have you been travelling with family? {Poland/Germany}

if you missed it, here’s where you can find parts one, two and three!

Oh friends! Can I tell you how much we loved Berlin? What an amazing city filled with history and beauty. We ate delicious food and saw historical sites. We visited a couple museums that gave us so much insight into WW2 and the Berlin Wall.

Our first full day in Berlin was a Sunday and it was one of the best and worst days of our trip. It was incredible because we were able to see so much of the city.  I took tons of pictures and I loved it. It was so hard because David wasn’t feeling well and by bedtime I was a mess. I had an ugly meltdown and it was just plain HARD. These pictures are beautiful but I want to be honest about how hard that day was and how desperate I felt by the end of it. Traveling with kiddos can be challenging–and because David refused to walk I was worn our physically and emotionally.

There is lots of construction happening all over Berlin. The wall came down in 1990 but there is still rebuilding to be done.

There were sections of the wall right outside our hotel. We stayed at the Marriott in the heart of Berlin and it was perfect!

We had the BEST apple strudel I’ve ever tasted at Restaurant Mommseneck. We went back for more a second time!

There are pink pipes that run throughout the city center–apparently they pump water away from the city because it’s built on marshy land.

Someone put a black sticker over the red light to create a heart shape. Isn’t that beautiful?!

Bricks show where the wall once stood.

A happy meal made Matthias’ day!

We got our passports stamped at Checkpoint Charlie.

This rascal wouldn’t walk. Ugh, it was so frustrating!

 I have more pics from Berlin to share! Stay tuned!

Where is the farthest you’ve traveled from home or where is a place you would love to visit?


  1. Germany is always my favourite for trips. Time i spent in this country is a everlasting memory in my life. And the pics you have clicked are really awesome clicks.I love yours pictures.

  2. I love see the world through your pictures. My son has the same syndrome as your son and I experience some of the same things you do, just we have only made one small trip with him and we took along Grandmother and Grandaddy.

    1. Angie–tell me more! How old is your son? I always love meeting people who are part of the Cdls family! xx

  3. I love the photo of your three men, and if I’m not mistaken, is that your reflection in the window behind Matthias? If so, very cool.

    I have not been out of the country (yet), but I’m planning to take my older daughter to either Ireland or England (her choice, though she doesn’t know it yet) next summer after she graduates from college. The farthest I’ve been is from Tennessee to the Seattle area. So beautiful– totally enjoyed my week seeing where my brother lives.

  4. I went to Germany twice in high school with an exchange program! So fun to see recent pics. I was there in 1988 when there was still east and west and then I went in 1990 when the wall was coming down. I have a few pieces of the wall!

    1. Wow Kristi! I bet you would be fascinated by how different the city is now. I wish I could have seen it then to compare. The wall coming down is an important historical event. xx

  5. Sydney Australia. Loved it!!! My husband is from there so it was wonderful meeting all his aunts, uncles and cousins. Australia is SO beautiful!!!!

  6. Love your photos! I’ve traveled to India and Haiti on mission trips. And we went to Ireland on our honeymoon. I love traveling and wish we could do it more.

    1. I love traveling, too. Steve went to India a couple years ago and loved it. I would love to see Ireland–I think it’s next on my wish list!

  7. Thank you for sharing you heart with us. The good & the bad. I still do this day remember when we took our three girls to DisneyLand and I was hot, tired and just plain cranky at all the ‘I want this’ and we were in a cafe and I was very distressed with the family and what they wanted and etc. and a woman came over to me and handed me a porcelin Belle (from beauty and the beast) she said, she was a Rep and was hoping this would cheer me up. I was SO HUMBLED by the fact, that I had had a meltdown in public. 🙁 Thank you for sharing this with us to Lisa. Oh, and the farthest I have been was Florence/Rome and LOVED it but, better yet I am going to visit my daughter, son in law and 4 year old grandson who are missionaries in Vienna, Austria. We leave at the end of July for THREE weeks!!!!!!

    1. I’ve had a meltdown at Disneyland before, too! Have fun in Austria–wow! What an incredible opportunity!

  8. The farthest I’ve been from home (WI) is Blagoveschensk in the Russian Far East. Seems like it took FOREVER to get there! I would love to backpack in New Zealand and Wales.

  9. The farthest we’ve traveled is Kauai, and we absolutely loved it! It made us want to stay forever. The weather, the people, the little local shops, the food! I would like to someday go to Italy, but I’m not sure if/when that would ever happen.

  10. so strange to see you walking in Germany! And I missed the chance to get to know you and invite you to Stuttgart :-).

    Greetings from Germany,


      1. It is far 🙂 6 hours to drive 🙂 But the cradle of Mercedes and Porsche 🙂 Nice car museums 😉

        Also love your 2nd post about Germany – as I already said – bit strange. I haven’t been to those places (only as little child) but we will go there in the years there to come.

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