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hello monday {link-up!}

January 2nd | hello monday

To ring in the new year, we set my camera on a tripod and used a flashlight to create some art. i set the shutter speed slow so we could move the flashlight around to create various shapes and designs. the kids had a blast {and the adults did too!}
hello creating art with light

hello celebrating new year’s at 9:30pm, and then heading to bed

hello cousins and aunties and grandma and friends–so fun!hello 2012–what?!

hello fresh start and new beginning

hello making goals and dreaming of what this year might holdhello house that needs some TLC after having family visit

hello taking down Christmas decorations–and making things clean and open again

hello back to school tomorrowhello praying we can stay healthy for a while {david has been sick for the last 2 months}

hello south beach–we have been eating waaay to many sweets. it’s time to get healthy again

hello laundry. i think i have 10 loads waiting for mehello first Monday of 2012. It’s a new week and a new year! Let’s get going!

What are you saying hello to  today? Leave a comment or link up in the comments section. Happy New Year!

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  1. Lee Currie says:

    Those photos are fabulous! Here’s to a HEALTHY and happy 2012. You can find my post here:

  2. Heather S. says:

    Saying hello to a 2.5 mile run. It was big for me!

  3. Amanda says:

    Those pictures look so fun! I really like the “love” one!
    Here’s what I’m saying hello to:

  4. LOVD says:

    That is really the coolest!!!! Happy new year to you and yours!!! I have a special message today, saying hello to my Gratitude Journal Monday…

  5. Ok, that looks super cool. I’ve done painting with light with my 35mm camera a long time ago. I will have to try this with my son.

    Your Hello Monday series is a great way to start the week. Thanks Lisa, you have given me some inspiration the past two weeks.

  6. aimee says:

    Those pictures are so cool!!!

    I’m linking up for the first time and saying hello to taking more pictures! Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa. :)

  7. hello to the first Monday of 2012! what a cute idea with the flashlight pics!! I’m saying hello here…

  8. Lisa, those photos are awesome! Happy New Year! I just wanted to say ‘hello’ to you 😉

  9. Tamara says:

    hello to a new year…hitting the “reset” button and full steam ahead! {love the flashlight pictures…so much fun!}

  10. Kelli says:

    Loving your flashlight pics! I really must get a tripod.

    Hello to the last day of winter vacation before the kids are back to school and my husband and I are back to teaching in our classrooms. Hello to a big mug of chai and some grading at my fave coffee shop with the barista that looks like Dawson from “Dawson’s Creek.” Hello to resolutions that revolve around my blog and my baking business (and finishing your indie biz online class at last!). Hello to my 1st grader getting her cast off after over a month of hobbling! Hello to helping my Grammy get some cleaning done at her house next weekend <3.

  11. These are such fun pictures!! Happy 2012, Lisa. :)

    My post is right here:

  12. Lori-Anne says:

    That is quite the lighting trick! Especially yours, Lisa. Seriously, was that a tree you made?? And an eye??? Respect! Here’s what I’m saying hello to today, this week, this month, this year…

  13. I love the pictures!!

    It is a big ole hello to eating healthier… I have been eating so much junk – cookies for breakfast, lots of dips and crackers, chips sigh…I am feeling the bloat : (

    Happy New year!

  14. Lea Culp says:

    You are so, so creative! Love those pictures!

    Our house was in bad need of cleaning too and being put back into order. Oh, the fun of holidays and making memories!

    Praying you and yours will enjoy good health and happiness in 2012.

  15. Sue says:

    We are saying hello to 40 dregrees Celsius weather here in Australia. Ugh! I also started A Beach Cottage’s January Photo A Day Challenge. Fun!

  16. Samantha Liz says:

    Happy 2012! Love your light photos… We’ll have to try those in July… no way we can do that now with the weather in the teens once the sun sets!

  17. amy says:

    hello to a new year…hello to letting go!

    happy new year !!

  18. Jeannine says:

    Love your flashlight photos, Lisa. Happy New Year! Hello 2012…

  19. Valorie says:

    It has been ages since I have done light painting! Yours turned out great!

  20. Sarah says:

    Eep! I’m leaving you so many comments today! Obviously, I’m catching up on posts post-holiday:-).
    My Hello, Monday link-up is here:

  21. Brooke says:

    Always love and look forward to your ‘hello mondays’, Lisa! And I totally adore your new years light art…so neat!!! This is what I’m saying hello to…

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