there is a farm just down the road from our home

and there are rows and rows of flowers.

i wonder what it must be like, to look out your front windows

and see all those blooms?!




i loved this leaf sitting in a little pond

at the coffee shop where i…




shared a piece of {delicious} coffee cake

with my sweet friends jen and brenda.




and this little birdie perched near our table.

yes, i am that annoying friend who shoots pictures while your trying

to sip coffee and chat!



i found this painting of pink flowers in a vase at a thrift store yesterday.

on the back, it has a note from the artist, telling her friend

(who was given the painting as a gift…and then gave it to the thrift store)

that she had big hopes for the painting, but life got busy

and she wasn’t able to put the time and energy into the painting that she wished she could.

and her note made me love the painting so much more!

probably because i relate to her busyness.

and it made me think, what would i do with a little more time

and a little more energy?

i think i would cook more. make nicer dinners.

* * *

what would you do with a little more time and energy?