hooray for the weekend!



we are pretty much ecstatic around here

because it’s friday

and it’s a three day weekend

and we have no plans!!!! yippppeee!

so i expect our weekend will involve

1. sleeping in

2. at least one nap (adults, kids refuse to nap)

3. lazy mornings

4. with lots of coffee

5. chocolate chip pancakes

6. going out for mexican food

7. folding all the mounds of clean laundry everywhere

8. star wars and lightsaber duels

9. organizing my closet (if i get inspired)

10. what else??


  1. i’m lovin that flower!!! any idea what the name of it is?? it’s soo different from any flower i’ve ever seen…thanks

  2. Camping! We just got back from a lovely night out by lake Michigan, a few of us even got in the lake! The water was only 40 degrees, eek! But it is certainly exhilarating and makes you remember what it’s like to be alive! Tonight, hockey season begins, go Blackhawks!

  3. Yeay, Thanksgiving!!! My weekend includes lots of card making, sheets outside on the clothesline, and a run in the woods. So far its awesome!!

  4. Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so we will be enjoying turkey tomorrow and Monday off. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone. So much to be thankful for.

  5. no long wkd here either in the UK – we are super busy….i did a cloth nappy talk this morning at a parentcraft class, whilst girls were taken for new trainers and wellies, then off the DIY store to buy loft boards that need doing before a new boiler is fitted in loft (old one died this week!), and some drilling in porch to put up new coat rack….and tomorrow is church and more work and trying to get kids homeworkl done….oh for a free long wkd!

  6. Sadly, we don’t have a three day weekend (but we do have a week long fall break in a week- Yay!). This weekend, we will be watching lots of volleyball and definitely going out for Mexican food as well. Then it’s off to church tomorrow and maybe to a pumpkin patch!

  7. If your boys are into trains, it is the Central Coast Train Festival this weekend. There are lots of different events going on in SLO and other cities in the area too.

  8. No long weekend here either, but a full, fun-packed one!

    1/2 day horseback riding, house hunting, church, watching baseball games, dinner with family, and two whole days with my husband (that alone makes it a great weeknd!).

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. That is SOOO funny! My two boys duel with lightsaybers all the time and i am going to clean out my closet too!!! (in anticipation of a complete bathroom remodel to start in two weeks)…..

  10. We are taking our little boat out on the lake for the first time..which of course will include a picnic and fishing poles!

  11. Lisa – I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the beautiful necklace that you gave to all of us at the Creative Connection Event. I’m sorry this thank you is so late but I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE my necklace and I’m wearing it constantly. Thank you so much!

  12. I am spending this weekend being thankful for all the good things in my life – my family, health, job, travelling….and eating lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!!
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  13. My daughter is getting married in 2 weeks!!! Yes… 2 weeks. (Oh I remember when….) And, Lisa, all 4 of my daughters wear the “loved” necklace, which I gifted to them *on my mother’s day – made by YOU!!!
    So, this weekend, (beginning this evening), she and I are going to attempt to finish up all the little “details” that remain….
    Happy Weekend, everyone!
    Be blessed! Michelle

  14. Hi Lisa, – errmmmmmm vacuuming (hoovering) and dusting.. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH… yes a domestic goddess I am NOT.. GIGGLE.. I try but I am just NOT good at it! Would much rather be in the garden! Smiles..

  15. hello! i love your blog! you are so creative. i LOVE pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks. i’m looking forward to enjoying fall that way this weekend with a good friend and good conversation.

  16. We’re just chilling here (in England) so it will be a good weekend and it’s promised to be sunny. How I love the lovely Autumn glow. Enjoy your weekend x

  17. Sounds like heaven!! It’s mummy’s birthday here but no lie ins thanks to daddy’s night shift 🙁 But there will be fun, and cake, and probably some wine! Enjoy x

  18. well , no 3 days for us but, I do plan to get as much done as possible on my weekend ..Husband is at the hunting camp for black powder season . I plan to work on my house painting hoping to finish , fall fest. at the school drop in there for some yummies and crafts ,hope to see the grandkids , and have coffee and breathe in this fall weather although dry , still beauty everywhere .. have a nice weekend ! be blessed

  19. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    My plans: apple picking, trip to the movies to see The Social Network, farmer’s market, latte at a cafe, and a Thanksgiving potluck! Also, homework and laundry!

  20. I’m in the middle of a four day weekend with my kiddies and LOVIN’ every minute of it!!! So enjoy friend! Love ya!

  21. hi – happy Friday/weekend!!

    unfortunately I don’t get a long weekend 🙁 but my kids do so that makes the weekend a bit easier!

    i plan to drink lots of coffee; make blueberry bread; go to target; hang out with my sister and work on my nieces b-day present!! also play games with the kids and MAYBE a bike ride!!!

    have a great weekend!!

  22. my weekend will contain 9 out of 10 on your list. i think it will be a chocolate chip pancakeless weekend .michael will whip up something delicious for sat. a.m. b-fast..while i’m stranded in my closet cleaning.

    btw- i recently joined bsf in fresno, and a classmate of mine was steve’s neighbor growing up- brandy.
    (wearing your necklace which sparks conversation). she says she use to play starwars with steve. 🙂

    small world.

  23. we do not get a long weekend either. but i believe that if my 3 month old son was old enough to have light saber duels my husband would jump on the chance in no time. if i knew how to hold a light saber, he would probably want to have a duel with me.

  24. No long weekend here. We’re still going to have fun, hit the pumpkin patch, go to a few birthday parties, even have a date night!

  25. I am running my VERY FIRST 5k tomorrow!!! My weekend is holding A LOT of EXCITEMENT & admittedly some nervousness! 🙂

    Afterwards my family is going out for hot dogs (we have this great little place near us that sells Chicago-style hot dogs on the East Coast!) 🙂

    Lattes too! 🙂

  26. I totally forgot about the long weekend until just now! That means we can do fun fall stuff on Saturday and still have plenty of time for must-do things like cleaning the attic and mowing the lawn on Monday! Yah!!

  27. Also looking forward to the long weekend – yes, I will also be sleeping in, hopefully a nap or two, and folding mounds of laundry! Enjoy!!

  28. I love it when you don’t have anything specific to do…its nice just to breath a sigh of relief and take it all in…here I look at my list of things to do to keep me on task to get my goals accomplished for the day and can feel a little stressed at times! Enjoy those chocolate chip pancakes! 😉

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