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Hello friends! We had a rainy, mellow weekend to end our Spring Break. Now it’s back to our regular routine.

Spring is fickle, right? We have a mix of sunny days and gloomy days. I find myself craving sunshine, wanting to feel its warmth on my shoulders. Bringing fresh flowers inside feels like a bit of sunshine. In Los Osos {a small coastal town about 12 miles from San Luis Obispo} there is a fresh flower stand out in front of a home. They use the honor system–grab a boutique of flowers and leave $10. The flowers are so pretty and fresh and I love how ‘small town’ it feels. If you’re coming from SLO up Los Osos Valley Road, Make a right on South Bay Blvd and a right on Nipomo {you’ll see a little sign on South Bay and Nipomo}.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello grabbing a bouquet of fresh flowers on my way home.

Hello funny reminders that your bad deeds will come back to haunt you. I swear I have such a strong conscience–I’m my own bad karma.

Hello pinks and greens and yellows–screaming spring!

Hello loving the slow pace of Spring Break and also craving structure again.

Hello cleaning out the garage with my friend Brenda who is an EXPERT organizer {feels incredible!}. I have more clean out projects planned.

Hello making a few doctor appointments for David. It looks like he’ll have a small surgery coming up. It’s nothing major but I still hate it.

Hello wondering what to fix for dinners this week. Sometimes it feels like all we eat is chicken.

Hello feeling of emptiness because we just finished watching a show on Netflix. Now we’re looking for something new.

Hello loving this dress that just arrived in the mail. I didn’t know Amazon had some of its own brands, did you? Now I need some warmer weather so I can wear it!

Hello writing little poems here are there.

Hello sore throat and fighting a cold. I’m the last one in our family to get it and I’m not going down without a fight!

Hello wanting to have our carpets cleaned.

Hello making time for date nights. So important!

Hello looking for beauty and simplicity and peace this week. Hello embracing what IS and practicing gratefulness.

Hello to you! What are you saying hello to this week?


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