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It’s time to share cell phone pics from the last couple weeks. I’m linking up with Jeanett at Life Rearranged, join us!I’ve mentioned David’s energy level before and how much more of it he has lately! We’ve been making a point to go to the park a couple times a week to get extra energy out. He needs help climbing up, but can slide down alone!

I couldn’t resist this yellow cow creamer at Target. It came home with me for $4.99.

The sky was all stripes and streaks when I dropped the boys off for school last week. So fun.

Seriously?! The stand down the road has the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen. And sweet, too!

My sister has an amazing talent for watercolor. My favorite is the avacados.

Dinner last week, Ground turkey chili. Yum!

Play dates are the best–especially on a warm day with swimsuits and the hose.


When we go out to eat, David wants to drink from our cups, so we started getting him his own drink. He loves it!

Mmmm, love this new necklace.

Matthias picked me a bouquet of dandelions at the park. Best bouquet ever!

David loves an afternoon nap cuddled up on my lap. And I don’t mind it either!

Garden roses in my friend, Brenda’s, kitchen window. So pretty!

Red shoes and yellow flowers equal happiness. Literally two minutes after i snapped this pic and instagrammed it, I got in the car, drove out of the parking lot and heard a loud POP!! and lots of smoke coming out from under the car. Now the car is in the shop. Red shoes plus car trouble does not equal happiness.

This week I made baked sweet potatoes loaded with black beans, bacon, chives, cheese and sour cream. Heaven!

Matthias wrote this on the whiteboard in our workshop. I cracked up. Love it.

We’re having rain but there is sunshine in the forecast. Yes, please!

This weekend I am meeting up with Sarah for some downtime. I cannot wait. This mama needs a break! What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. Love the strawberry pictures…that’s huge! The lines in the sky, not so cool if you knew what they are. They are called Chemtrails and they are spraying toxic chemicals on us. Do a quick search for them and find out for yourself. I found your blog through Meg@whatever and love all of your pictures. Thanks!

  2. your sister’s watercolors truly are amazing! is she planning on selling originals or prints? or are they on display somewhere?

    1. No, they aren’t available for purchase right now–but I keep telling her she should sell them! xo

  3. Found you through the link up. I love your pic of that gianormous Strawberry. So yummy. And the note that Matthias wrote. Super cute.

  4. I would love the chili recipe if you happen to recall where that one came from 🙂 Happy Weekend to you and your sweet fmaily!

  5. Yikes! Sorry about your car!

    This weekend is big! My cousin just got married this morning (wow- early!) and was sooo, soo happy. Great start to the weekend. I am participating in a blogger bake sale tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be samba dancing in our annual parade as a monarch butterfly. It’s a crazy weekend filled with craziness.

  6. Good luck with the car!! We’re working like mad in readying for my son’s 10th birthday Harry Potter party in 2 weeks!!! I just made the chocolate frogs, the snitches, on to the cloaks!!!

  7. Great pics…nice summary of your weekend!

    Please please please turn your full feed back on for RSS viewers! I am only getting the first few lines in my Google reader 🙁

      1. hi Jennifer & Kellya, I will have my web guys look into it just for you! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  8. Love the pics, too bad about your car though! 🙁
    We are going out for the first camping trip of the season! Can’t wait, though it is supposed to be cold w/possible snow! LOL Oh well we will still have fun.
    Have a great wknd with some downtime!! 🙂

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