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Quite a while ago I bought a 50mm fixed lens for my nikon. It’s a fairly inexpensive lens and mine doesn’t have automatic focus, so after a while I got frustrated and stopped using it. But I wanted to take it to Thailand with me–so I pulled it out and started practicing. Initially I felt like giving up–but knowing I could get some great background and foreground blur, I pushed through and kept trying. And after a few hundred shots, I started to get a feel for how to manually focus the lens. It’s a good reminder for me–trying something can be hard, but it stretches your mind and nurtures creativity.

Here are some pics from around the house while I worked out the manual focus…

Hello tree with layers and layers of bark, and lots of background blur {love that}

Hello winter that just can’t make up its mind–chilly winter mornings transform into sunny spring afternoons

Hello creating and creating and creating. Matthias makes so many masterpieces–I can’t keep them all organized!

Hello carousel of crayons that David loves to knock over–and it takes a while to pick up all those crayons

Hello blurry heart garland leading to funky plaster bust. This entryway is about to get a makeover!

Hello needing to go buy the paint color you picked. Are you curious which color won?

Hello little plaster bust who would look lovely piled with colorful necklaces

Hello getting inspired to spruce up our home and clear some clutter

Hello day off school with a lazy morning and pancakes

Hello open house tonight–are you coming?

Hello email to catch up on {I’m pretty sure I say that every Monday!}

Hello piles of laundry {I’m pretty sure I say that every Monday, too!}

Hello Valentines to make for each boys’ classroom

Hello day to express your love. Maybe I should think about trying to plan a date night?!

Hello flowers in an aqua vase in a sunny window

Hello menu for the week that includes white bean chili with ground turkey and homemade low-carb chicken strips and sweet potato fries. {I’m hoping Matthias will love my healthy chicken strips more than McDonalds!}

Hello city blur {this shot was taken in LA right before we flew out for Thailand}

Hello Monday! I’m still a little bit jet-lagged but with another cup of coffee I’ll be ready to go!

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hello monday {giveaway closed}

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Winners announced below!

Hello friends! It’s a new week and I have so much to share. Tomorrow we are introducing our newest line of jewelry and gifts that are filled to the tippy top with love. There are over 30 different pieces and seriously, I’ve never been so excited to introduce a line. The products are super unique and special. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from our photo shoot last week.
So incredibly fun!

Let’s kick off the week with some hellos, and make sure to enter the giveaway below!
Hello lots of pics to edit, upload and get ready. We are working hard!

Hello Christan, our fabulous photographer {and so much more}

Hello Marijke and Hillary, our models. Marijke is our operations manager and Hillary works in customer service. Awesome girls.Hello sweet peas {some of my favorite flowers}

Hello sparkly nail polish

Hello sunny afternoons and a very chilly breezeHello packing for Thailand {it’s in the 90’s there}

Hello getting groceries and lists together for our friends who are babysitting

Hello planning a few blog posts just in case internet is spotty while we are travelingHello praying that David stays healthy while we are away

Hello getting ready to miss my boys terribly

Hello excited for some time away and being with my sweet husbandHello cupcakes {I had to taste one and make sure they were okay}

Hello seriously FUN and inspiring new products to share with you

Hello cake topper that has stolen my heart

Hello Monday! It’s a brand-new week with so much going on!

We are giving away a set of L-O-V-E cake toppers to TWO lucky readers. They are hand molded, hand-cast in fine pewter and absolutely darling. And they aren’t even available until tomorrow. Not planning a wedding? These are perfect for Valentine’s day, a bridal shower or birthday party.

Our randomly selected winners who will each recieve an L-O-V-E cake topper are…

Cami who said, “because ‘love’ is a word that you can never hear enough {or see enough}”


Alicia who said, “those are so special!!  I would use them to top the valentine pancakes (or anytime pancakes) of my 3 sweet boys and my absolutely loved-beyond-belief husband.  I don’t want a day to go by that they have to wonder how much they all mean to me.”

I absolutely loved hearing all your ideas for how to use them! Especially the pancakes idea and cheeses–so fun!

Cami and Alicia, I’ve emailed you! Thanks so much!


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Hello friends! It’s Monday–a new week and a fresh start. I’m sharing pics of our mantle–all ready for Valentine’s day. I found the antlers at a thrift store and thought they were kind of cool–but my family has had various reactions. Hmmmm…Hello rainy day

Hello fireplace warming our toes

Hello wishing I could sleep until noon {rainy days are like that!}Hello no school {teacher in service}

Hello pancakes and a slow morning {love that!}

Hello to-do list that I shouldn’t put off too longHello white bean chili for dinner

Hello preparing lunches ahead of time so we eat out less {egg salad sandwich anyone?}

Hello blending up food for David and trying to work more protein into his diet {he only eats blended foods}Hello projects for the home.

Hello sprinkling hearts everywhere and getting ready for Valentine’s day

Hello wishing we could paint the kitchen cabinets

Hello sister time tonight–yay!

Hello new week full of projects and ideas

Hello Monday–it’s going to be fabulous. I can just feel it!

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These pics are taken at a new cafe downtown called urbane cafe. It’s on Higuera and Morro and it’s my new fave.  I think about it all the time. I’m addicted the the cilantro chicken salad with chipotle dressing. Yum.hello to making the weekend last a little longer

hello lazy morning and cartoonshello to my 8 year old son {good-bye wonderful birthday weekend!}

hello wondering where the time has gone? {i have an 8 and a 9 year old?!}

hello feeling like i enjoy my boys more and more as they get biggerhello avocado, cilantro and lime–such a delicious snack

hello cutting back on artificial sugar and diet soda–and i haven’t missed it much

hello planning for Blissdom. are you going?

hello looking forward to girl time {i need some!}

hello meeting new friendshello washing sheets and towels today {and putting away loads of clean laundry}

hello continuing to organize and menu plan–i’m still keeping up with my new year’s resolution

hello big BIG announcement we are making later this week

hello hardly being able to hold in my excitement!hello ideas to freshen up our home {a little paint and a few throw pillows}

hello loving color–maybe a lime green coffee table?hello family picture that captures our crazy fam–Matthias is grumpy, David won’t sit still.

hello monday! it’s starting off slow and it’s time to GO!

what does your week hold? let us know or link up in the comments section and let us know.


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i thought i would share some lovely images this morning. most of these were taken at my favorite local vintage shop–ruby rose.
Hello sleeping all night with a serious cuddle bug. When we are out of town, Steve and I spilt up and each take a kiddo in the hotel room. Matthias and I were snuggle buddies–that kid is like velcro!

Hello waking up to an incredible LA sunrise. The sky was bright orange. I wish I could have slept a bit longer–but if you have to wake up at 6am, you might as well get a gorgeous sunrise!Hello heading over to UCLA for a pulmonology appointment. David is on a new inhaler {flo-max} and he seems to be doing well.

Hello David being healthy! After being sick for almost 8 weeks straight, has been so happy and engaged. It makes my heart full.Hello eating healthy. We really splurged around the holidays and enjoyed all the yummy food. Last week we ate lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and cheeses and scrambled eggs.  Does bacon count as a lean meat? I think so…

Hello menu planned for this week. I am planning to make meatloaf with ground turkey and a veggie lasagna {it uses zucchini instead of pasta}. And we’ll have enough for leftovers–so I’ll only cook twice.Hello clearing out–our closets, drawers and toy baskets. I’m making things more organized and giving myself more headspace. It feels great.

Hello 7 bags to take to the salvation army. What?!Hello music. Have you heard The Civil Wars? Oh my word. They’re magical. Also The Head and The Heart. My sister just got it for me. Love.

And Hello to David’s sweet piano tunes. Well, sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are really LOUD and crazy. And sometimes he gets stuck on one note over and over and over.Hello crystal chandelier. We don’t have a chandelier above our dining room table and I kinda think we need one, don’t you?

Hello clean house. I am working on dealing with lots of paperwork and junk and having a place for everything. I am so motivated.Hello friends. Hello new week. Hello ideas waiting to be discovered.

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up in the comments or let us know in the comments section.


flashlight art as a new beginning for all {new year designs}

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To ring in the new year, we set my camera on a tripod and used a flashlight to create some art. i set the shutter speed slow so we could move the flashlight around to create various shapes and designs. the kids had a blast {and the adults did too!}
hello creating art with light

hello celebrating new year’s at 9:30pm, and then heading to bed

hello cousins and aunties and grandma and friends–so fun!hello 2012–what?!

hello fresh start and new beginning

hello making goals and dreaming of what this year might holdhello house that needs some TLC after having family visit

hello taking down Christmas decorations–and making things clean and open again

hello back to school tomorrowhello praying we can stay healthy for a while {david has been sick for the last 2 months}

hello south beach–we have been eating waaay to many sweets. it’s time to get healthy again

hello laundry. i think i have 10 loads waiting for mehello first Monday of 2012. It’s a new week and a new year! Let’s get going!

What are you saying hello to  today? Leave a comment or link up in the comments section. Happy New Year!


hello merry {link up}

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 We’ve had such a relaxing time with family in Omaha. We’ve done a good amount of lying around, watching movies, playing video games and eating delicious food. We also made it out to the Omaha zoo–which was fabulous!

hello trees ready to bud {you’re going to have to wait a few months}

hello brothers checking out the turtles

hello family and cousins that are getting so old {the oldest even babysits!}

hello sunny skies and no snow in the forecast. but we did find a snowy patch of ground and had fun!

hello shadows holding hands

hello lazy leopard. we’ve been lazy just like you.

hello christmas morning with lots of gifts and a wrapping paper explosion

hello monday! i’ve completely lost track of time since we are away–but i’m pretty sure it’s the beginning of a new week! and almost the beginning of a new year.

what are you saying hello to today? link up in the comments section and let us know!


hello monday {link up!}

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Hello time with cousins!

Hello early Christmas celebration and getting to open gifts

Hello Universal Studios and playing all day

Hello Spongebob who sneaked up behind Matthias and surprised him. So funny!

Hello being back home and our big push to get the last orders in the mail

Hello winter break and lazy mornings {for the kiddos}

Hello laundry and tidying the house before we leave for Omaha {can’t wait!!}

Hello more gifts to wrap

Hello packing lots of warm clothes

Hello Monday! It’s Christmas week–and we are so excited!

What are you saying hello to on this brand new December morning? Link up in the comments section and let us know!


hello monday

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i thought it would be fun to share some of our christmas decorations around the house today!
hello DIY doormat! {you can find this project here}

hello Christmas music playing in all the stores

hello living room without a christmas tree {we need to get on that!}

hello nativity scene –up high enough so david can’t reach it

hello putting lots of things up where david can’t reach them

hello trying to think of creative ways to keep him entertainedhello glowing candles {you can find this project here}

hello twinkly lights {i love white ones}

hello driving around to see how people have decorated for the holidays

hello gorgeous velvet pumpkins from lovefeast table. {you can find them here and they’re on sale!}

hello pulmonology appointment for david in LA

hello to being healthy–we’re on the mend at our house!hello advent calendar {a gift from grandma!}

hello counting down to the big day-hello planning and shopping and working to get ready

hello monday! it’s going to be a fabulous week.

what are you saying hello to today? leave a comment and let us know–or link up in the comments! happy monday!


hello monday {link-up}

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we had a wonderful thanksgiving in southern california with family–and we came home with colds and a flu bug, bummer!

i thought i would share some pics from our day at grandma and grandpa’s house.

hello sniffles and vitamin c

hello pajamas and watching movies all. day. long.

hello soup, crackers and apple juice

hello laundry waiting to be done

hello fresh vegetables and lean meats–i’m ready to make healthy choices {i hope!}

hello decorating the house for christmas {yay!}

hello getting some shopping done and sneaking gifts into closets

hello december–thursday is the first. that’s insane!

hello busy busy in the workshop!

hello monday–it’s time to kick this cold and get going!

what are you saying hello to this week–leave a comment or link-up!