i don’t know if i am in denial that spring break is over

{two weeks was wonderful!}

or if i am trying to wish summer here sooner

{come on summer, we need you!!}




but i am having a serious case of ‘avoid less desirable tasks’.

like laundry.

i mean, do we really need clean laundry?

okay, so i’ll wash and dry it.

but folding, folding is definitely overrated.




let’s talk about alarm clocks.

definitely not what i want to wake up to in the morning.

the soft glow of sunlight, a warm cup of coffee and snuggles with my boys…

that’s how every morning should be!




and plenty of time to wait

for those five little birdies to fly away

and {snap} capture it on my camera.

* * *

okay, off to do some laundry.

my family needs clean underwear (at least).

are you avoiding anything?