chilie peppers


we had lunch yesterday at one of our favorite little mexican restaurants.

steve had a carnitas burrito

i had a veggie burrito

matthias had a chicken burrito

(david had soy yogurt and veggies, boo for a blended food diet!)

and of course, you have to have a coke with mexican food.

* * *

what’s your favorite thing to order?


  1. Mmmm…. I love that place. We usually go there every time we get into SLO from the Bay Area. I love the chicken Rojo burrito. My husband loves their Thai Peanut burrito. I had their nachos the day I got married when I was getting my hair done!

  2. It’s usually the same – luckily I live in a diverse city with some delish authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican places – for him – chicken burrito with a side of rice and beans, for me – huaraches! (the food, not the sandal!) yum! Tacos Lupita – Lynn, MA… and now I’m going to have to make a stop on the way home!

  3. Visitng from Miss Mustard Seed and I have to say…yours is one of the sweetest blogs I’ve read – very honest, playful, real – and I LOVE it! Haven’t even looked at the amazing jewelry I’ve heard so much about, but I’m off to do that now! And some yummy fish tacos would be my choice!!

  4. Ooh! Ooh! ooh!

    Quesadilla on white tortilla with pinto beans, sweet potato, guac, sour cream and habanero sauce. And a COKE. Or a Red Plum Nantucket Nectar if I’m at Bruce’s Burrito’s in Yarmouth, ME. Yes, Maine has burritos, too! Dern good ones, but nothing like CA.

  5. chicken enchiladas!!! or chicken ACP,or chimichangas, or fajitas, or anything topped with guacamole… um, I guess I like mexican alot! 😉

  6. Hi Lisa, oh I adore quessidillas (ermmm spelling??) with melted cheese and lovely hot chilli sauce.. YUM………..and have to have a wheat beer with mine! Smiles..

  7. Hi Lisa, I came over from Mustard Seed Creations, she posted about your giveaway. I’m so glad I came over. I’ve read a few of your posts and am sitting here with a runny nose from all the crying. Wow. A moment to put my problems in perspective. I have prayed for your family and will continue. I’m sure you have heard it a million times but… YOU. ARE. AN. INSPIRATION. and so is little David, what a little cutie he is. You have such sweet boys and the Lord is so good to bless you with such a supportive Husband as well.
    As far as Mexican food….my absolute FAV!!! We love Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant here in Riverside, CA. In 21 years (yikes!) I have ordered only 2 different things: cheese enchilada with beans and rice or Gary’s Special – 2 chicken and cheese flautas with beans and rice (name after my late Husband, Gary).
    Always preceded by TONS of chips, salsa and sour cream and of course a huge refillable glass of Dr. Pepper!

    Blessings to you dear!

  8. We went to one of our favorite places on Sat. night. I ordered their “bowl of garbage” . It was a bowl of green chile over chicken and beans with a few tortillas on the side. So yummy! But, I had to have a margarita with mine!

  9. Peri peri chicken and a side of coleslaw and spicy rice at Nandos, right by the River Thames on London’s Southbank. Delicious food, great restaurant!!

  10. You are a brave (and funny) woman to let someone photograph you chowing down on a burrito! Greatness! I’m from Texas so Tex-Mex food is a like a major food group here. There’s nothing like it. I can’t get enough of chicken quesadillas, fajitas or enchiladas. Soooo good!

  11. THIS is one the places we miss the most. We go there most times we come up to visit. Dan usually gets carne asada and pollo asada. I get a combo, usually enchiladas. I’m salivating as I’m typing this. We got Mt. Dew while they had it (or Pepsi).

  12. You inspired me! We had Mexican yesterday as well, steak tacos with avocado and sour cream, yum, yum and yum!!

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