up and let the shadows fall in an interesting pattern. And I love Susan’s idea of using an edison bulb. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Your posts make my heart happy! Mostly those sweet boys of yours but this lamp project is next on my list of things to do after I conclude my dinnerware stamping project. Lisa, you rock my world!

  5. Hi Lisa honey, I LOVE THEM BOTH.. they are gorgeous!!! What a cool idea re taking the actual shade off. I love it! I so wish I could do this sort of thing with my sister. We are very different and live in different cities so see each other only about once a year. I wish we were close sisters but we’re not (not without me trying I can tell you). The one thing we love doing together when we do see each other is shopping so at least we have that! xxx

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