our trip to poland/germany {part three}

Are you ready to continue on our journey? You can read part one here and part two here.

Things got a little crazy at this point in the trip. A few days into our trip we left Gniezno and drove to Zary {about three hours away}. The drive was just gorgeous–open countryside and puffy clouds.

We stopped beside the road, not to look at this adorable cottage, but to chat with the police officer who pulled us over for speeding. There was a major language barrier but after a brief reminder about the speed limit we were on our way. Phew!

Do you see that balcony above bursting with flowers? I love that. It totally caught my eye. I want to be the person who adds as much beauty as possible to each day. I want to walk out on my balcony and be greeted by bright blooms.

As soon as we pulled into the town I noticed color. The buildings were all colorful and fun. So charming.

He brought this lego book with us everywhere we went.

The famous composer Telemann spent some time in Zary.

Pizza, soda and beer. Yum!

Zary holds one of the palaces from the Von Promnitz family {of which our friends are descendants}. We are told they’re planning to restore this amazing palace and turn it into a hotel with shopping. How incredible will that be?!

Love this moment captured!

Too silly to get a good pic–so this will have to do!

We arrived in Zary, had a great meeting and then ate pizza and explored the town as the sun set. We got into our beds and crashed quickly–but after a couple hours Steve woke up not feeling well. I’ll spare you all the details but he was really, really sick. Then an hour later Matthias woke up with the same thing. My sister Susan didn’t get it quite as bad–and somehow David and I managed to avoid it all together. I’m so glad I didn’t get it! I was busy taking care of my sick boys. Oh it was terrible!

I packed up all the luggage and Susan and I loaded it into the car. Steve was well enough drive {thankfully!}. We stopped at Tesco to pick up crackers, bananas and water for the drive. We made our way back to Berlin without incident. The sick members of our party were feeling better within 24 hours and we were able to do more exploring in Berlin.

I’m almost caught up on laundry and emails. Yay! It’s Friday and we’re so excited to have a weekend at home. We’ll be celebrating Father’s day and chilling out. What does your weekend hold?


    1. Hi Kelleyn! It was a business trip but mixed with fun too. My husband’s friend is a polish count–so we were able to meet with government officials and business owners. xx

  1. That castle is absolutely stunning! What patina.
    So glad it was only a 24 hour bug and that you didn’t get it, mama.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m thankful too. We really didn’t have much downtime and we didn’t miss anything {except some sleep!}. xo

  2. I traveled in Poland acouple years ago and your photos brought back many happy memories. I remember taking pictures of all the colorful buildings too. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. I love all the colors in the photos. The homes and architecture is so interesting. I think we have become boring in America. Subdivision after subdivision of the same color homes. I stirred things up in my neighborhood and painted my house bright yellow.

  4. I love “traveling” with you via the wonderful pictures/moments you capture, and you ARE adding beauty to our day, just like the balcony with all the flowers! πŸ™‚ Thank you…………

  5. So glad they’re going to restore that old palace. It’s beautiful! Perhaps your friend will send you an after-photo and you can share it with us!

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