I’m so glad you love cake toppers as much as I do! Aren’t they fun?! And the best part is–it doesn’t have to be a fancy wedding cake {although those are GREAT too!} Cake toppers can be used on a stack of pancakes or pile up donuts for a birthday party and put a cake topper on top. Perfect!

I love mixing diy toppers with toppers from my shop! I posted previously about how to make your own pinwheels and for this cake, we just made smaller versions! I started out with 3×3″ squares of paper and attached them to paper straws. I love the look of the metallic paper and with a white contrast! So fun and easy! You could customize them to the colors of your party or wedding!

Monograms make it more personal, don’t you think? There are so many creative ways to make monogram toppers and accessories and this is our take on it! Again, its really simple to do!

Supplies needed: thick and thin wire and moss from your local craft store … that’s it! I used a thick green floral wire for the visible part.

Shape the thick wire in the shape of the letter or letters you want.

Take the thin wire and wrap the moss around the wire letter. You can wrap it pretty tight, because the moss is so organic it will cover most of the wire.

Here is a monogram cake topper and pinwheel topper we did a while back for The Wedding Standard E-Zine. The monogram was made using a wooded letter and quilled paper. This one takes a bit more time, but is so beautiful! Click here for a great tutorial on quilling. The pinwheels were made the same as the ones above, we just glued buttons to the center. The possibilities are endless! Click here to shop our cake toppers.

Tell me, what was the last think you celebrated? Something big or something small–there is so much to celebrate!