what forty knows…

I’ve heard people say they feel more beautiful 40 years old than they did at 20 years old.
And I agree.
But I wonder why?
Objectively, I’m not more beautiful at 40 than I was at 20.
Maybe 40 is more willing to wear bright red lipstick and high heels without worrying what someone else thinks.
Maybe 40 has seen that physical beauty won’t bring the happiness she once thought it would.
Maybe 40 has a friend who’s not a traditional beauty, but whose captivating smile radiates warmth and kindness.
Maybe 40 knows that each of us wants to be loved as we are.
Maybe 40 has discovered a new kind of beauty.
Maybe 40 can sigh at the wrinkles but admit they reflect years of working toward wholeness.
Maybe 40 has seen the sunlight through the window as she sips a cup of coffee, or felt her child’s tiny hand in hers as they walk along–and she craves those things more than a flat tummy or long legs.
Maybe 40 is more able to look at outside herself and love others deeply.
Maybe 40 is beginning to understand life will bring unavoidable pain but also undeniable hope.
And with it hope brings the truest, deepest beauty to be found.


  1. Did you really just turn 40? For some reason, I thought you were younger than me (I turned 40 on 19 August, which I remember is also your birthday!)
    But yes, I agree 100% with this!
    At 40, I am definitely better able to see people (including myself) with kinder eyes.
    For me, 40 knows that God has got this covered, even on days like today, when the physical pain is almost more than I am able to bear.
    40 knows grace, and 40 knows that He is enough, always!
    Thank you, Lisa. ♥

    1. 45 was a great age. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to be happy. I am now 67 and I know that what I wanted at 45 was exactly what I needed. I could not be happier with my life.

  2. Just checking in from you Listening video. So glad I’m not alone. I mother a special guy, too. Heard God say, we are not blessed because we are mothers, we are mothers because we are blessed. 🙂 I guess it does take a special person to raise a special person.

    1. Hi Becky
      I’m so sorry! Can you contact us at customer service at lisaleonard dot com and we can help. xx

  3. I absolutely love this! I’m turning 46 this year and while I’ve loved every decade of my life and have appreciated all of my experiences and opportunities, my 40s hands down are my favorite. And I don’t think it’ll be that my 50s or 60s or beyond won’t be equally as awesome, I think things will just keep getting better from here. How great is that?

    My favorite lines in your post? “Maybe 40 is beginning to understand life will bring unavoidable pain but also undeniable hope. And with it hope brings the truest, deepest beauty to be found.”

    A lot of my pre-40 years were trying to figure out how to avoid pain. Something switched at 40 and it’s not about avoiding, but about leaning in, learning from, being grateful for, and truly realizing your true potential. That encompasses everything you wrote about: serving others, reaching out and being inclusive, knowing what true beauty is.

    40s FTW!

    1. That was my FAVORITE line too. Beautiful post and exactly what I needed to hear as I enter my fortieth year with slight trepidation

  4. I am facing 50 this year and I find myself with a much more different outlook on life. I’ve learned that the outside of a person is really the thing that matters least. The thing I’ve come to value in myself and others is something I call “a warm heart” it can encompass varied actions, but at the root of it is – did I make someone feel good or happy or change their outlook with a smile or kind word or positive action? Did I make a difference? I admit, I don’t hit the mark daily, but I start each day with this goal.

  5. Perhaps it’s like a piece of fine furniture that patinas with age and becomes more beautiful. We’ve had our sharp edges soften, our bright coloring subdue, and we are more comfortable. I think your 60’s are even better!

    1. I am nearing the end of my fifties and am finding that I am so much more comfortable with myself and who I am. I love who I am. Things that would have to bothered me when I was younger no longer phase me. Life is both harder and easier. Easier to live and understand, harder because you have more losses…I love being a.grandmother and would not trade this experience for anything! All in all I think getting older if fun and I wouldn’t change it if I could… there is still so much to learn and enjoy…I don’t really have time to worry about it. ?

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