hello head above water

Hi friends!  I feel like I’m back–not just to the blog but back to life in general. I’ve been so busy and emotionally focused on David sinus surgery. To catch you up if you haven’t heard, David had a large polyp growing in his sinuses. In order to have the surgery we had to get cardiology clearance, a sedated CT scan and coordinate insurance. Steve and I spent a lot of hours {I’m guessing around 100 hours over 3-4 weeks} driving to various doctor appointments and making phone calls. Meanwhile was uncomfortable and couldn’t breathe through his nose. The surgical team gasped as they removed the polyp–it was over 4″ long! BUT! We are on the other side and he is doing wonderfully!

One of our doctor visits took us to Santa Monica which meant a short walk at sunset. We were wiped out but we soaked up a few minutes of sunset then went back to our hotel room and ordered pizza. These pics are from that evening. ❤

How about some hellos for a brand new week? ☀

Hello LAST WEEK of school! I finally got my head above water and GUESS WHAT?! Summer is here. Totally crazy. And exciting.

Hello making salmon. My twin sis shared her easy recipe with me and it’s a win. I just put a large pat of butter, salt and pepper on each salmon filet and broil for 12 minutes on high. I also slice up zucchini on the same cookie sheet, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper and they all cook at the same time. Easy and delicious. {My oven tends to cook hot and a little faster than most}.

Hello David feeling better! Hooray! The swelling in his face has gone down. He has more energy and more smiles. I am so grateful.

Hello heat wave. It’s been about 80* and I just want to be outside soaking up the beautiful, warm sun.

Speaking of outside, hello hiking, I’ve been walking and hiking and it feels great. I’m not sure how I got out of my rhythm {David’s surgery maybe?} but I’m so glad to be back. It’s good for body and soul.

Hello 8th grade graduate. Matthias is almost done with middle school and then we’ll officially have TWO high schoolers. WHAT?!

Hello reading this book and loving it. SO GOOD, so inspiring.

Hello listening to this podcast and loving it. Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite ones? I’d love to know!

Hello wearing these jeans and loving them. Super high waisted and soft. They’re not crop on me–I wear them with a low heel.

Hello BIG announcement to share soon. Are you signed up for our newsletter? We’ll be sharing there first.

Hello to you. It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Love the new blog post. My favorite podcast…This American Life, Criminal, 30 for 30…there are so many! Looking forward to summer and slower days.

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