hello gold and green

This weekend felt like golden sunshine and green trees and plants. It felt vibrant–it felt like what my soul needed.

We’re down in LA today so David can see a spine specialist. He has had scoliosis since he was born but it seems to have progressed as he’s gotten older {and with his recent growth spurt}. Steve and I are a little nervous about the appointment. David’s body is quirky and we never know what to expect. Later this week David has an appointment with a pediatric Ear Nose Throat specialist to look at a polyp {growth} in his nose. To fight the stress I feel, I’m trying to move slowly and stay in the moment. This moment is okay. This moment is enough.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello macrame in the window. Reminds me Tied and True.

Hello wood table and glass bottles. Love the texture.

Hello to my three favorite boys. ❤

Hello succulent garden.

Hello asking Matthias to take a pic of us in front of an aqua wall–my favorite color.

Hello chips and salsa from Lola’s in Long Beach, So good! I recommend the Tijuana Tacos and fried plantains. Yum.

Hello iconic Santa Monica palm trees. Someone once told me palm trees were ugly. I disagree–but then I’m a California girl.

Hello needing sleep after a busy, very fun weekend.

Hello reading this book to David. It’s his favorite right now. We love London!

Hello lots of driving this week. I need to download some good podcasts.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I hope all goes well with David’s appointments. How smart you are to look to each moment. Such a great reminder for everyone.

  2. What if rings are too small and we don’t feel they are a true size 7 ????
    Thanks for help.
    C Dable

  3. How do you clean the Let love grow cuff bracelet. took out of the bag and very tarnished. I bought for gifts and certainly can’t give looking like this. A suggestion is to supply cleaning info with purchase. Otherwise great.

  4. Lisa you inspire me… your family is beautiful… your jewelry I love! Unfortunately I do not own a piece yet but plan on it real soon. I am always too busy giving to others and have yet to give back to me. I have loved reading about your journey with your son. I work in special education and I can say reading your story shows how what a amazing mom and advocate you are for him and that your love for your family comes through in your art with your special pieces that tell stories of this journey that your on….big hug to all!

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