cozumel, mexico {part two}

We’ve been back from Mexico for a few days. Our friends, Rachel and Erik kept the boys while we were away. And other friends pitched in with the school holiday and school pick-ups. Can I pause for a moment and tell you what a HUGE blessing it is to have friends who are willing to love our boys and let us get away? It’s incredible and something I don’t take lightly.

Steve and I really needed some time to reconnect and just relax. We soaked up time with the other couples and also had lots of time to ourselves. We slept in, ate great food and enjoyed the scenery. I didn’t bring my computer so I was able to ‘unplug’ literally and just enjoy the hours with nowhere to be and no agenda.

One evening we went into town to experience ‘carnaval‘. It’s an annual festival with a parade, costumes and lots of craziness. Not my scene–but something to take in!

We sat on the beach for hours and read. I went through three books! So fun to just relax with no interruptions.

Our last afternoon we rented jeeps and explored the island. I’m so glad we did–it was my favorite part of the trip! I loved the coastline and all the colorful buildings. There were tons of pop-up markets along the road filled with handicrafts. So much inspiration.

Mexican coke, in a glass bottle, tastes so much better than regular coke!

I love him.

This last photo was taken using a slow shutter speed as described in this post. That’s how I got the ocean to look misty. Fun!

Having had time away, I feel more calm and ready to jump into the craziness of life again. I missed the boys, but they did fabulous while we were away–and that feels like a huge success. I’m also considering how to unplug more in my daily life. I’m on my phone or computer too much–I want to be more present!

I’d love to hear of ways you unplug, reconnect and recharge so that your marriage and family thrive.


  1. Such beautiful photos and it looks like you had a wonderful, unplugged vacation. After seeing your ocean photo I’m convinced I need to give that technique a try!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Remind me of our honeymoon in Mexico… *relaxing just thinking about it!*

    As a busy, fast-paced-life couple without kids, the technology thing is a constant struggle. The best we do is designate most dinners and some breakfasts as “technology free”, and phones/computers/devices all get put aside while we enjoy a meal together. But I think everyone has to find a balance and system that works for them. Good luck on your quest!

  3. What a blessing! So glad for you that God gave you the gift of good friends to love on your boys and friends to get away with, too. Hope you and Steve can draw from the well of connectedness you filled up together in Mexico. (It can be so easy to just fall back into the rush and craziness of life.)

    And good for you for unplugging! I need to learn how to do this, too. I don’t even have a Smart Phone and I still feel the tug between the real life in front of me and the virtual world or text waiting to be read or written.

    You are doing great! Keep truckin, sista!

  4. So colorful! You’ve gotten me officially jazzed for our trip to Cabo in a month and a half. Looks like I just need a big necklace and a bag o’ books. Of course, our children are coming along…but so are Grandma and Grandpa!

    I unplugged for a month in Italy about five years ago. We checked our email I think three times at cafes. It was amazing. We’re talking about a recent “Sunset” article a lot here at home, like maybe having a Technology Shabbat from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. I’m nervous — that shows there’s a problem, though! Good luck.

    1. Cabo… how exciting! It’s so important to put all of our devices down sometimes. It helps us remember what really matters! I like your idea of a technology shabbat 🙂

  5. Beautiful Pictures! My husband and I desperately need to do this soon too. We need to unplug and get away. We haven’t done anything together since our youngest was born 2 years ago. I have such a hard time leaving them with anyone for a length of time but it is soooo needed! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time.

  6. Beautiful photos of Cozumel! I reside in Puerto Vallarta and too am a jewelry designer…I got to go to Cozumel for work this summer and fell in love with the island and the people! Beautiful portrayal in the photos of a beautiful place!! Glad you got to rest you deserve it! Cheers!

  7. Looks like a fabulous trip in so many ways. You’re right, that is huge that you have a network of friends who can watch your boys & that you can trust! So glad for you.

  8. Beautiful pictures! How blessed you are to have such good friends. Everyone needs time away to reconnect. I try to unplug after 7:00. Doesn’t always work, but its a start.

  9. WOW…so beautiful. I love all the pictures. So happy to have stopped by your blog and am a new follower!!


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