hanging out with Louis & Bealsey

I have good news! It’s Friday. Woohoo! For some reason, this week seemed to go on and on. We’ve had lots of holidays sprinkled in the last few weeks–but this was a full week at home. We need to get back in our rhythm, but it’s hard sometimes!

I’ve been taking Louis and Beasley, our new pugs to the workshop everyday. They are comfortable there and they love to be near us. And of course, I love having them with us all day. For the most part, they are very well behaved. I usually take them for a mid-day walk. I won’t tell you that Beasley pooped in the shop 2 seconds after we returned for our walk last week. It’s a learning process, right?!

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-04We’ve had chilly mornings that warm to sunny afternoons and then get chilly again. Layering is the best thing when temps change so much!

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-06Aw, those boys are so sweet!

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-07We’ve been walking so much! The dogs are trimming down a bit and getting stronger. And it’s great for me too.

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-01They want to walk and sniff and walk and sniff and walk and sniff. I say, “Less sniffing, more walking!”

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-02I’m getting great use out of this backpack. It’s awesome when I have the dogs AND David. I love having my hands free.

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-03These boys are such love bugs.

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-05The cross bar necklace is a fave. It means so much to me.

the meaning behind the cross bar necklace-08And often on our walks we make friends. How sweet are these scotty dogs? Beasley was very shy, but Louis was ready to play!

Outfit details: Jeans, Target. Tank, Old Navy. Hoodie, Gap. Coat, Cupshe. Booties, Target. Backpack, Amazon. Cross bar necklace, My shop. Gemstone cuff, My shop.


  1. I love your blog, and I love your hair! As one curly girl to another – I’m always on the look-out for great curls and always love to ask “what’s your favorite hair-product ‘cocktail’?” thanks 🙂

  2. Just ordered your coat, can’t wait to get it! It looks so cute! Searched for a coupon code and found 22SAVE to save 22% ?

  3. Love your outfit!! Super fun!! Do the jeggings run big or small…just wondering if I should size up or down? Thanks!!

  4. Great blog! I live an hour north of Seattle. You have a couple of beautiful pugs! I used to have 2 also, Lucy and Dolly, love and miss them both. I’ll keep checking in, have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I always tell my Golden Retriever (if we are on a serious walk) “This is a walk, not a sniff!” Other times, when she is able to be off leash somewhere, she tells me, “You walk ahead and I’ll catch up. Something’s smellin’ good here!” They add so much to our lives.

  6. Wait–what? That coat is $26?? Crazy! I might have to get it. I’ve been looking for a camel coat. The weather is similar here in So Cal–quite chilly in the morning warming to sunny afternoons. You look fantastic, Lisa. I’d love to hear more about what you’re eating these days. Thanks so much for all you do. Your blog is such an inspiration.

    1. Hi Mary Beth!
      The coat is awesome-I’ve been wearing it multiple times a week. Great for layering too.
      In general,I try to eat low carb {and often fail miserably}. Right now we are doing a two week cleanse. Here’s the link. https://www.bewellbydrfranklipman.com/cleanse.html. It’s basically no gluten, low carb, no dairy–lots of whole foods.
      Thank you for your kind words! xo

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