We had a wonderful time in St. Louis. I’m thankful all of us {even my mother in law} were able to travel back and be part of this special day. It will be a historical day in our family. Steve worked hard to accomplish this goal–and it needed to be celebrated!

We got to see some old friends.

Matthias made a new friend. It made his trip so fun!

There was lots of ceremonies and lunches and services and waiting. The boys were troopers! This pic cracked me up!

Steve’s professor was a hit with our boys. We got to have lunch with their family and it was a highlight of the trip.

Two stylish boys with bowties. Love!

We made a custom keychain for Steve. We’ve been teasing the boys that they’re going to have to start calling Steve ‘Dr. Daddy’

We explored downtown–the arch was beautiful!

We saw the courthouse where the historical Dred Scott case was held.

We had the BEST frozen custard. How good can it be, I thought? Pretty darn AMAZING! Yum!

The City museum was awesome. We loved it!

Steve, I am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for working hard and showing our boys what it means to keep learning and to be a good father and husband. I love you!